SeaArt AI Tutorial: AI image Generator & AI Chat

Wade McMaster - Creator Impact
27 Jul 202314:34 is a versatile AI platform offering a free AI art generator and AI chat services. The art generator allows users to create high-quality images with various settings, including upscaling and facial replacement. The AI chat feature provides conversational assistance and can help with tasks like video scripting and text summarization. The platform also includes a credit system for free usage and options to train custom models for personalized art generation.


  • 🎨 The AI art generator is currently free to use and creates high-quality images.
  • 📋 To sign up on, users can log in with Google and choose their preferred art categories.
  • 🔞 The platform contains adult content, so users must confirm they are over 18 years old.
  • 🖼️ Users can start by exploring featured images or create new art from scratch using the AI painting option.
  • 📱 Upscaling images is possible with two different methods: standard upscale and creative upscale.
  • 🖌️ Users have control over various settings like aspect ratio, image quality, and facial restoration.
  • 🎭 Advanced features include negative prompts, facial replacement, and the ability to use different models for varied effects.
  • 🔄 The platform offers a 'magic wand' feature to enhance prompts and a 'random prompt' generator for inspiration.
  • 🌐 Image-to-image functionality allows users to upload a reference image for the AI to create a similar piece of art.
  • 🗂️ The explore tab provides a collection of images generated by other users for inspiration and ideas.
  • 💬 AI chat is also available on the platform, offering conversational AI and various themed chatbots.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI art generator mentioned in the tutorial?

    -The AI art generator mentioned in the tutorial is called CR dot Ai.

  • How can one sign up for CR dot Ai?

    -To sign up for CR dot Ai, one can simply go to the login page and choose to sign up with Google, pick a nickname, and select the type of art they'd like to see.

  • What is the age requirement for using CR dot Ai?

    -Users need to confirm that they are over 18 years old due to the presence of adult content on the site.

  • What is the first step to start creating an AI painting on CR dot Ai?

    -The first step is to go to the top of the page, click on AI painting, and then proceed with the settings or choose to start with the default options.

  • What are the two types of upscaling options available on CR dot Ai?

    -The two upscaling options available are the standard upscale, which provides a more stable effect, and the creative upscale, which adds more details to the image.

  • How can one enhance the quality of an image generated by CR dot Ai?

    -One can enhance the quality of an image by using the upscalers, choosing different models, adjusting the image mode to ultra-high quality, and changing the aspect ratio as needed.

  • What is facial replacement and how is it used in CR dot Ai?

    -Facial replacement is a feature that allows users to upload a face from another source, such as, and have the AI art generator incorporate that face into the generated image.

  • What is the purpose of the magic wand feature in CR dot Ai?

    -The magic wand feature enhances the prompt by adding more information, which can result in more detailed and varied AI-generated images.

  • How can users generate credits for free on CR dot Ai?

    -Users can generate credits for free by completing tasks such as joining the CR Discord Channel, inviting a user, or completing missions like the hide or public work permit.

  • What are some of the AI chat capabilities of CR dot Ai?

    -CR dot Ai's AI chat capabilities include having conversations with an AI, creating video scripts, summarizing text, providing fitness training advice, and acting as an AI companion for casual conversation.

  • How can users explore and get inspiration for their AI art creations?

    -Users can explore and get inspiration by visiting the explore tab on CR dot Ai, which showcases images generated by other users, or by using the AI chat feature to brainstorm ideas.



🎨 Introduction to CR AI Art Generator

This paragraph introduces the CR AI art generator, a free tool that creates high-quality images. The user is guided through the sign-up process, which includes signing up with Google, choosing a nickname, and selecting preferred art categories. It is mentioned that the site contains adult content, hence the age confirmation. The video's sponsor is acknowledged, and an overview of the platform's features and tools is provided. The user is encouraged to explore the site's categories, creators, galleries, and videos. The paragraph also discusses starting a new project from scratch by selecting AI painting and adjusting various settings to create the first image. The process of upscaling the image for better quality using different upscaling options is detailed, highlighting the differences between standard and creative upscaling.


🖼️ Enhancing and Customizing AI Generated Art

This paragraph delves into the process of enhancing and customizing AI-generated art. The user is shown how to upscale images using standard and creative upscaling methods, and how to achieve higher resolutions by adjusting upscaling ratios. Additional features such as different modes and models, aspect ratio adjustments, face restoration, and advanced settings like negative prompts and facial replacement are explored. The paragraph also touches on the use of the 'magic wand' feature to enhance prompts and the use of random prompts to generate unique images. The versatility of the AI art generator is emphasized, with the user being encouraged to experiment with various settings and models to create distinctive artwork.


🤖 Advanced Features and AI Chat Integration

The final paragraph discusses the advanced features of the AI art generator, including image-to-image mode, where users can upload an image for reference, and control features that allow for fine-tuning of details, colors, and poses. The paragraph also covers the credit system, which enables users to earn free daily generations and complete tasks to gain more credits. The ability to create and train custom datasets for personal art style control is mentioned, as well as the option to upload models. The explore tab is highlighted as a source of inspiration, and the AI chat feature is introduced, showcasing its conversational capabilities and various integrated functions such as video script creation and text summarization. The paragraph concludes by encouraging users to check out the CR AI platform for its comprehensive AI art and chat capabilities.



💡AI art generator

An AI art generator is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to create visual art. In the context of the video, it refers to the CR dot Ai platform which is capable of producing high-quality images based on user inputs. The generator works by interpreting prompts or descriptions provided by the user and translating them into digital artwork. For instance, the video demonstrates how to generate an image with the prompt 'the steely gaze of a grizzled warrior', showcasing the AI's ability to understand and visualize complex concepts.

💡CR dot Ai

CR dot Ai is the name of the AI image generator platform discussed in the video. It is a website that offers free access to its art-generating capabilities and also includes an AI chat feature. The platform allows users to sign up, choose their preferred art style, and generate images based on their prompts. It also provides tools for upscaling images, changing aspect ratios, and other advanced features to enhance the user's artistic output.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image, thereby enlarging it while attempting to maintain or improve its quality. In the video, the AI art generator offers two types of upscaling: standard upscale, which provides a more stable effect, and creative upscale, which adds more details to the image. The video demonstrates upscaling an image of a warrior from 768 by 768 pixels to a higher resolution, showcasing the improved clarity and detail in the upscaled versions.

💡Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is the proportion between the width and the height of an image or video. It is often expressed as two numbers separated by a colon, such as 16:9, which means the image is 16 units wide for every 9 units tall. In the context of the video, the AI art generator allows users to adjust the aspect ratio of their generated images to suit different formats, such as the 16:9 ratio commonly used in videos.

💡Facial replacement

Facial replacement is a technique that involves replacing the face in an image or video with another face, often to create a more realistic or stylized appearance. In the video, the AI art generator's facial replacement feature is used to incorporate an uploaded face into the generated artwork, influencing the overall composition and aesthetic of the image.

💡AI chat

AI chat refers to a conversational system powered by artificial intelligence that can interact with humans in a natural language. In the video, CR dot Ai offers an AI chat feature where users can engage in conversations with an AI named Emily. This chatbot can answer questions, provide suggestions, and carry out discussions on various topics, similar to a human conversation partner.

💡Credit system

The credit system in the context of the video refers to a point-based mechanism used by the CR dot Ai platform to regulate the usage of its AI art generation services. Users are given a certain number of free daily generations, which consume credits. Once these free credits are used up, users can either purchase more or earn additional credits by completing tasks such as joining the platform's Discord channel or inviting new users.

💡Model training

Model training in the context of AI art generation involves the process of teaching the AI system to recognize and produce specific styles or types of images based on a dataset of images. Users can upload their own images to train the AI, which allows the system to generate art that reflects the style or characteristics of the provided images.


ControlNet is a feature within the AI art generator that allows users to have more control over the details of the generated images by using a control map. This map can reference specific features such as edges, outlines, or poses, and the AI will use these references to generate images that align more closely with the user's specifications.

💡Prompt Studio

Prompt Studio is a tool within the CR dot Ai platform that assists users in crafting and refining their prompts for the AI art generator. It helps users to create more effective prompts by providing suggestions or enhancing the user's input, which can result in better and more accurate AI-generated images.

💡Explore Tab

The Explore Tab on the CR dot Ai platform is a section where users can view and draw inspiration from AI-generated art created by other users. It serves as a gallery of sorts, showcasing a variety of images that can spark creativity and provide ideas for users' own art generation endeavors.


The AI art generator is currently free to use and creates high-quality images.

Signing up with Google is a simple and quick option on the platform.

The platform offers a variety of art categories, creators, galleries, and videos for users to explore.

Featured images on the platform can be tried out directly, offering an easy introduction to the system.

Users can create images starting from scratch by using the AI painting feature and inputting a prompt.

The platform provides two types of upscalers to enhance the resolution and quality of the generated images.

Experimenting with different upscalers can yield varying results in image quality and detail.

Changing models and settings can significantly alter the style and composition of the generated images.

The platform offers a range of models and options to fine-tune the image generation process.

Face restoration and facial replacement features are available for more personalized image creation.

The AI chat feature provides conversational interaction and can assist in tasks like video scripting and text summarization.

The credit system on allows users to earn free daily generations and perform additional tasks to gain more credits.

Users can create and train their own datasets for more control over the style of generated art.

The explore tab offers inspiration from other users' creations and showcases the versatility of the platform.

The AI chat's theme tab provides specialized conversational bots for various tasks such as fitness training and astrology.

The platform's AI companion feature allows for casual conversation with an AI, similar to interacting with a real person. is an all-in-one AI platform that effectively combines art generation with versatile chatbot capabilities.

The platform is worth checking out for its innovative features and powerful tools for both art creation and conversational AI.