TecnoMente IA
1 Feb 202410:33

TLDREl video presenta SeaArt IA, un programa multifunción que ofrece funciones como maquillaje, intercambio de rostro, generación de retratos, restauración en alta definición, conversión de imagen a bocetos, conversión de texto a imagen y más. Destaca por su capacidad para crear personajes consistentes y obtener diferentes tomas o imágenes del mismo modelo con la misma apariencia. Se explica el proceso de registro, la selección de funciones y la creación de personajes consistentes usando el motor de IA. Además, se mencionan otras funciones importantes como el cambio de rostro con IA y la restauración de alta definición. El video es una guía para explorar y aprovechar al máximo las herramientas de este programa de inteligencia artificial.


  • 🌐 SeaArt IA is a multifunctional AI program offering features like makeup, face exchange, portrait generation, image restoration, and more.
  • 📸 Users can create consistent characters with the same face across different images or shots.
  • 🔍 The program provides a VIP version for enhanced image quality and faster generation speeds.
  • 💡 Energy balance is used for free version usage, updated daily, and not cumulative.
  • 🚀 The 'Generate' tab is used to start creating characters and accessing the AI's prompt improvement feature.
  • 🎨 Options for image configuration include model choice, image mode, quality, and size.
  • 🔄 The Control Net feature allows for the creation of consistent characters with variations in poses and clothing.
  • 🌟 The Swift AI tab includes additional functionalities like makeup, face swap, portrait filters, and image restoration.
  • 🖼️ The face change option with AI lets users choose a template, upload a face, and generate a new image.
  • 📝 The 'Variations' tab offers further customization and the ability to send images to Control Net for more options.
  • 🔍 The program also features a text-to-image converter and the ability to add elements like flowers to anime images.
  • 📚 The 'Easy Mode' tab simplifies the process by allowing users to input prompts and select models for image generation.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the multifunctional program introduced in the video?

    -The multifunctional program introduced in the video is called SeaArt IA.

  • What are the functionalities offered by SeaArt IA?

    -SeaArt IA offers functionalities such as makeup, face exchange, portrait generation, high definition image restoration, image to sketch conversion, background removal, and text to image conversion.

  • How can one access the program's main interface after logging in?

    -After logging in, one needs to complete their personal information, confirm being older than 18 years, and then they can start using the program's main interface.

  • What is the purpose of the 'energy balance' in the program?

    -The energy balance allows users to use the program in its free version and is updated and restarted every day, not included in the cumulative consumption.

  • How does the program improve the prompt for character creation?

    -The program uses Artificial Intelligence to improve the prompt based on the initial input, offering a more refined and detailed description for character creation.

  • What are the different image modes available in the program?

    -The program offers different image modes such as standard, high quality, and ultra high quality.

  • How can users create consistent characters in SeaArt IA?

    -Users can create consistent characters by using the 'control net' feature, which allows them to input a reference image and generate new images with the same character model in different poses and clothing.

  • What is the 'Swift AI' tab used for in the program?

    -The 'Swift AI' tab contains important functionalities such as makeup application, face swapping, portrait creation, high definition restoration, and other image editing tools.

  • How does the face change option with Artificial Intelligence work?

    -The face change option allows users to select a template, choose a face from their desktop, and then upload it to generate a new image with the selected face.

  • What are the different tabs available for character creation in the program?

    -The different tabs available for character creation include the default tab, the SD XL tab, and the Studio tab.

  • What is the 'easy mode' tab used for in the program?

    -The 'easy mode' tab allows users to enter a prompt, negative prompt, choose a model, checkpoint, and Lora settings to generate images and discover other functionalities.

  • Who is the presenter of the video and what is his profession?

    -The presenter of the video is Freddy Arancibia, a computer and IT technician representing Tecnom Artificial Intelligence.



🚀 Introduction to the AI Art Program

The video introduces an AI art program with multiple functionalities such as makeup, face exchange, portrait generation, high-definition restoration, sketch conversion, and background removal. The program stands out for its ability to create consistent character models. The tutorial begins with logging in, registering with a Google account, and setting up personal information. It then guides viewers through the main interface, highlighting various tabs such as home, cyberpop, ya velos, training, and Plaza ia for community creations. The focus is on creating consistent characters using a prompt and the control net feature. The process involves configuring image settings like model, mode, number of images, quality, and size, and using the energy balance for free usage.


🎨 Creating Consistent Characters and Exploring Features

The script details the process of creating consistent characters using the AI program. It explains how to use the control net feature to generate characters with different poses and clothing while maintaining a consistent look. The video also demonstrates using the program's AI to improve prompts and select different models for image generation. After generating images, viewers are shown how to use the variations tab and the control net to refine the character's appearance. The paragraph concludes with a brief mention of other functionalities such as makeup, face swap, portrait creation, and high-definition restoration, inviting viewers to explore these features.


👨‍💼 Freddy Arancibia's Representation of Technom AI

The final paragraph introduces Freddy Arancibia, a computer and IT technician representing Technom Artificial Intelligence. He summarizes the capabilities of the AI art program, emphasizing the ease of generating various functionalities and the potential for users to discover and utilize these features for their creative projects. The paragraph serves as a closing statement, highlighting the program's user-friendly interface and the support provided by the representative.



💡Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is integral to the SeaArt IA program, enabling functionalities such as face exchange, portrait generation, and image enhancement. It is the driving force behind the creation of consistent characters and the improvement of prompts for image generation.

💡Face Exchange

Face Exchange is a technological process that involves swapping one person's face in an image or video with another person's face using AI. In the video, this feature is part of the SeaArt IA program's capabilities, allowing users to change faces in images or videos, creating a different visual outcome while maintaining the essence of the original character.

💡Portrait Generation

Portrait Generation is the creation of visual representations or portraits of individuals using AI algorithms. The video showcases this feature, where the SeaArt IA program can generate high-quality portraits of characters based on prompts provided by the user, contributing to the development of consistent character models.

💡High Definition Restoration

High Definition Restoration is the process of enhancing the quality of an image to high-definition standards, often used to improve the resolution and clarity of older or lower-quality images. The script mentions this feature as one of the SeaArt IA program's offerings, allowing users to convert standard images into high-definition versions.

💡Image to Image

Image to Image is a term used to describe the process where an AI takes one image and transforms it into another, often used in the context of changing the style or enhancing the details of the original image. In the video, this feature is used to create consistent characters by sending an image through a control net for further refinement and generation of similar images.

💡Control Net

Control Net is an AI tool used to refine and control the output of generated images based on specific parameters or references. The video script describes using Control Net to ensure that the generated characters are consistent, by selecting options like 'reference generation' and adjusting style fidelity and control weight.

💡Epic Realism

Epic Realism is a term that likely refers to a highly realistic and detailed visual style or mode of image generation. In the context of the video, 'Epic realism' is one of the modes users can choose in the SeaArt IA program for generating images that closely resemble real-life appearances.

💡Energy Balance

Energy Balance, in the context of the SeaArt IA program, refers to a system of credits or points that users have, which determine how many creations or operations they can perform on the platform. It is a mechanism to manage usage and access to the program's features, especially in the free version.

💡Lora Model

Lora Model, while not explicitly defined in the script, seems to refer to a specific model or configuration within the AI that users can select for image generation. It is one of the options available for users to achieve different styles or outcomes in their character creations.

💡Swift AI

Swift AI likely refers to a fast or efficient AI-driven tool or module within the SeaArt IA program. The video mentions reviewing the 'Swift AI' tab, which suggests it is a section of the program where users can access various AI-powered features quickly.

💡Text to Image Converter

Text to Image Converter is a feature that transforms textual descriptions into visual images. The video script mentions this tool as part of the SeaArt IA program's capabilities, allowing users to input text prompts and have the AI generate images that match those descriptions, contributing to the creation of characters and scenes.


SeaArt IA is a multifunctional program offering various features such as makeup, face exchange, portrait generation, high-definition image restoration, and more.

The program stands out for its ability to create consistent characters and generate different shots or images of the same model with the same face.

Users can register with their preferred option, such as a Google account, and complete personal information to start using the platform.

The program provides a free version with an energy balance that is updated daily, allowing users to create content without additional costs.

The energy balance is crucial for using the program's free version and is not included in cumulative consumption.

The generate tab allows users to introduce prompts to create images, which can be improved by the program's AI.

The program offers a VIP version for better image quality and faster generation speed.

Users can configure the image settings such as model, mode, number of images, image mode, and image size to suit their preferences.

The control net feature enables the creation of consistent characters by using a reference image and specific configurations.

The variations tab allows users to animate, scale, and make variations to the generated images.

The program includes a text-to-image converter and an option to add flowers to anime images.

The face change feature with AI allows users to choose a template, select a face, and generate a new image with the chosen face.

The program also offers a face swap feature with AI, providing users with a template to select and generate a new image.

The Swift AI tab includes functionalities like makeup, face swap, portrait generation, high-definition restoration, and more.

The program provides an easy mode for users to enter prompts, select models, and generate images with various configurations.

The platform allows users to explore and discover its functionalities, offering a wide range of creative possibilities.

The program is represented by Freddy Arancibia, a computer and IT technician, showcasing the capabilities of artificial intelligence in image creation.