Face Swap Midjourney Images With Two Clicks (Free)

7 Aug 202308:05

TLDRThe video script introduces a powerful face-swapping tool compatible with Discord, offering a seamless experience for users to swap faces in images with ease. The tool automatically matches lighting, expressions, and styles, and is capable of handling a variety of images, including those generated by mid-journey. Despite some limitations, such as difficulties with facial hair, tattoos, and extreme expressions, the tool's potential is maximized with tips for advanced users, including the use of Photoshop for minor touch-ups. The script provides a step-by-step guide on setting up the tool, uploading faces, and utilizing various features, highlighting its capabilities and offering solutions to common issues.


  • 🤖 Utilize a face swap tool within Discord for easy and quick image manipulation.
  • 🆓 The tool is free and can handle any images, including those generated mid-journey.
  • 🎨 It automatically matches expressions, angles, lighting, and styles for seamless swaps.
  • 💡 Create your own Discord server to use the tool, and invite the necessary bots.
  • 👥 Upload faces using a command for future swaps, ensuring high-quality images for best results.
  • 🔄 The tool can handle different angles and expressions, though some limitations apply.
  • 🌟 Enhance the final output with additional styles like steampunk, cyberpunk, and more.
  • 🖼️ Swap with real photos or images not generated in mid-journey, with adjustments for better fitting.
  • 🚫 Limitations include difficulties with facial hair, tattoos, extreme expressions, and the tool is human-only.
  • 💻 Use external photo editing tools like Photoshop or Adobe Firefly for touch-ups and fine-tuning.
  • 🎁 Free plan offers 50 swaps per day, with different swap costs depending on the source of the images.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of the tool discussed in the transcript?

    -The primary purpose of the tool is to perform face swaps within Discord, allowing users to replace faces in images with their own or others' with ease and speed.

  • How can users get started with the face swap tool?

    -To get started, users need to create their own Discord server and invite both the Mid-Journey and Insight face swap bots to it.

  • What kind of images are recommended for the best face swap results?

    -High-quality, forward-facing images with no glasses or hair covering the face are recommended for optimal results.

  • How many faces can be stored at a time in the primary face list?

    -Users can store up to 20 faces at a time in their primary face list.

  • What is the limit on free swaps for users with the Mid-Journey and Insight face swap tools?

    -Free users get 50 swaps per day, with images generated within Mid-Journey counting as one swap and non-Mid-Journey images counting as three.

  • What are some common issues encountered when using the face swap tool?

    -Common issues include difficulties with facial hair, face tattoos, extreme expressions, and certain styles lacking full facial textures.

  • How can users fix minor problems with the face swap results?

    -Minor problems can be fixed using photo editors like Photoshop or Adobe Firefly's generative fill feature.

  • What is the main limitation of the face swap tool?

    -The main limitation is that the tool only works for human faces and does not support animals.

  • How can users switch between different faces in their primary face list?

    -Users can switch faces by using the command 'forward slash set ID' followed by the desired face's name.

  • What is a useful resource for finding style inspiration?

    -Mid Library dot Io is a free resource and a favorite place for the speaker to get style ideas.

  • How can users combine multiple faces in a single image using the free version of the tool?

    -Free version users can split the process into two separate photos, swap each face individually, and then recombine them.



🤖 Introducing the Face Swap Tool for Discord

This paragraph introduces a powerful face swap tool that can be easily used within Discord. It highlights the tool's user-friendly nature, mentioning that it requires only a couple of clicks and seconds to work with any image, and is available free of charge. The tool's capability to match expressions, angles, lighting, and styles is praised, with the speaker sharing their experience of testing its limits. The paragraph then transitions into explaining how to set up a Discord server for utilizing the tool, including creating the server, adding channels, and inviting the Mid-Journey and Insight face swap bots. It also covers how to upload faces for face swapping using a specific command and the importance of using high-quality images for optimal results.


📋 Managing and Using Uploaded Faces

This paragraph delves into the functionalities of the face swap tool once faces have been uploaded. It explains how to list all saved faces using a command, remove a specific face or clear the entire list, and switch between different faces using another command. The section also explores the tool's ability to handle multiple faces with a paid subscription and offers a workaround for the free version. The speaker demonstrates how to combine faces and create interesting results, emphasizing the tool's versatility. Additionally, the paragraph discusses the limitations of the tool, such as difficulties with facial hair, tattoos, and extreme expressions, and suggests solutions like using Photoshop or Adobe Firefly's generative fill for touch-ups. The speaker shares tips on how to fix common issues encountered with the tool, providing a comprehensive guide to overcoming these challenges.



💡Face Swap

Face swap is a process where the face of a person in a photograph or video is replaced with another person's face using digital editing techniques. In the context of the video, it refers to the main feature of the tool discussed, which allows users to easily perform face swaps within Discord by uploading images and using specific commands.


Discord is a popular communication platform designed for communities, including gamers, where users can create servers for text, voice, and video communication. In the video, Discord serves as the platform where the face swap tool is integrated and utilized, allowing users to perform swaps directly within the app.


Mid-Journey refers to a specific stage or point in a process, but in the context of this video, it also appears to be the name of a bot or service that is used in conjunction with the face swap tool. The Mid-Journey bot is invited to the Discord server to facilitate the face swapping process.

💡Insight Face Swap Bot

The Insight Face Swap Bot is an AI-driven tool or service that is integrated with Discord and is used for face swapping. It is invited to the server alongside the Mid-Journey bot and works in conjunction with it to enhance the face swapping experience by improving the quality and accuracy of the swaps.


In the context of the video, a server refers to a Discord server, which is a virtual space where users can create channels for communication, share files, and use bots like the Mid-Journey and Insight Face Swap Bots. The video provides instructions on how to create a new server and manage its settings for the purpose of using the face swap tool.


A command, in this context, refers to a specific text input that a user types into Discord to interact with the bots and perform actions, such as saving a face for swapping or initiating a face swap. The video outlines various commands that are essential for using the face swap tool within Discord.


Quality, in the context of the video, pertains to the fidelity and accuracy of the face swaps produced by the tool. The user is interested in achieving high-quality swaps where the lighting, expressions, angles, and styles of the original and swapped faces are well-matched.


Expressions refer to the range of facial emotions or looks that are captured in the images used for face swapping. The video discusses how the tool handles different expressions, noting that while most common expressions are managed well, extreme or complex expressions may require additional editing to achieve a seamless swap.


Styles in this context refer to the visual design or artistic interpretation of the faces in the images being swapped. The video discusses how the tool can handle different styles, including steampunk, cyberpunk, and others, and how it can blend these styles with the swapped faces to create unique and interesting results.


Limitations refer to the constraints or shortcomings of the face swap tool when dealing with certain types of images or features. The video identifies specific limitations, such as difficulties with facial hair, tattoos, and certain expressions, and provides tips on how to overcome these challenges using external editing tools like Photoshop.

💡Advanced Tips

Advanced tips are suggestions or techniques that go beyond the basic use of the face swap tool to achieve better results or to tackle more complex scenarios. The video offers these tips to help users refine their face swaps and address the limitations of the tool.


A tool that enables face swapping within Discord with ease.

The face swap tool is free and works with any images.

It matches expressions, angles, and styles effectively.

To use the tool, one must have their own Discord server.

The Mid-Journey bot and the Insight face swap bot need to be invited to the server.

Users can upload faces using the '/save ID' command.

High-quality, forward-facing images yield the best results.

The tool can upscale images that are similar to the user's face.

The face swap tool integrates seamlessly with Discord's apps feature.

The tool handles different angles and expressions well, with minor issues.

It can adapt to various styles, including steampunk and cyberpunk.

The tool can blend multiple faces into one image with a paid subscription.

Free users can store up to 20 faces at a time.

The tool offers 50 free swaps per day.

Non-Mid-Journey images count as three swaps.

The tool struggles with facial hair, face tattoos, and extreme expressions.

Photoshop can be used to fix minor issues with the tool's output.

The tool is currently limited to human faces and cannot work with animals.