Apple GPT — Officially! Goodbye, ChatGPT...

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6 Mar 202421:00

TLDRThe video discusses the evolution of Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, from its initial release in 2011 to its potential future with the integration of Apple's AI technology. It speculates on the capabilities of Apple's AI, which is rumored to be more powerful than OpenAI's GPT-3.5, and how it could transform Siri into a more functional and secure assistant. The video also touches on Apple's strategy of acquiring AI startups and its investment in AI development, suggesting that the company is poised to make significant advancements in the field.


  • 📈 Apple's AI development has been marked by a significant investment in the field, with the company acquiring 32 AI startups in 2023 alone.
  • 🚀 The introduction of Apple's AI is anticipated to be a major industry event, potentially revolutionizing the way users interact with technology.
  • 🔍 Apple's AI focus is not solely on text and image generation but aims to provide a comprehensive suite of features that could surpass current offerings like OpenAI's GPT.
  • 💡 Apple's strategy involves integrating AI into many of its services and applications, potentially transforming productivity and problem-solving capabilities.
  • 🎶 Speculations include AI-enhanced Apple Music playlists and an overhaul of productivity apps like Pages and Keynote.
  • 🗣️ Siri is expected to receive significant improvements, possibly becoming more conversational and capable of performing complex tasks.
  • 🛠️ Apple's AI development includes a focus on privacy and on-device processing, which could lead to more secure and integrated user experiences.
  • 🧠 Apple's AI models are said to be trained on over 200 billion parameters, potentially making them more powerful than existing models like GPT-3.5.
  • 📚 Apple's AI advancements are built upon a foundation of acquiring AI companies and hiring for AI-related positions, indicating a broad and strategic approach.
  • 📱 The potential for AI to run on devices with Apple silicon is highlighted, suggesting that future AI features may be natively integrated into Apple hardware.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video transcript?

    -The main focus of the video transcript is the evolution of Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, and the company's exploration and development of AI technology, particularly the Apple GPT AI tool.

  • How does the video transcript compare the early version of Siri to the latest version in 2024?

    -The video transcript highlights the significant advancements in Siri's capabilities from its first appearance in 2011 to the 2024 version, noting the expected improvements in understanding and responding to user queries.

  • What is Apple's strategy with AI according to the transcript?

    -Apple's strategy with AI, as described in the transcript, involves taking existing technologies and improving upon them with a unique approach, focusing on integration, user experience, and privacy.

  • How does the transcript suggest Apple's AI development process in 2023?

    -The transcript suggests that in 2023, Apple's AI development process was facing challenges, with internal tensions and a focus on privacy potentially limiting Siri's functionality and development speed.

  • What is the significance of Apple's acquisition of AI startups as mentioned in the transcript?

    -The significance of Apple's acquisition of AI startups, as mentioned in the transcript, is that it demonstrates Apple's strong commitment to AI technology and its intention to expand its AI capabilities beyond just virtual assistants.

  • What is the potential impact of Apple's AI advancements on the market according to the video transcript?

    -According to the video transcript, the potential impact of Apple's AI advancements on the market could be significant, possibly leading to a shift from other AI platforms like OpenAI's GPT to Apple's AI offerings, especially if they offer more power and better integration with Apple devices.

  • What are the expected features of the improved Siri mentioned in the transcript?

    -The expected features of the improved Siri mentioned in the transcript include better predictive typing, enhanced image recognition, new camera features, and overall smarter and more capable assistance that could perform a wider range of tasks for users.

  • How does the transcript discuss the role of privacy in the development of Siri?

    -The transcript discusses the role of privacy as a primary reason for Siri's limitations, as Apple collects less data to prioritize user privacy and security, which in turn affects Siri's functionality compared to other virtual assistants.

  • What is the significance of the research paper released by Apple's team on running large AI models on devices?

    -The research paper's significance lies in the methods it presents for managing memory more efficiently, allowing large AI models to run on devices with limited memory resources by using techniques like wo, row column bundling, and others, which could potentially revolutionize on-device AI processing.

  • When does the transcript suggest we might see Apple's AI announcements?

    -The transcript suggests that we might see Apple's AI announcements at their annual WWDC event in June or during the fall event in September, with the possibility of revealing features for recent devices in June and additional unique features for the newest iPhones in September.

  • What is the overall sentiment of the video transcript towards Apple's AI efforts?

    -The overall sentiment of the video transcript towards Apple's AI efforts is optimistic but cautious, expressing excitement about the potential of Apple's AI advancements while also acknowledging the challenges and the need for Apple to execute their AI strategy effectively.



🤖 Evolution of Siri and Apple's AI Development

This paragraph discusses the evolution of Siri from its introduction in 2011 to its current state in 2024. It highlights the advancements in AI technology and Apple's efforts to improve Siri's capabilities. The script mentions Apple's experimentation with an AI tool called 'Apple GPT', which is claimed to be more powerful than the widely known GPT-3.5. The discussion also touches on Apple's approach to product development, emphasizing their history of taking existing technologies and refining them to outperform competitors. The paragraph suggests that Apple's AI advancements could potentially shift the balance in the tech industry and improve user experience significantly.


💡 Apple's AI Testing and Acquisitions

The second paragraph delves into Apple's current testing of AI tools, such as a generative AI designed to assist Apple Care support employees. It also covers Apple's acquisition of 32 AI startups in 2023, outpacing other tech giants like Google and Meta. Despite these startups not all directly contributing to AI assistance, their collective knowledge could enhance Apple's AI capabilities. The paragraph speculates on Apple's strategy for integrating AI into its ecosystem, including system applications and improving Siri's functionality. It also mentions Apple's job postings related to AI, indicating a significant commitment to AI development.


🚀 Apple's Innovations in AI and Machine Learning

This paragraph focuses on Apple's innovative approaches to running large AI models on devices with limited memory. It discusses a research paper released by Apple detailing techniques for efficient memory management, allowing AI models to operate smoothly on Apple devices. The paragraph also addresses the challenges faced by the Siri development team and the potential for AI to transform productivity and problem-solving. Furthermore, it explores the possibility of AI features in Apple's upcoming products and services, emphasizing the importance of on-device processing for privacy and speed.


📱 Future of AI Integration in Apple Devices

The fourth paragraph speculates on the potential features and improvements that Apple's AI integration could bring to its devices. It discusses the possibility of faster response times and tighter system integration due to on-device processing. The paragraph also considers the competitive landscape and Apple's need to innovate to maintain its position in the market. It suggests that while Siri's current capabilities are limited, the future version could offer a more comprehensive assistance experience, potentially rivaling other AI platforms. The discussion also touches on the potential announcement timelines for these AI features at Apple's upcoming events.


🌟 Excitement and Expectations for Apple AI

In the final paragraph, the anticipation for Apple's AI developments is palpable. The script expresses hope for Apple's AI to bring significant changes and improvements to user experience. It mentions the potential for Siri to become a more capable and integrated assistant, capable of handling complex tasks and providing real assistance in daily life. The paragraph also acknowledges the secrecy surrounding Apple's AI projects but remains optimistic about the potential impact. The video's sponsorship by Hopspot is acknowledged, and the speaker promises to provide updates and reviews once Apple's AI is released.




Siri is Apple's virtual assistant that has been a part of iOS devices since 2011. The video discusses the evolution of Siri from its early days to the more advanced versions in 2024. It highlights the improvements in Siri's capabilities and the potential for it to become a more powerful and integrated part of the Apple ecosystem.

💡Apple GPT AI

Apple GPT AI refers to the internal AI tool that Apple has been developing and testing, which is not associated with OpenAI's GPT models. The video suggests that this AI tool is designed to be more powerful than the standard GPT models and could potentially change the landscape of voice assistants and AI capabilities within Apple devices.


GBT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a type of AI model known for its ability to generate human-like text based on the input it receives. The video discusses Apple's AI in comparison to GBT models, emphasizing the potential for Apple's AI to be more powerful and accessible to users without a subscription fee.

💡Multimodal Model

A multimodal model is an AI system that can process and understand multiple types of data inputs, such as text, images, and audio. The video suggests that Apple may be developing a multimodal AI model that goes beyond just text-based interactions, potentially integrating with various features and services within Apple devices.


Privacy is a central theme in the discussion about Apple's AI development. The video explains that Apple's focus on privacy has historically limited Siri's capabilities due to less data collection. However, with new advancements, Apple aims to maintain privacy while significantly enhancing the functionality and intelligence of its AI systems.

💡AI Acquisitions

AI Acquisitions refer to Apple's strategy of purchasing AI startups to bolster its AI capabilities. The video mentions that Apple acquired 32 AI startups in 2023, indicating the company's commitment to expanding its AI expertise and integrating advanced AI technologies into its products and services.

💡System Integration

System integration involves the process of bringing different components or systems together into a cohesive whole. In the context of the video, it refers to Apple's efforts to integrate AI capabilities into as many of its apps and services as possible, aiming to create a seamless and intelligent user experience across the Apple ecosystem.

💡UND Device Processing

UND device processing, or on-device processing, means running AI models directly on the user's device rather than on remote servers. The video highlights Apple's research into making large AI models run efficiently on devices, which could lead to faster response times, better integration with system apps, and enhanced privacy.

💡Siri Improvements

Siri Improvements refer to the potential enhancements and updates to Apple's virtual assistant. The video speculates on the future capabilities of Siri, such as better search functionality, more natural language processing, and the ability to perform complex tasks, indicating a shift from Siri's current limitations to a more powerful and user-friendly assistant.

💡Generative AI

Generative AI refers to AI systems that can create new content, such as text, images, or music. The video discusses Apple's investment in generative AI and the potential for it to transform various aspects of user productivity and problem-solving, suggesting that Apple is working on incorporating this technology into its products.

💡WWDC Event

The WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is an annual event where Apple typically announces new software and developer tools. The video suggests that the WWDC event could be a platform for Apple to reveal its AI advancements and new features, indicating that these events are significant for understanding the direction of Apple's technology and product development.


The evolution of Siri from its first appearance in 2011 to the advanced version in 2024.

Expectation of rain in New York and partly cloudy weather in Tampa on a specific Saturday.

Siri being considered the second dumbest voice assistant, but with potential for significant improvement.

Apple's internal development of an AI tool, distinct fromGBT and not associated with OpenAI.

Apple's history of innovation in taking existing technologies and improving upon them.

Apple reportedly experimenting with an AI model trained on over 200 billion parameters, more powerful thanGBT 3.5.

Apple's consideration of using OpenAI's technology but ultimately deciding against it.

Apple's focus on privacy in AI development, resulting in less data collection and reduced functionality.

Apple's potential integration of AI into its products, offering both smart and secure virtual assistance.

Apple's acquisition of 32 AI startups in 2023, showing significant investment in AI.

Apple's job listings with 232 open positions related to AI, indicating a large-scale AI operation.

Apple's method for running large AI models on devices with limited memory, improving efficiency and speed.

Siri's development challenges and the internal issues faced by Apple's AI and machine learning team.

The potential for on-device AI processing to offer faster, more integrated, and secure features.

Apple's potential AI features such as improved predictive typing, enhanced image recognition, and new camera functionalities.

The speculation of Siri becoming an all-powerful assistant capable of performing various tasks autonomously.

Apple's investment in AI and the belief that it will unlock transformative opportunities for users.

The possibility of Apple revealing its AI plans later in the year, with anticipated features and improvements.