Exhausted Chinese Graduate Student Seeking Inspiration to Write Paper


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Prompt Analyze

  • Subject: Setting and Background A home environment is depicted, suggesting a comfortable and familiar space for the student. The room could be cluttered with books and papers, indicating the intense focus and effort required to complete her paper. Subject: Style and Coloring The colors in the image should reflect the mood of the scene - muted and subdued tones to convey a sense of exhaustion and struggle. The warm lighting can add a layer of comfort and familiarity, making the setting seem less overwhelming. Subject: Advisor as a Symbol The advisor's presence in the student's mind could be symbolized by an ethereal or ghostly figure, looming over her shoulder to emphasize the pressure of meeting expectations. This can also demonstrate the internal battle between the student's own doubts and her desire to please her advisor. Subject: Items and Accessories The student should be surrounded by various research materials - books, papers, and sticky notes. The tablet she holds could have a note-taking app open, with frantic scribbles and crossed-out sentences indicating the struggle to articulate her thoughts. A steaming cup of coffee or tea on the table can further emphasize the student's exhaustion. Subject: Costume and Appearance The student should wear casual clothing, such as a t-shirt and sweatpants, to highlight her comfort in this space. Her hair should be disheveled and makeup smudged to convey her tiredness. The advisor figure could also reflect the likeness of the student's actual advisor, adding another layer of personal struggle.