Midjourney Consistent Character Tutorial: Breakthrough Method

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27 Feb 202405:24

TLDRJosh introduces an innovative method for creating consistent characters without relying on face swapping, character sheets, or image references. By utilizing Midjourney within Discord or on the website with Remix mode, users can modify prompts to alter aspects like hair and eye color, moods, and occupations. The technique involves painting over images and adjusting prompts for variations while maintaining character consistency. Josh suggests using ChatGPT for emotional descriptions and anticipates a new character consistency solution from Midjourney. The video serves as a guide to unleashing creativity in character design with the Vary technique, applicable across different styles, including anime and cartoons.


  • 🎨 **Easy Character Creation**: The method introduced allows for consistent character creation without the need for face swapping, character sheets, or image references.
  • πŸ€– **Using Midjourney**: Midjourney can be utilized within Discord by typing a prompt or on the website, with remix mode for easy modifications.
  • βš™οΈ **Settings Adjustment**: Accessing and adjusting settings, such as enabling remix mode and selecting the landscape format, is crucial for the creative process.
  • 🌟 **Creating Poses**: The script outlines a structure for prompts that can generate three different poses using version 6 of the software.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ **Adding Details**: Characters can be customized with various attributes like hair color, eye color, moods, and occupations.
  • 🎩 **Modifying Prompts**: The process involves making changes to the prompt and painting over selected images to introduce new elements like a green hat or light blue sunglasses.
  • πŸ”„ **Consistency in Variations**: The four quadrants generated should maintain internal consistency, allowing for further modifications while preserving the character's identity.
  • 🌈 **Changing Aspect Ratio**: The Vary button can be used to alter the aspect ratio, pan, and zoom out to refine the character's appearance.
  • πŸ’‡ **Hair Color Changes**: Specific adjustments like changing hair color to blonde can be made by selecting the relevant images and altering the prompt.
  • πŸ“ **Character Consistency**: While changes can be made to the character, there's a risk of drifting away from the original design, so returning to the initial prompt is sometimes necessary.
  • πŸš€ **Upcoming Features**: Midjourney plans to release a new character consistency solution that will make it easier to modify colors and backgrounds while keeping the character consistent.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about creating consistent characters without using face swapping, character sheets, image references, seeds, or split screens.

  • How can you start using Midjourney for character creation?

    -You can start using Midjourney for character creation by typing a prompt in Discord or on the website if you have access to it.

  • What is the purpose of the 'remix mode' in Midjourney?

    -The remix mode in Midjourney allows you to change your prompts when you make modifications, providing more flexibility in character creation.

  • What is the structure of the prompt that Josh uses to create 3 different poses?

    -The structure of the prompt that Josh uses involves using bold text to create three different images on a white background in landscape format, with version 6.

  • How can you adjust the settings for landscape format in Midjourney?

    -You can adjust the settings for landscape format by clicking the hamburger menu at the top, setting it to Landscape 16:9, and changing the version to Niji 6 for anime or cartoon-type characters.

  • What does the 'Vary (Region)' feature in Midjourney allow you to do?

    -The 'Vary (Region)' feature allows you to draw over images and make modifications to your prompts, which helps in creating variations of the character while maintaining consistency.

  • How can you ensure internal consistency among the different variations created in the 4 quadrants?

    -Internal consistency among the different variations in the 4 quadrants can be ensured by making sure that each quadrant represents a coherent modification of the original character.

  • What is the recommended method for changing the hair color of a character in Midjourney?

    -To change the hair color of a character, you click on the 'Vary' button, select the first 2 images, and then specify the desired hair color, such as blonde, in the prompt.

  • How can you maintain character consistency while making changes?

    -To maintain character consistency while making changes, you should always return to the initial prompt if the character starts to drift away from the original design.

  • What new feature is Midjourney expected to roll out for character consistency?

    -Midjourney is expected to roll out a new character consistency solution that will allow creators to change colors and backgrounds while keeping the character consistent.

  • What additional resources are available for learning more about character creation with Midjourney?

    -For further learning, you can check out Josh's article on Medium, which provides more examples and insights into the character creation process using Midjourney.



🎨 Character Creation without Traditional Tools

Josh introduces an innovative method for creating consistent characters without relying on face swapping, character sheets, image references, seeds, or split screens. This easy approach allows users to place characters in any desired situation. He begins by explaining how to use Midjourney within Discord and emphasizes the importance of checking settings, particularly enabling remix mode for prompt modifications. Josh then transitions to using the website for the tutorial, detailing the structure of prompts to generate three distinct poses with version 6. He demonstrates how to personalize the character 'Jessica' and iterates that any level of detail can be used. The process includes checking settings for landscape format, utilizing Vary (Region) to modify images, and maintaining internal consistency across quadrants. Josh guides through adding accessories, changing hair color, and extending images while emphasizing the importance of returning to the initial prompt for consistency. He suggests using ChatGPT for describing emotions and concludes by encouraging further exploration of the Vary technique, mentioning its versatility beyond photorealistic images and its effectiveness with Niji, the anime and cartoon model.


πŸš€ Upcoming advancements in Character Consistency

Josh discusses an anticipated update to Midjourney that will simplify the process of maintaining character consistency. This new feature is expected to allow creators to alter colors and backgrounds without compromising the character's integrity. He encourages viewers to enjoy the current method available for immediate use and invites them to like and subscribe for more content. Josh also mentions sharing additional examples and tutorials on Medium, providing a link in the description for further resources.




Midjourney is a term used in the context of the video to refer to a specific AI-based tool or platform that enables users to create images and characters through text prompts. It is central to the video's theme of character creation without traditional methods like face swapping or image references. The script mentions using Midjourney within Discord and on a website, highlighting its versatility.

πŸ’‘Character Creation

Character creation is the primary focus of the video, referring to the process of designing and generating characters using AI tools. The video presents an easy method for creating consistent characters that can be placed in various situations. This concept is exemplified by the ability to change aspects like hair color, eye color, and moods, which are integral to developing unique characters.


Consistency in this context refers to maintaining a uniform and recognizable appearance of characters across different images or scenarios. The video emphasizes the importance of keeping characters consistent even when altering their attributes, which is crucial for storytelling and branding purposes. The method introduced in the video aims to achieve this consistency without relying on traditional techniques like character sheets or image references.


Settings within the context of the video pertain to the configuration options within Midjourney that users can adjust to control the output of their prompts. These settings are essential for customizing the character creation process and achieving desired outcomes, such as changing the aspect ratio or selecting the version of the AI model to use.

πŸ’‘Vary Technique

The Vary technique is a method mentioned in the video that allows users to make modifications to their initial prompts and generate multiple variations of a character while maintaining consistency. This approach is used to experiment with different attributes and features without losing the character's essence.

πŸ’‘Landscape Format

Landscape format refers to the orientation of the image, where the width is greater than the height. This term is relevant in the video when discussing the settings within Midjourney, as it impacts how the characters and scenes are presented on the screen.

πŸ’‘Anime/Cartoon-Type Characters

Anime and cartoon-type characters are specific styles of character design that are often more exaggerated and stylized than photorealistic images. The video discusses the use of Midjourney's Niji 6 version to produce such characters, catering to a different aesthetic preference.


ChatGPT is an AI language model mentioned in the video as a tool to assist with describing emotions and generating creative ideas for character prompts. It represents the integration of language models in the character creation process to enhance storytelling and emotional depth.

πŸ’‘Remix Mode

Remix mode is a feature within Midjourney that allows users to modify and experiment with their prompts by making changes to the generated images. This mode is crucial for the video's theme of character creation, as it facilitates the process of refining and personalizing characters without starting from scratch.

πŸ’‘Character Sheets

Character sheets are detailed documents or visual guides traditionally used by creators to maintain consistency in their characters' attributes, backstory, and visual appearance. The video introduces a method that eliminates the need for such tools, emphasizing a more streamlined approach to character creation.


Josh demonstrates a method for creating consistent characters without face swapping, character sheets, or image references.

The method allows for characters to be placed in any desired situation.

Using Midjourney inside Discord is possible by typing a prompt.

Settings can be adjusted in direct messages using /settings command.

Remix mode in settings enables modifications to prompts.

Midjourney can also be accessed through a website.

The tutorial uses a structured prompt to create three different poses in landscape format using version 6.

The prompts are customizable with optional details.

Character consistency can be maintained while changing aspects like hair color and moods.

The Vary (Region) feature allows drawing over images for further customization.

Internal consistency across four quadrants ensures the base image can be repeatedly modified.

Changing the hair color while keeping the background blank results in various character images.

The character remains fairly consistent even with significant changes.

Returning to the initial prompt can realign the character to its original form.

ChatGPT can assist in describing emotions and other character details.

The Vary technique works well with both photorealistic and anime/cartoon models.

Midjourney is expected to release a new character consistency solution.

The new solution will make creating consistent characters easier.

This method can be used immediately and is only limited by one's imagination.