Adjustable Ceramic Hand Basin with Rubber Bottom for Water Saving


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Help me design a sustainable handbasin, this handbasin uses a material similar to ceramics, while the bottom of the handbasin uses a substance similar to rubber, it can realize the expectation of water-saving by changing the shape of the rubber at the bottom of the handbasin, so as to change the capacity of the handbasin
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  • Subject: The main subject of the image is a hand basin designed with sustainability in mind. Setting: The setting could be a modern bathroom or a laboratory-like environment, emphasizing innovation and technology. Background: The background could feature elements like eco-friendly symbols or water-saving slogans, reinforcing the concept of sustainability. Style/Coloring: The style might lean towards sleek and minimalist, with earthy or neutral tones to evoke a sense of naturalness and eco-friendliness. Action or Items: The action could show someone adjusting the rubber-like substance at the bottom of the basin, demonstrating its flexibility and water-saving functionality. Costume or Appearance: The characters could be dressed in modern, eco-friendly attire, such as sustainable fashion or lab coats, depending on the setting. Accessories: Accessories might include tools or devices related to water conservation, such as a water flow meter or eco-friendly soap dispenser.