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15 Nov 202305:29

TLDRThe video discusses the remarkable advancement in AI-generated images, highlighting the work of an artist accused of using AI for a book cover. It explores the limitations of current text-to-image AI systems in producing high-resolution images and introduces Midjourney's recent update that enables the creation of detailed, high-resolution images through 4x super resolution. The video also touches on the challenges of upscaling, such as the potential for excessive smoothing and loss of detail, while emphasizing the transformative impact of AI on artistic creation and the potential for future developments in video upscaling.


  • 🎨 An artist spent 100 hours creating a book cover image that was accused of being AI-made due to its high level of detail.
  • 🤖 The assumption was that no AI in 2023 could produce such detailed and high-resolution images.
  • 🚀 Existing techniques for image upscaling or super resolution are being used in video games and can run in real time.
  • 🖼️ AI-made photos are more challenging to upscale than videos because they require precision without introducing artifacts.
  • 🌟 Midjourney, a text to image AI system, has recently updated to create detailed, high-resolution images through 4x super resolution.
  • 📈 The results from Midjourney's update are impressive and surpass other image upscaling solutions.
  • 🔍 However, the new technique is not perfect and can sometimes result in excessive smoothing, causing details to disappear.
  • 🛠️ Super resolution techniques can be crucial for images where only a small part is desirable, enhancing their quality to stand on its own.
  • 📱 AI research has made it possible for everyone to bring their artistic ideas to life, with some systems even accessible on smartphones.
  • 🎥 The potential for text to video AI exists, suggesting a future where everyone could become a movie director with minimal cost and eventually, no cost at all.

Q & A

  • What is the surprising news about an artist and a book cover image?

    -The surprising news is that an artist spent 100 hours creating an incredible book cover image, but was accused of using an AI to create it.

  • Why was the artist's work initially thought to be too good for an AI image in 2023?

    -The artist's work was thought to be too good for an AI because of the high level of detail and resolution, which exceeded what was believed to be possible for text-to-image AI systems at that time.

  • What is the term used for increasing the resolution of images or videos?

    -The process of increasing the resolution of images or videos is called upscaling or super resolution.

  • How is super resolution applied in video games?

    -Super resolution is applied in video games to improve the quality and detail of the images, and in some cases, it runs in real time.

  • What is the main challenge of applying super resolution to AI-made photos?

    -The main challenge is that introducing new information into an image through super resolution may result in artifacts and imperfections, such as mangled text.

  • What recent development in AI systems has improved the creation of high-resolution images?

    -Midjourney, a popular text-to-image AI system, has implemented a 4x super resolution update that allows for the creation of incredibly detailed and high-resolution images.

  • How does the 4x super resolution in Midjourney work?

    -With the 4x super resolution, Midjourney first generates a lower resolution image, and then enhances it to reveal significantly more detail when zoomed in.

  • What are the limitations of current super resolution and image upscaling techniques?

    -Limitations include the potential for excessive smoothing, which can lead to a loss of detail or even disappearance of certain elements within the image.

  • How do super resolution techniques benefit users who want to use only a part of an image?

    -These techniques can help when a user loves a part of an image but needs more detail to make that section stand on its own, as they can add the necessary detail to smaller sections.

  • What is the significance of AI research in the field of art and creativity?

    -AI research has made it possible for anyone to bring their artistic ideas to life, allowing even non-professionals to create high-quality images and potentially videos in the future.

  • What does the future hold for AI in the realm of video creation?

    -The future of AI in video creation suggests that systems may become accessible on personal devices like phones, and it's anticipated that the technology will become available to everyone at little or no cost, enabling more people to create high-quality videos.



🎨 Artistic Controversy: AI and the 100-Hour Creation

The paragraph discusses a recent incident where an artist faced accusations of using AI to create a book cover image. The author argues that the detailed and high-resolution nature of the image seems beyond the capabilities of AI in 2023. The discussion then transitions into the topic of upscaling and super-resolution techniques, which are being used in video games and other media. The author highlights the challenges of introducing new information into images and the potential for artifacts, particularly with text. The paragraph concludes with the author's surprise and admiration for the advancements in AI, specifically mentioning the Midjourney AI system's recent update that allows for the creation of highly detailed images.



💡AI-generated image

An AI-generated image refers to a visual artwork that is created by an artificial intelligence system without human intervention. In the context of the video, it highlights the controversy surrounding the creation of a book cover image, which was accused of being AI-made due to its high quality and level of detail. The video discusses the advancements in AI technology that enable the generation of such detailed images, challenging the notion that they are exclusively human-made.


Resolution refers to the clarity or sharpness of an image, typically measured in pixels. A higher resolution means more pixels, resulting in a more detailed and clearer image. The video emphasizes the high resolution of the AI-generated image as a key factor in its believability and quality, contrasting it with the limitations of previous AI systems.

💡Super resolution

Super resolution is a technique used to increase the resolution of an image or video, resulting in a clearer and more detailed output. It involves introducing new information into the image to enhance its quality. The video discusses the application of super resolution in AI-generated images, highlighting its potential to improve the detail and clarity of such images.


Midjourney is a popular text to image AI system mentioned in the video that has recently updated its capabilities to create highly detailed, high-resolution images. This update signifies a significant leap in AI image generation technology, allowing for the creation of images with a level of detail that was previously unattainable.

💡Gigapixel AI system

The Gigapixel AI system is another image upscaling technology mentioned in the video. It is known for its ability to enhance the quality and resolution of images, similar to Midjourney. However, the video suggests that the quality of results from Midjourney's system is superior to what has been experienced with the Gigapixel system.


Artifacts in the context of images refer to unintended visual elements or distortions that appear due to the processing or manipulation of the image. The video discusses the potential for artifacts, such as mangled text, in super resolution applications, especially in dynamic media like video games.


Framing in the context of images and photography refers to the way an image is composed and the focus is directed towards specific elements within the image. The video touches on the desire to use only a part of an image for framing purposes, and how super resolution techniques can help when the desired section lacks sufficient detail to stand on its own.


Smoothing in image processing is a technique used to reduce noise or small details in an image, which can sometimes lead to a loss of important information or features. The video points out that excessive smoothing can occur in some super resolution processes, leading to a loss of detail and a different visual outcome.

💡AI research

AI research encompasses the scientific study and development of artificial intelligence technologies, aiming to improve their capabilities and applications. The video highlights the rapid advancements in AI research, particularly in the field of image generation and upscaling, making it possible for individuals to realize their artistic visions with AI.

💡Text to video

Text to video refers to the AI technology that converts textual descriptions into video content. The video briefly mentions the existence of such systems, suggesting that the same advancements in AI that have revolutionized image generation could soon be applied to video creation, democratizing the process of making movies.


An artist spent 100 hours creating an incredible book cover image, accused of using AI.

The book cover image's detail and resolution were considered too high for AI-generated images in 2023.

Two Minute Papers with Dr. Károly Zsolnai-Fehér discussed the advancements in AI and image resolution.

Existing techniques for upscaling images and videos are being used in video games and real-time applications.

Super resolution introduces new information into an image, which may not always be accurate.

Midjourney, a text to image AI system, has updated to create high-resolution images with 4x super resolution.

The new update from Midjourney has resulted in incredibly detailed images that surpass other solutions.

Gigapixel AI system is comparable in quality to Midjourney's super resolution but is a standalone application.

Super resolution techniques can be deceivingly useful for refining images and AI-generated works.

These techniques can help salvage images by adding details where framing is not perfect.

The new technique is not perfect, with instances of excessive smoothing causing loss of details.

Despite imperfections, the overall image and object edges become sharper with super resolution.

AI research has made it possible for everyone to bring their artistic ideas to life through advanced imaging technologies.

Systems capable of high-resolution image generation are now accessible on smartphones.

The future of AI in video generation is promising, with the possibility of everyone becoming a movie director at a low cost.

The advancements in AI and imaging technology signify an exciting time for artistic creation and accessibility.