The Quickest Way to Edit Your Photos - Imagen AI Tutorial

Julia Trotti
28 Feb 202307:54

TLDRIn this sponsored video, the host provides a hands-on demonstration of Imagen AI, an AI-powered photo editing software for Lightroom Classic. The software uses built-in or user-uploaded profiles to edit photos quickly, making it an ideal tool for professionals dealing with large volumes of images, such as wedding photographers. The host tests the software on a real wedding photo set, showcasing the ease of use, the cinematic luxury profile, and the ability to make adjustments post-editing. The video also highlights the software's efficiency, with claims of editing 1,500 photos in 10 minutes, and its consistency across different types of photos. The host encourages viewers to try Imagen AI with a provided link for 1,500 free edits, emphasizing its versatility beyond wedding photography.


  • 🤖 Imagine AI is an AI-powered photo editing program designed for Lightroom Classic users.
  • 🚀 It offers built-in profiles for quick editing styles or allows users to upload their own for a personalized learning process.
  • ⏱️ The software is particularly beneficial for professionals who handle large volumes of photos, like wedding photographers.
  • 📸 Imagine AI can batch edit various types of photo shoots, including portraits, travel photos, and events.
  • 📂 The process involves importing a Lightroom catalog, selecting an AI profile, and applying edits to selected photos.
  • 🎬 The 'Cinematic Luxury' profile is highlighted for its film-like look, which is appealing for certain types of photography.
  • 🔗 Using a provided link, new users can sign up for Imagine AI and receive 1,500 free edits to start.
  • ⚙️ Edits are non-destructive, with the Lightroom catalog returned to the user with adjustments, allowing for further tweaking.
  • 📉 Imagine AI claims to reduce editing time to 0.33 seconds per photo, enabling rapid batch processing.
  • 📈 The software continually learns and adapts to the user's editing style, improving accuracy and efficiency with use.
  • 🌐 Imagine AI is not just for weddings; it's versatile for different photography genres like travel and landscape.

Q & A

  • What is Imagine AI?

    -Imagine AI is an AI-powered photo editing program designed for Lightroom Classic. It allows users to edit photos quickly by using built-in profiles or uploading their own profiles for the software to learn and replicate their editing style.

  • How does Imagine AI help with batch editing of photos?

    -Imagine AI streamlines the editing process by applying consistent edits across a batch of photos, which can significantly save time for photographers who handle large volumes of images, such as wedding photographers.

  • What are the benefits of using Imagine AI for wedding photography?

    -Imagine AI can quickly edit a large batch of wedding photos, applying consistent styles and adjustments, which helps wedding photographers save time and maintain a uniform look across their edited photos.

  • How does Imagine AI learn a user's editing style?

    -Users can upload their own profiles, and Imagine AI will analyze and learn from these profiles. It takes about 3,000 images to build a personal AI profile, which can then be used repeatedly to replicate the user's editing style with greater accuracy.

  • What kind of presets does Imagine AI offer?

    -Imagine AI offers pre-made profiles that users can apply to their photos. One example mentioned in the script is the 'Cinematic Luxury' profile, which gives photos a film-like look.

  • How long does it take Imagine AI to edit a photo?

    -According to the script, Imagine AI has reduced the editing time to 0.33 seconds per photo, which equates to approximately 150 photos per minute or 1,500 photos in 10 minutes.

  • What does Imagine AI do with the final edited images?

    -Instead of sending final edited JPEGs, Imagine AI returns the Lightroom catalog with edits applied to the photos, giving users complete control to tweak and adjust the edits as they see fit.

  • Can Imagine AI be used for types of photography other than weddings?

    -Yes, Imagine AI is not limited to wedding photography. It can be used for portrait sessions, travel photos, landscape photography, or any other type of photo shoot that requires batch editing.

  • How does the process of using Imagine AI start?

    -The process begins by creating a project in Imagine AI and dragging the Lightroom catalog into the software. Then, a user selects an AI profile and any additional options such as crop and straighten before uploading the catalog for editing.

  • What kind of adjustments does Imagine AI make to the photos?

    -Imagine AI makes adjustments to various aspects of the photos, including white balance, exposure, skin tones, and cropping. It can also straighten images and match the color cast between photos taken with different lenses.

  • How does Imagine AI ensure consistency in editing across a batch of wedding photos?

    -Imagine AI applies the chosen preset consistently to all the photos in the batch, ensuring a uniform look. The software learns from the user's editing style, making the edits more personalized and accurate with each use.

  • What are the steps to download and apply edits from Imagine AI?

    -After the photos are edited, users can select 'download to review' and then 'download edits'. The images are then downloaded, and users can open the Lightroom catalog to see the applied edits and make further adjustments if necessary.



🎥 Introduction to Imagine AI for Photo Editing

The video introduces Imagine AI, a software sponsored by the video creator, designed for AI-powered photo editing within Lightroom Classic. It emphasizes the program's utility for wedding photographers and others dealing with large volumes of images. The software uses built-in profiles or allows users to upload their own, learning and adapting to the user's editing style over time. The creator shares their positive experience with Imagine AI, noting its efficiency in batch editing and time-saving capabilities. The video showcases the editing process of a real wedding, the Brienne Dylan wedding, and discusses the workflow, including importing images, selecting AI profiles, and applying edits to a selection of photos. It also mentions the software's ability to match edits across different lenses and focal lengths.


🖼️ Editing Process and Results with Imagine AI

This paragraph delves into the editing process using Imagine AI, highlighting the software's speed in editing photos, with a claim of reducing editing time to 0.33 seconds per photo. The video creator discusses the process of uploading a catalog, selecting an AI profile ('Cinematic Luxury' in this case), and applying filters to determine which images are edited. The video also covers the downloading process and the advantage of receiving the edited Lightroom catalog, allowing for full control and adjustment of edits. The creator reviews before-and-after examples to demonstrate the software's effectiveness in editing various types of wedding photos, including indoor, outdoor, and golden hour images. The video concludes with the creator's recommendation of Imagine AI for different types of photography beyond weddings and encourages viewers to try the software using a provided link for a free trial.



💡AI powered photo editing program

An AI powered photo editing program refers to software that uses artificial intelligence to automate and enhance the process of photo editing. In the context of the video, it is used to quickly edit a large batch of wedding photos, making the editing process more efficient and saving time for photographers. The program, Imagine AI, is designed to learn from the user's editing style over time, allowing for a more personalized and consistent editing experience.

💡Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic is a professional photo editing software developed by Adobe. It is widely used by photographers for importing, organizing, and editing photos. In the video, the presenter uses Lightroom Classic to manage the wedding photos and then integrates it with Imagine AI for batch editing, showcasing how the two tools can be used together to streamline the editing workflow.

💡Built-in profiles

Built-in profiles in the context of photo editing software are pre-defined settings that can be applied to photos to give them a certain look or style. Imagine AI offers these profiles so that users can quickly test how the software edits images without creating their own custom profiles. The video mentions a 'cinematic luxury' profile, which is used to apply a film-like look to the wedding photos.

💡Batch editing

Batch editing is the process of editing multiple photos simultaneously, applying the same or similar adjustments to a group of images. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who need to edit large volumes of photos, such as wedding photographers. The video emphasizes Imagine AI's ability to quickly batch edit photos, which can save significant time compared to manual editing.

💡Uploading catalog

In the context of photo editing software, uploading a catalog refers to the process of transferring a collection of photos from a local storage to a cloud-based or another software platform for further editing or processing. In the video, the presenter uploads the Lightroom catalog containing the wedding photos to Imagine AI for batch editing, demonstrating the ease and speed of this process.

💡Editing time

Editing time refers to the duration it takes to process and make adjustments to photos. The video highlights that Imagine AI has reduced the editing time to 0.33 seconds per photo, which translates to editing 1,500 photos in 10 minutes. This speed is contrasted with the presenter's personal experience of manually editing a wedding in Lightroom, which takes considerably longer.

💡Download edits

Downloading edits is the process of retrieving the edited photos from the editing software back to the user's local storage or photo management software. After the photos are edited by Imagine AI, the presenter downloads the edits and reviews them in Lightroom. This step is important as it allows the user to have control over the final output and make any necessary manual adjustments.

💡Cinematic luxury

Cinematic luxury is a pre-made profile or preset within Imagine AI that applies a film-like aesthetic to photos. The video demonstrates how this profile affects the wedding photos, giving them a more dramatic and visually appealing look. It is used as an example of how the software can quickly transform the style of a large batch of images.

💡Crop and straighten

Crop and straighten are editing actions that involve adjusting the composition of a photo by cutting out unnecessary parts (cropping) and aligning the image to be level or straight (straightening). The video mentions that Imagine AI can automatically perform these tasks, which are typically time-consuming when done manually. This feature helps to standardize the appearance of a photo set and saves the photographer time.

💡Golden hour

Golden hour refers to the period of daylight shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the sunlight is softer, warmer, and more diffused, creating a special lighting condition that photographers often find ideal for taking photos. In the video, the presenter discusses how Imagine AI handles the editing of photos taken during the golden hour, ensuring that the unique lighting conditions are well-preserved.

💡Flash photography

Flash photography involves the use of a flash to provide additional light when taking photos, often in low-light conditions. The video script includes a mention of flash photography, indicating that Imagine AI is capable of editing photos that were taken with flash, adjusting for any harshness or unwanted effects caused by the direct light source.


Imagen AI is an AI-powered photo editing program for Lightroom Classic.

It offers built-in profiles or the option to upload your own profiles for personalized editing.

The software learns your editing style over time for more personalized results.

Imagen AI is particularly useful for batch editing, saving time for professionals like wedding photographers.

The video demonstrates editing a real wedding with 209 unedited images.

Imagen AI can apply edits to selected photos in a Lightroom catalog.

The editing process is fast, with a claim of 0.33 seconds per photo.

The software can edit 1,500 photos in 10 minutes, significantly reducing editing time.

Users retain full control over the edits with the ability to tweak and adjust in Lightroom.

The software provides consistent editing across an entire batch of photos.

Imagen AI can match different lenses' color casts for a uniform look.

It automates tasks like cropping and straightening, which are usually time-consuming.

The software can handle a variety of lighting conditions, from indoor to golden hour photography.

Imagen AI's editing is consistent, requiring minimal manual adjustments.

The software can be used for various types of photography beyond weddings, including portraits and travel.

Users can create their own AI profile with Imagine after analyzing 3,000 images.

The more you use Imagine, the better it becomes at replicating your editing style.

A link in the video description offers 1,500 free edits for new users to test the software.