FREE Image Upscaler (with premium up to x16!!)

Mey Aroyo
12 Apr 202413:09

TLDRThis video explores the effectiveness of the 'big jpg' image upscaler, comparing it to other tools. The host tests the service with both artwork and photos, demonstrating the significant increase in size and quality, particularly for vector-style images. The upscaled images are shown to be suitable for various print applications, with the free version offering up to 4x enlargement. The video also discusses the pricing plans and provides a tip for maximizing the free usage. The host emphasizes the tool's potential for photographers and artists, showcasing its ability to transform images into larger, printable formats.


  • 🔍 The video discusses the use of an image upscaler called 'big jpg' which the speaker found to be effective compared to other tools they tested.
  • 🖼️ The 'big jpg' tool can handle vector-style images very well, as demonstrated by the upscale of a vector cow image.
  • 📈 The free version of 'big jpg' allows for upscaling images up to four times their original size, with a premium version offering up to 16 times enlargement.
  • ⏱️ Upscaling an image with 'big jpg' takes time, as shown by the 3.5-minute wait for a 1664x2344 pixels image to be upscaled to 6656x926 pixels.
  • 📊 The upscaled image retains a lower DPI (72 DPI) compared to the original (300 DPI), but the larger pixel size compensates for the reduced DPI.
  • 📷 The tool's performance with photos is different, as it seems to add an 'oil painting' effect, which may not be desirable for all users.
  • 🛍️ The upscaled images can be used for various products, such as t-shirts, duvet covers, and shower curtains, with better fit and coverage compared to the original images.
  • 💡 The video shows how the upscaled images can be used on platforms like Redbubble and Printful, improving the quality and usability of the products.
  • 🎨 The speaker demonstrates a technique for creating clip art by removing the background of an image using a Mac, which can be useful for various design purposes.
  • 💰 The pricing plans for 'big jpg' are highlighted, with options ranging from a one-time annual payment to a two-month basic plan, offering different benefits and image upscale limits.
  • 👍 The speaker emphasizes the value of the free plan and the potential of the tool for photographers, artists, and designers, even without being an affiliate of 'big jpg'.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is about an image upscaler tool called 'big jpg' and the process of using it to enlarge images without losing quality.

  • What kind of image does the script mention as ideal for the image upscaler?

    -The script mentions that vector style images and illustrations, like the one generated by Lexii, are ideal for the image upscaler.

  • What is the current size and weight of the image used in the script for demonstration?

    -The current size of the image used in the demonstration is 1664 by 234 pixels, and it weighs 235 kilobytes.

  • What is the difference between the free and premium versions of the 'big jpg' image upscaler?

    -The free version of 'big jpg' allows upscaling up to four times the original size, while the premium version offers up to sixteen times the original size and allows uploading larger images to start with.

  • How long did it take to upscale the image in the video?

    -Although the video editing made it appear instant, it actually took 3 and 1/2 minutes to upscale the image.

  • What is the difference in DPI between the original and upscaled images?

    -The original image is 300 DPI, while the upscaled image has a DPI of 72, which is still considered fine due to the large pixel size.

  • How does the script suggest using the upscaled images for products like t-shirts and shower curtains?

    -The script suggests that upscaled images can be used to print on various products, as they are larger and can fit better without pixelation, allowing for full printing on items like t-shirts and shower curtains.

  • What is the recommended DPI for printing on platforms like Printful?

    -The script indicates that a DPI of 256 is considered very good quality for printing on platforms like Printful.

  • How does the script describe the effect of upscaling on a photo?

    -The script describes the effect of upscaling on a photo as turning it into something that looks like an oil painting, with a larger size but a different visual quality.

  • What are the pricing plans for the 'big jpg' image upscaler as mentioned in the script?

    -The pricing plans for 'big jpg' include a one-time payment of $22 for a year of premium service with 2,000 image upscales per month, $12 for a six-month period with 1,000 image upscales per month, and a basic plan for two months for $6.

  • Why does the script mention the importance of DPI for printing?

    -The script mentions the importance of DPI for printing to clarify that even images with less than 300 DPI can print well, and to demonstrate the quality improvement when using upscaled images with higher DPI for printing.



🖼️ Discovering Big JPG Image Upscale Tool

The speaker discusses their search for a satisfactory image upscaler, having tested several tools in the past few months with disappointment due to pixelation issues. They introduce 'Big JPG' as a promising tool they recently discovered. The speaker demonstrates the process of using Big JPG to upscale an image, noting its ease of use with no need for downloads and its effectiveness with vector-style images. They mention the free version's limitations and the option to upgrade for more capabilities, showcasing the results of upscaling, which significantly increases the image size and quality without pixelation, even at a lower DPI.


📈 Enhancing Image Resolution for Print and Online Products

The speaker compares the effectiveness of Big JPG in enhancing the resolution of both artwork and photographs. They show how upscaling can make a significant difference in the print quality of products like t-shirts, duvet covers, and shower curtains, especially when the original image is of lower resolution. The speaker also demonstrates the process of uploading an upscaled image to an online print platform, Printful, to highlight the improved DPI and print quality. Additionally, they share a tip on creating clip art from images using a Mac and discuss the potential of Big JPG for photographers and digital artists.


💰 Pricing Plans and Recommendations for Big JPG

The speaker explores the pricing plans offered by Big JPG, explaining the benefits of the free plan and the various paid options. They highlight the value of the tool for those needing to upscale a large number of images, such as for selling on platforms like Society6 or creating large prints. The speaker also shares their personal preference for a plan that allows for a significant number of upscales at a one-time payment, emphasizing the tool's potential for enhancing photo prints and digital art. They conclude by clarifying that they are not affiliated with Big JPG and provide links to additional resources for understanding DPI and exploring Lex AI, a favorite tool of theirs.



💡Image Upscaler

An image upscaler is a software tool that increases the resolution of digital images without losing quality, or in some cases, improving it. In the video, the creator discusses their experience with different image upscalers and highlights 'big jpg' as a preferred option for enlarging images up to 16 times their original size, which is particularly useful for artwork and vector-style images.


Pixelation refers to the effect that occurs when an image's resolution is reduced to the point where individual pixels become visible, resulting in a blocky or unclear image. The video script mentions dissatisfaction with some tools that produced pixelated results after upscaling, emphasizing the importance of maintaining image quality.

💡DPI (Dots Per Inch)

DPI is a measure of spatial printing or video dot density, in particular, the number of individual dots that can be placed within the span of one linear inch (2.54 cm). In the context of the video, the creator discusses the misconception that 300 DPI is necessary for quality printing, showing that 72 DPI can be sufficient if the pixel size is large enough.

💡Vector Style Images

Vector style images are created in a vector graphics format, which uses mathematical algorithms to define lines, curves, shapes, and colors. These images are resolution-independent and can be scaled to any size without losing quality. The script notes that most image upscalers perform well with vector-style images, making them ideal candidates for upscaling.

💡Noise Reduction

Noise reduction in image processing refers to the techniques used to minimize the amount of noise, or grainy texture, in an image. In the video, the creator mentions choosing a high noise reduction option when using the 'big jpg' tool, suggesting that it can help in maintaining a smooth appearance in upscaled images.

💡Clip Art

Clip art refers to ready-made images that can be used in a variety of designs, such as for t-shirts, posters, or digital graphics. The video demonstrates how to create clip art by removing the background of an image and suggests that upscaled clip art can be used for various design purposes, including on products like t-shirts and shower curtains.


Redbubble is an online marketplace for print-on-demand products where artists can upload their designs to be printed on various items. The script describes an example where the creator uploads an upscaled illustration to Redbubble, showing how the higher resolution allows for better print quality on a wider range of products.


Printful is a print-on-demand drop shipping service that allows creators to sell products with custom designs. The video discusses the importance of DPI in relation to print quality on Printful, demonstrating how an upscaled image can achieve a higher DPI, resulting in better print quality.

💡Oil Painting Effect

In the context of image processing, an 'oil painting effect' refers to a visual style that mimics the texture and appearance of traditional oil paintings. The video script notes that the 'big jpg' tool gives photos an oil painting effect when upscaled, which may not always be desirable but can be an interesting artistic choice.

💡Pricing Plans

Pricing plans refer to the different options available for purchasing a service or product, often with varying levels of features and costs. The video outlines the various pricing plans offered by 'big jpg,' including a free plan with limited usage and paid plans that provide more upscales and faster processing.


Introduction to the topic of image upscaling and the author's dissatisfaction with previous tools.

Discovery of 'big jpg' as a new and promising image upscaler.

Explanation of the ease of use with no need for software download.

Demonstration of the upscaling process using a vector-style image of a cow.

Comparison of the original and upscaled images, emphasizing the lack of pixelation.

Explanation of DPI and how 72 DPI can be sufficient for large pixel sizes.

Showcasing the difference in product applicability between the original and upscaled images.

Comparison of the original and upscaled images on print products like t-shirts and comforters.

Illustration of how to upscale a photo for print with 'big jpg' and its limitations.

Introduction of a second example using a kitten image to show the upscaling effect.

Demonstration of creating clip art from an upscaled image using a Mac.

Comparison of the original and upscaled kitten images focusing on clarity and resolution.

Discussion on the pricing plans and value for different user needs.

Recommendation for users with a large number of images to upscale to consider the basic plan.

Author's personal preference for the tool and potential use cases.

Disclosure that the author is not affiliated with 'big jpg' and the video's intent to inform.

Links provided for further understanding of DPI and the use of Lex AI for image creation.

Conclusion and invitation for viewers to engage with the content and look forward to future videos.