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TLDRThe script introduces a new tool that enables users to create animated videos effortlessly and for free. It guides viewers through the process, starting from searching for 'lens' in their browser, using a website to upload and edit videos, and finally customizing their creations with various options. The tool offers a simple solution to generate animations with minimal effort, providing an engaging and cost-effective way for users to express their creativity.


  • 🛠️ The script introduces a new tool for creating videos, which was previously difficult due to numerous problems.
  • 💻 To start, users need to search for 'lens go AI' in their browser and access the website.
  • 🔍 The user's voice may need to be changed within the tool due to the speaker's accent.
  • 📱 Users must log in to the desktop version of the website and select 'create' after logging in.
  • 🎬 The tool allows users to upload a video from their gallery and offers options to resize and edit.
  • 🌟 The 'image your creation' option lets users type a prompt and choose from various options or create their own.
  • 💰 Users receive 200 coins upon logging in, and creating a video clip costs 40 coins.
  • 📈 After creating the video, users can preview it and make any final adjustments.
  • 🎥 The final video will look significantly different from the original clip, offering a unique creation.
  • 💡 Users are encouraged to post their videos on social media and engage with their audience by asking for likes and subscriptions.
  • 🔄 The script emphasizes the ease and cost-effectiveness of using the tool to create engaging content.

Q & A

  • What is the main issue mentioned in the script with the previous method of creating videos?

    -The main issue mentioned is that there are still many problems with the previous method of creating videos, making it very difficult to continue producing them.

  • What new solution is introduced in the script for video creation?

    -The script introduces a new set of tools that allow users to easily create videos like the ones previously made, and they can learn to use these tools for free.

  • How does one begin using the mentioned tools?

    -To begin using the tools, one must first search for 'lens go ai' in their browser, visit the website, and follow the subsequent steps including login and selecting options.

  • What is the significance of the 'Voice Changer' feature in the script?

    -The 'Voice Changer' feature is significant as it allows users to alter their voice in the videos, which seems to be a technical issue in the script, hence the need for a change.

  • What is the process for uploading a video to the platform?

    -To upload a video, users need to click on 'Upload Video', select the video from their gallery, and then proceed with the creation process.

  • What are the 'coins' mentioned in the script, and how are they used?

    -The 'coins' are a form of in-platform currency. Users receive 200 coins upon logging in through email, and creating a video clip costs 40 coins out of that amount.

  • How does the 'Image Your Creation' option work?

    -The 'Image Your Creation' option allows users to type in a prompt and create an image based on that prompt, which can then be used in their video.

  • What can users do after their video clip is ready?

    -Once the video clip is ready, users can download it by clicking the 'Download' option and then share it on their account as per their preference.

  • What is the final outcome of using the tools as described in the script?

    -The final outcome is a new video created by the user, which is different from the original clip, and can be shared and promoted on their account.

  • How can users maximize their remaining coins after creating a video?

    -Users can maximize their remaining coins by creating more video clips or by being strategic about the promotions they type, as the type of promotion affects the outcome.

  • What is the importance of likes and subscriptions mentioned in the script?

    -Likes and subscriptions are important for engagement and growth on the platform. They encourage users to interact with the content and support the creators.



📌 Introduction to New Video Creation Tools

The paragraph introduces the audience to new tools that have been developed to address the problems faced with previous video creation methods. It explains that these new tools are easy to use and completely free, allowing users to create videos without the difficulties previously encountered. The process begins with visiting a website in the user's browser, searching for 'lens go ai', and following a series of steps to create and download a video. The paragraph emphasizes the ease of use and the benefits of these tools, such as the ability to earn coins by logging in with an email and the cost associated with creating a video clip.



💡AI Video Creation

AI Video Creation refers to the process of generating videos using artificial intelligence tools. In the context of the video, it is the main theme where the speaker introduces new tools that allow users to create videos effortlessly and for free. This concept is central to the video's message, emphasizing the ease and accessibility of modern technology in content creation.


In the video, 'problems' likely refer to the technical difficulties or challenges that users faced while creating videos in the past. These problems could range from software issues to the complexity of the video editing process. The introduction of new tools aims to address these problems, making video creation more accessible and user-friendly.

💡Free Tools

The term 'Free Tools' refers to software or applications that are available for use without any cost. In the context of the video, the speaker is presenting new tools that enable users to create videos without any financial investment. This is a significant aspect of the video's message, as it emphasizes the democratization of content creation through accessible technology.


In the context of the video, 'search' refers to the action of looking up specific terms or content on the internet, typically using a search engine. The speaker instructs viewers to search for a particular term to access the tools for video creation. This keyword is crucial as it guides users on how to find and utilize the new tools introduced in the video.

💡Voice Change

The term 'Voice Change' refers to the alteration or modification of a voice's characteristics, such as pitch or tone. In the video, this concept is mentioned as a feature that might be affected by the issues with the previous video creation method. The new tools are implied to have improved voice change capabilities, enhancing the overall user experience in creating content.


A 'Website' is a collection of web pages that are accessible through the internet. In the video, the speaker directs viewers to a specific website where they can access the new AI video creation tools. The website serves as the platform for the tools, and understanding its role is essential for users to follow the instructions and create their videos.


In the context of the video, 'Desktop' refers to the main screen or interface of a computer where applications and files are managed. The speaker instructs users to open their desktop to proceed with the video creation process. This keyword is significant as it indicates the transition from searching online to interacting with the user's computer environment.


The term 'Login' refers to the process of accessing a user account or system by providing the correct credentials, such as a username and password. In the video, the speaker instructs users to log in to their account as part of the video creation process. This step is essential for personalized features and saving the created content.


Resolution in the context of video creation refers to the dimensions of the video, such as 9x16, which determines the size and quality of the video. The speaker mentions resolution as a setting that users can adjust according to their preferences. This keyword is important as it affects the final output and appearance of the created video.

💡Upload Video

The term 'Upload Video' refers to the process of transferring a video file from a user's device to a server or platform, such as a website. In the video, this is a crucial step where users are guided to upload their desired video clips to the AI video creation tool. This action is essential for incorporating user content into the AI-generated video.


In the context of the video, 'Options' refers to the various settings and features available to users for customizing their video creation experience. These options can include elements like video resolution, theme, or promotional text. The availability of options highlights the level of personalization and control users have over their content.


The term 'Downloading' refers to the process of transferring a file, such as a video, from a server or platform to a user's device. In the video, downloading is the final step where users can save the AI-generated video to their device. This keyword is significant as it marks the completion of the video creation process and the user's ability to access their finished content.


Introduction of a new tool for creating videos in the style of 'a'.

The new tool is available for free and can be learned easily.

Instructions on searching for 'lens go AI' in the browser.

Mention of a slight natural issue with 'Guys', which may require voice changes.

Guidance on clicking on the website link provided.

Explanation of opening the website on the desktop and logging in.

Details on selecting the resolution and clicking on 'Click here'.

Instructions for uploading a video by clicking on 'Upload Video'.

Description of the 'Image Your Creation' option where users can type a prompt.

Mention of various options available for users to type their own prompts.

Explanation of the coin system and its requirement for video creation.

Information on receiving 200 coins upon email login and the cost of creating a video.

Description of the 'Start' button for video clip generation.

Instructions on watching the video after it has been created.

Comparison of the original and the newly created video clip.

Details on downloading the created video by clicking the 'Download' option.

Information on the remaining coins after creating an animation.

Encouragement to post the video on social media and engage with the content.