Civitaiの学習ファイルを簡単にダウンロードして管理する【Stable Diffusion web UI Extensions for Civitai】

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21 Apr 202308:25

TLDRThe video script discusses the challenges and updates related to accessing and managing AI models through the SD web UI and extensions. It introduces an improved extension developed by the creator, which includes features such as download cancellation, thumbnail display, and model information saving. The script also covers the convenience of the Stable Diffusion web UI and the importance of managing storage space due to the large size of model files. Additionally, it mentions the release of ControlNet 1.1 and its features, including the ability to use anime line art and a new 'Shuffle' mode for creating similar artworks.


  • 💻 An extension is available for accessing Civit AI through SD WebUI, enhancing ease of use.
  • 🔒 Civit AI's official extension is under development and not yet functional.
  • 🧹 Another browser extension called SDC Explorer was initially non-functional but has been updated by contributor Robert Mof to work properly.
  • 🛠 The updated extension allows for simultaneous downloads, which could potentially overload servers.
  • 🔥 The speaker has forked and improved the extension, addressing issues like download cancellation, model thumbnail display, and model information storage.
  • 📂 Installation of the extension into Stable Diffusion WEBUI is straightforward via a provided URL.
  • 📖 A new 'Civit AI' tab is added, offering functionalities like selecting content types, sorting, and retrieving model lists.
  • 🌐 Thumbnails are displayed for easy navigation, with the option to proceed to next or previous pages based on model experiments.
  • 📄 Model information, including trigger keywords and different file formats, is clearly displayed for user selection.
  • 📲 Download process is user-friendly, with a step-by-step button guide, and downloaded files are organized into folders with relevant model data.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video transcript?

    -The main topic of the video transcript is about the usage and improvements of an AI tool called 'シビットAI' and its web UI interface, as well as the development of an extension for it.

  • What issue does the video address regarding the original SD web UI extension?

    -The video addresses the issue that the original SD web UI extension was not being maintained and was not functioning properly, which led to its discontinuation.

  • Who contributed to the revival and improvement of the SD web UI extension?

    -A contributor named ロバートモフ (Robert Mof) joined and updated the extension, making it functional again.

  • What are the key improvements made to the SD web UI extension?

    -The key improvements include the ability to cancel downloads, display model thumbnails, and save model information.

  • How does one install the improved SD web UI extension?

    -To install the improved SD web UI extension, one needs to copy the provided URL and specify it in the SD web UI extension installation process.

  • What happens if there is an error during the installation of the extension?

    -If there is an error during installation, the video suggests refreshing the UI and trying again, as errors typically do not occur for first-time installations.

  • How does the video describe the process of downloading models using the improved extension?

    -The process involves pressing buttons in sequence to download models, with the second button creating a folder, the third button saving model information, and the force button allowing for model file downloads.

  • What is the purpose of the '知りたいドットインフォ' file?

    -The '知りたいドットインフォ' (info.json) file contains model information and can display prompts for generating sample images.

  • What are the new features introduced in the ControlNet 1.1 version?

    -The ControlNet 1.1 version introduces the ability to use anime line art and a new mode called 'Shuffle', which creates images similar in atmosphere to the original but not identical in style or appearance.

  • What advice does the video give regarding the use of the improved SD web UI extension?

    -The video advises users to be mindful of their storage capacity when downloading models, as the process can consume a significant amount of space.

  • What is the final reminder given to viewers in the video?

    -The final reminder is to subscribe to the channel and give a high rating if they found the video helpful.



🤖 Introduction to SD (Stable Diffusion) Web UI and AI Learning

This paragraph introduces the process of accessing and using the SD (Stable Diffusion) Web UI to interact with the AI. It discusses the challenges of downloading and uploading data, the development of an extension by the official SD team, and the contributions by Robert Mof to keep the browser functional. The speaker also talks about their own forked version of the extension, which includes improvements like download cancellation, thumbnail display for models, and model information saving. The paragraph provides a step-by-step guide on how to install the extension, use it to display and sort content, and download models and their associated files.


📚 Understanding Model Data and Download Management

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of managing model data downloads. It highlights the ease of downloading models with the help of the Stable Diffusion Web UI and the precautions one should take regarding storage capacity. The speaker discusses the convenience of having model information readily available through various file formats, such as HTML and JSON, and the inclusion of trigger words in text files. Additionally, the paragraph touches on the use of the ControlNet Helper extension for SD AI, which simplifies the process of inserting trigger words. The speaker also mentions the release of ControlNet 1.1 and its features, including the ability to use anime line art and a new 'Shuffle' mode for creating similar artworks.




シビットAI (Civit AI) is an AI platform mentioned in the script that is used for various tasks, including learning and data processing. It is the central subject of the video, with the speaker discussing its functionalities and improvements. The platform allows users to access and manage AI models, which is a key aspect discussed throughout the video.

💡SD webui

SD webui is a web-based user interface for accessing and interacting with AI models, specifically theシビットAI platform. It is highlighted as a convenient way to manage and download AI models, with the video discussing the process of installing extensions and using the interface to view and select models.


拡張機能 (extension) refers to additional software components that enhance the functionality of a platform or application. In the context of the video, the speaker talks about an extension developed for theシビットAI platform, which is still in development and not yet fully functional.

💡罗伯特・莫夫 (Robert Mof)

罗伯特・莫夫 (Robert Mof) is mentioned as a contributor who joined the project to update and maintain the browser extension for theシビットAI platform. His involvement signifies community contribution to the development and improvement of the platform's tools.


フォーク (fork) in the context of software development refers to creating a copy of a project or codebase, often to make modifications or improvements. The speaker mentions forking the project to introduce improvements, such as adding the ability to cancel downloads and saving model information.


チェックポイント (checkpoint) is a term used in machine learning to refer to a point during the training process where the model's state is saved. In the video, the speaker discusses downloading checkpoints, which are large files that take time to download due to their size.


トリガーワード (trigger word) is a term used to describe a specific prompt or command that initiates a certain action or response from the AI. In the video, the speaker talks about the convenience of having trigger words saved and accessible, which can be used to generate sample images or control the AI's behavior.


モデル (model) refers to the AI models available on theシビットAI platform. The video discusses the process of selecting, downloading, and viewing information about different models. Models can have different versions and can be used to generate various types of content, such as images or text.


ステーブルディフュージョン (Stable Diffusion) is a type of AI model mentioned in the video, which is used for generating images. The speaker talks about the process of downloading and using this model within theシビットAI platform, highlighting its capabilities and the improvements made to the interface for easier access and management.


エクステンション (extension) in the context of web browsers refers to small software programs that add new features or functionality to the browser. The video discusses installing an extension for the SD webui to enhance the user experience when interacting with theシビットAI platform.


コントロールネット (ControlNet) is a term related to AI models that suggests a system or method for controlling or directing the output of the AI. In the video, the speaker mentions ControlNet 1.1, indicating a version of the system that has been updated or improved.


Chibit AI is constantly updated with a lot of learning data.

There is an extension available for accessing Chibit AI through SD web UI.

The official Chibit AI is developing the extension but it's still in progress.

Robert Mof is a contributor who has joined and updated the browser which was not maintained before.

There is a possibility of putting unnecessary load on the server when downloading multiple files at the same time.

A forked and appropriately improved version of the extension is introduced after the license issue was cleared.

The improvements include the ability to cancel downloads, display model thumbnails, and save model information.

To add Stable Diffusion WEB UI, copy the URL and install it through the SDWEBUI extension.

The Chibit AI tab is added, and you can select the type of content to display and the order of sorting.

The thumbnail list includes bokeh shots due to filming reasons, which are not originally there.

Model information is displayed at the bottom, including sample image generation conditions.

Different versions of models can be selected if available.

Press buttons in order from left to download, and the second button creates a folder.

The model information is saved in JSON format, and sample images are also saved.

The Force button downloads the model file, which takes time due to the large size of checkpoints.

The model card can be viewed after refreshing, and the roller can be tried.

The Extra Network card is displayed with a preview.

The Control Helper is a convenient extension when using Chibit AI, allowing easy access to trigger words by clicking.

The Control Helper version has improved to control access to the Chibit server, making it less convenient but safer.

The new version of Control Network 1.1 introduces the ability to use anime line art and a new mode called Shuffle.

SDwebui extension is also updated to version 1.1, but the increase in functionalities makes it confusing.

Be careful about storage capacity as downloading too many model files can fill up your drive quickly.