Image Upscaler & Enhancer Workflow with Magnific AI | Mind-blowing results 🤯

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8 Dec 202322:40

TLDRThe video introduces a revolutionary AI image upscaler and enhancer tool, Magnific AI, which transforms low-resolution images into high-definition masterpieces. The creator demonstrates its effectiveness by upscaling and enhancing an image generated in Midjourney, revealing the tool's ability to add intricate details while preserving the original composition. The video also showcases the tool's limitations and offers a detailed workflow combining Magnific AI with Photoshop and Topaz photo AI plugin for optimal results. The creator further explores the tool's potential in various projects, including a fantasy map and concept art, emphasizing the value of iterative enhancement and selective retouching for achieving photorealistic outputs.


  • 🌟 The speaker introduces a new AI image upscaler and enhancer tool that significantly improves image quality and detail.
  • 🎨 The tool was used to enhance an image originally created in midjourney, which lacked details for high-resolution applications.
  • 💡 The speaker's initial attempt with Topaz photo AI plugin resulted in a sharper but less realistic image.
  • 🚀 The magnific AI website was then used to upscale and add more details to the original image, with impressive results.
  • 🤔 The speaker notes that magnific AI has a limit of 4400 by 4400 pixels for upscaling, but this may change in the future.
  • 🧩 To achieve larger images, the speaker combined multiple passes of magnific AI and stitched them together in Photoshop.
  • 🌐 The speaker shares a passion for world building and used the workflow to create a highly detailed fantasy map.
  • 🔍 The speaker emphasizes the importance of using the right settings in Photoshop to fix issues and enhance details in the final image.
  • 📸 The speaker experimented with turning a painting into a photo-like image using multiple passes of magnific AI.
  • 🎭 The workflow for best results involves using magnific AI, followed by Photoshop retouching, and finally the Topaz photo AI plugin for further enhancement.
  • 🔗 The speaker encourages订阅 to the channel for updates on new tools and features.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the introduction and demonstration of a new AI image upscaler and enhancer tool called Magnific AI, and its integration into a special workflow to improve image quality and detail.

  • How does the speaker describe their excitement about the AI tool?

    -The speaker describes their excitement by stating that they haven't been this excited about any technology or feature in a long time, and they find the results achieved with the tool to be magical.

  • What was the original purpose of the image created in midjourney?

    -The original purpose of the image created in midjourney was to portray a close-up of the goddess of creativity, surrounded by paint, smoke, and colors.

  • What was the issue with the original image when used in high-resolution applications?

    -The issue with the original image was that it lacked details, making it unsuitable for high-resolution applications like print or high-resolution animations and videos.

  • How did the speaker enhance the original image using Photoshop and Topaz photo AI plugin?

    -The speaker first used Photoshop's generative expand and fill to add more details and create a wider shot of the image. Then, they used the Topaz photo AI plugin to create an upscaled and more refined version of the original image.

  • What was the speaker's main problem with the result from the Topaz photo AI plugin?

    -The main problem was that although the image felt sharper, it didn't actually have more detail, and it didn't feel like a real photo anymore, resembling more of an oversharpened image.

  • How did the speaker use the Magnific AI website to enhance the image?

    -The speaker used the Magnific AI website by uploading the original image, which was then upscaled and enhanced to add more details. The speaker also demonstrated the before and after effects using a slider to compare the original and the enhanced image.

  • What is the current limitation of Magnific AI in terms of image upscaling?

    -The current limitation of Magnific AI is that it can only upscale images up to around 4400 by 4400 pixels, and the only option for upscaling is two times the original size.

  • How did the speaker address the limitation of Magnific AI for their project?

    -The speaker addressed the limitation by using the Topaz photo AI plugin after already applying Magnific AI, which allowed them to achieve a larger and more detailed image for their project.

  • What is the speaker's secret recipe for achieving the highest degree of detail and accuracy with the AI tool?

    -The speaker's secret recipe involves using Magnific AI on the entire image or smaller details, combining them together in Photoshop, fixing any issues with generative fill and other retouching techniques, and finally using the Topaz photo AI plugin if more resolution is needed.

  • What was the outcome of the speaker's experiment with creating a fantasy map using the AI workflow?

    -The outcome was an incredibly highly detailed fantasy map with a resolution of 256 megapixels, showcasing the effectiveness of the AI workflow in creating complex and intricate imaginary worlds.

  • How did the speaker use the Krea enhancer in their workflow?

    -The speaker used the Krea enhancer, which is in early alpha, to specifically enhance the details of the hair in an image where Magnific AI did not produce the desired result. The hair details from Krea were then combined with the existing details from Magnific AI.



🌟 Introduction to AI Image Upscale and Enhancer Tool

The speaker introduces a new AI image upscaler and enhancer tool that has revolutionized the field of image editing. They express their excitement about this technology and set the stage for the video by promising to show impressive examples of its capabilities. The tool is used to enhance an image created in midjourney, which initially lacked detail when used in high-resolution formats like print or animation. The speaker describes their process of using Photoshop and Topaz Photo AI plugin to improve the image quality but finds these methods lacking. They then introduce Magnific AI, which successfully adds details and refines the image. The speaker also discusses the limitations of Magnific AI, such as the maximum pixel limit, and how they overcame this by combining it with Topaz Photo AI for larger projects.


🔍 Exploring Magnific AI's Upscaling Options and Limitations

The speaker delves deeper into the specifics of using Magnific AI, discussing its upscaling capabilities, which are currently limited to doubling the pixel count of the original image. They mention that future updates may allow for more flexibility in scaling factors. The speaker demonstrates the effect of applying Magnific AI multiple times to achieve higher resolution images and shows how the tool can be used to enhance a portrait of Frida Kahlo, although the enhanced version doesn't perfectly resemble the original subject. They also touch on the importance of using prompts and adjusting settings to improve results and discuss their passion for world-building and creating fantasy maps using the tool.


🏰 Creating a Detailed Fantasy Map with Magnific AI

The speaker shares their experience of using Magnific AI to create a highly detailed fantasy map, showcasing the tool's ability to generate intricate details and textures. They explain how they started with a rough sketch generated in midjourney and then used Magnific AI to enhance it, resulting in a 256-megapixel image. The speaker emphasizes the importance of using the correct workflow, which involves starting with Magnific AI and then using Topaz Photo AI plugin for further enhancement. They also discuss the process of stitching together individual pieces of the map in Photoshop and the need to pay attention to lighting and consistency in the visual style. The speaker concludes by mentioning that they used a higher creativity setting for this project, which allowed the AI to introduce more unique details.


🎨 Combining Different Tools for Enhanced Results

The speaker discusses the benefits of combining different AI tools, such as Magnific AI and Krea Enhancer, to achieve the best results. They share an example where Magnific AI was not able to generate the desired effect for a character's hair, so they used Krea Enhancer for that specific detail. The speaker also highlights the importance of using Photoshop's generative fill for certain enhancements, such as adding a leather necklace. They emphasize that while each tool has its strengths, combining them can yield superior results. The speaker also shares a project inspired by the Jurassic Coast of England, where they used Magnific AI to enhance sketches and turn them into a photorealistic image. They caution against overusing the AI tools, as it can lead to artifacts and inconsistencies in the final image.


🖌️ Final Thoughts on the Magnific AI Workflow

The speaker concludes the video by summarizing the workflow for achieving the best results with Magnific AI. They recommend using Magnific on the entire image or specific details, combining these in Photoshop, and using generative fill and other retouching techniques to fix any issues. If more resolution is needed, they suggest using the Topaz Photo AI plugin as a final step. The speaker reiterates that this workflow provides the best results based on their experiments. They also encourage viewers to subscribe to their channel for updates on new tools and features, and they invite viewers to experiment with upscaling and enhancing their images using Magnific AI.



💡AI image upscaler

An AI image upscaler is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of images, enhancing their details and quality. In the context of the video, the AI image upscaler is described as 'magical' and is central to the creator's workflow for improving image quality, particularly when preparing images for high-resolution applications like print or animation.

💡Enhancer tool

An enhancer tool, in this context, refers to software or a plugin that improves the visual quality of images or other media. The video discusses using such tools in conjunction with AI upscaling to achieve higher levels of detail and accuracy in the final output. It is part of the creator's secret recipe for achieving the best results in their image processing workflow.


Photoshop is a widely used software for image editing and manipulation. In the video, it is utilized as a platform for combining the outputs of AI upscaling and enhancer tools, as well as for performing additional editing tasks such as generative fill, retouching, and stitching together image parts.


A workflow refers to the sequence of steps taken to complete a particular task or process. In the video, the term is used to describe the creator's method of using various AI and image editing tools in a specific order to achieve high-quality, detailed images.

💡Magnific AI

Magnific AI is an AI-based image upscaling and enhancement service mentioned in the video. It is used to add details and improve the resolution of images, with the ability to retain the original composition while introducing unique details and interest.

💡Topaz photo AI plugin

The Topaz photo AI plugin is a specific enhancer tool used within the Photoshop software to further refine and add detail to images that have already been upscaled using other AI tools. It is noted for its ability to create sharper and more detailed images when used after Magnific AI.

💡Generative AI

Generative AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence to create new content, such as images, based on patterns or input data. In the context of the video, generative AI is used to generate initial images and to fill in details during the editing process.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image, which determines its level of detail and clarity. Higher resolution images have more pixels and thus can show finer details and be used in larger sizes without losing quality.

💡Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a known Mexican painter known for her self-portraits and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. In the video, an image supposed to be a portrait of Frida Kahlo is used to illustrate the capabilities and limitations of the AI upscaling and enhancement tools.

💡Fantasy map

A fantasy map is a detailed illustration or representation of a fictional world, often used in the context of role-playing games, novels, or other fantasy media. In the video, the creator uses AI upscaling and enhancement tools to create a highly detailed fantasy map.

💡Krea enhancer

Krea enhancer is another AI-based tool for image enhancement that is currently in early alpha. It is similar to Magnific AI but may offer different results or be better suited for specific types of image enhancements.


Introduction of a new AI image upscaler and enhancer tool that is revolutionary in the field of image processing.

The tool's ability to add impressive levels of detail and enhance the quality of images without losing original details.

A demonstration of the tool's application in enhancing an image created with a specific prompt about a goddess of creativity.

The use of Photoshop's generative expand and fill feature to create a wider shot of the image before upscaling.

Comparison of results from using Topaz photo AI plugin versus the magnific AI website, showing the latter's superior performance.

The limitation of magnific AI's upscaling capacity and the workaround of using multiple passes for higher resolution images.

A step-by-step guide on how to use the magnific AI website, including its user-friendly interface and credit system.

The ability to upscale an image multiple times by using magnific AI in succession, despite the current limitation of a two-time upscaling.

A showcase of a highly detailed fantasy map created using the magnific AI tool, demonstrating its potential for world-building projects.

The combination of midjourney-generated images with magnific AI to achieve high-resolution, photorealistic results.

The use of a higher creativity setting in magnific AI to allow for more unique details and interest in the generated images.

An example of enhancing specific parts of an image by using magnific AI on a focused area, such as the head, after initial upscaling.

The potential of magnific AI to transform sketches into highly detailed, photorealistic images, as demonstrated by the jurassic coast concept art.

The use of additional tools like Krea enhancer in conjunction with magnific AI to achieve better results for certain details, such as hair.

The recommendation of a workflow that combines magnific AI with Photoshop's retouching techniques and Topaz photo AI plugin for the best image enhancement results.

A demonstration of how magnific AI can transform a rough initial drawing into a 3D render-like image, showcasing its versatility.