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26 Dec 202013:18

TLDRIn this video, the creator explores the use of Artbreeder, a website that merges images to generate new portraits, to visualize their original comic characters as real people. They share their process of experimenting with the tool, adjusting settings, and selecting images to match the characters' features and personalities. The video documents the challenges and successes in bringing their comic characters to life, offering a unique insight into the blending of art and technology.


  • 🎨 The video discusses using a website called Artbreeder to transform original characters into realistic-looking people using AI technology.
  • 👤 The creator begins by using the website to create a real-life version of their webcomic's main character, Doris, and shares their satisfaction with the result.
  • 🖼️ Artbreeder allows users to combine different images to create new ones, with options for portraits, landscapes, and more.
  • 🏓 The process starts by uploading a reference picture of the character, which helps in determining the hair shape and overall look.
  • 🆓 The website offers a limited number of free uploads, with the option to pay for additional images.
  • 🎭 The creator emphasizes the importance of experimenting with the settings and sliders to achieve the desired result.
  • 👦 The next character attempted is Chase, described as outgoing, friendly, and popular, with the creator focusing on his blue eyes and tennis player attributes.
  • 💇 The challenge of creating realistic hair is highlighted, especially for characters like Chase with distinct hairstyles.
  • 👧 The creator then moves on to Annabelle, who is confident and辩论队的成员, and discusses the difficulties in adding glasses to her portrait.
  • 🎨 The process involves a lot of trial and error, with the creator often discarding and reworking the images to get the right look.
  • 📅 The video ends with the creator sharing their intention to take a break from posting videos, with plans to return on January 16th.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is using a website called Artbreeder to turn the video creator's original comic characters into realistic-looking people using the power of technology.

  • How does the Artbreeder website work?

    -Artbreeder works by allowing users to upload pictures and then mix them together to create new images. The website can generate portraits, landscapes, and other types of images by blending different photos and adjusting various settings.

  • Which character did the creator start with in Artbreeder?

    -The creator started with their main character from their webcomic, Doris.

  • What are some characteristics of the character Chase?

    -Chase is described as outgoing, friendly, talkative, and inclusive. He plays tennis, enjoys sports, and is popular with girls in his grade. He is 15 years old.

  • How many photos can be uploaded for free on Artbreeder?

    -Users can upload three photos for free on Artbreeder. To upload more, payment is required.

  • What was the main challenge the creator faced while creating Chase's realistic look?

    -The main challenge was getting the hair to look like Chase's, as his hairstyle was considered difficult to match.

  • How did the creator adjust the settings to get a more accurate representation of the character Annabelle?

    -The creator focused on finding a model with short blonde hair and then spent a significant amount of time adjusting individual picture settings and the 'real' slider to get the right look for Annabelle.

  • What is unique about the character Brayson?

    -Brayson is unique because he is not much of a talker, doesn't show much emotion, and typically appears angry or annoyed. He is also part Japanese and enjoys creating music.

  • What tip does the creator give for using Artbreeder effectively?

    -The creator suggests turning down the 'chaos' setting to make the adjustments more subtle, as it multiplies all other settings by a certain number, allowing for finer control over the final image.

  • What did the creator do after completing the character images?

    -After completing the character images, the creator made minor photoshop adjustments to the images to better match the characters' features, such as hair color and facial expressions.

  • What is the creator's plan after the video?

    -The creator plans to take a break from posting videos, and they will return on January 16th with a new video.



🎨 Character Transformation with Artbreeder

The creator discusses their experience using Artbreeder to visualize their original comic characters as real people. Initially skeptical, they were pleased with the results of their main character, Doris, and decided to share the process with their audience. The focus is on creating realistic portraits, and the creator explains the steps involved, including uploading pictures, adjusting settings, and mixing images to achieve the desired look. They encountered challenges, such as the limitations of free uploads and the complexity of certain features, but encouraged experimentation and shared tips for better results.


🤖 Crafting Realistic Digital Characters

The video script details the creator's journey in using Artbreeder to bring their webcomic characters to life. The creator focuses on recreating the appearance and vibe of their character Chase, who is outgoing and friendly. They discuss the difficulties in matching specific features, like Chase's blue eyes and hair, and share their discoveries about the platform's settings. The creator also emphasizes the importance of capturing the character's essence, rather than an exact replica, and shares their process of refining and adjusting the generated images to achieve a close representation.


🌟 Finalizing the Digital Cast and Taking a Break

In the final paragraph, the creator describes the process of creating the remaining characters, Annabelle and Brayson, with Artbreeder. They share the challenges faced, particularly with adding accessories like glasses and capturing the characters' unique traits. The creator also provides tips for using the platform effectively, such as adjusting the 'chaos' setting for more subtle changes. After successfully visualizing all characters, the creator expresses their satisfaction and shares plans for a break from video posting, promising to return in January with new content. They end on a positive note, wishing their audience a happy new year.




Artbreeder is an online platform that uses AI technology to blend different images together to create new pictures. In the video, the creator uses this tool to visualize their original characters from a webcomic as real people. The process involves uploading images and adjusting various settings to achieve a desired look.

💡Character Design

Character design refers to the process of creating the appearance and personality of fictional characters. In the video, the creator focuses on transforming their webcomic characters into realistic portraits, paying attention to details like hair, age, and facial expressions to match the characters' personalities.

💡Realistic Portraits

Realistic portraits are visual representations of people that aim to closely resemble actual human appearances. In the context of the video, the creator uses Artbreeder to create lifelike images of their webcomic characters, focusing on elements such as facial features, hair, and expressions to achieve a realistic look.


A webcomic is a comic strip or a series of illustrations that are displayed on the internet and often include text to tell a story. The video creator is an artist of a webcomic and uses the Artbreeder platform to visualize their characters in a more realistic manner.

💡AI Technology

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence, such as visual recognition, decision-making, and language translation. In the video, AI technology is used by Artbreeder to blend images and generate new, realistic portraits of fictional characters.

💡Image Uploading

Image uploading is the process of transferring digital images from a local device to a remote server, making them accessible over the internet. In the video, the creator uploads images of their webcomic characters to Artbreeder to use as a base for generating realistic portraits.

💡Settings Adjustment

Settings adjustment refers to the process of changing or modifying the parameters within a software or application to achieve a desired outcome. In the video, the creator adjusts various settings in Artbreeder, such as age, facial features, and hair style, to create realistic portraits that closely resemble their webcomic characters.

💡Character Personality

Character personality refers to the distinct traits, behaviors, and emotions that define a fictional character. In the video, the creator considers the personalities of their webcomic characters when creating their realistic portraits, aiming to capture the essence of each character's vibe and characteristics.


Glasses are accessories worn for vision correction or protection. In the video, the creator faces a challenge when trying to add glasses to the character Annabelle's portrait, as the platform's limited options for glasses and the way they are integrated into the face make it difficult to achieve a realistic look.


Photoshopping refers to the use of Adobe Photoshop or similar image editing software to manipulate or alter images. In the video, the creator uses Photoshopping to make minor adjustments to the generated portraits, such as changing hair color or facial expressions, to better match their original characters.

💡Taking a Break

Taking a break refers to temporarily stepping away from a routine or activity to rest or recharge. In the video, the creator announces that they are taking a break from posting weekly videos to rest and recuperate, with plans to return with new content on a specific date.


The video demonstrates the use of Artbreeder, a website that merges different images to create new ones.

The creator's main character, Doris, from the webcomic was the first to be transformed using Artbreeder.

Artbreeder offers various categories like characters, portraits, landscapes, and more.

Chase, a popular and outgoing character from the webcomic, is the next character to be virtually transformed.

The process of creating a realistic version of a character involves mixing pictures and adjusting settings.

Uploading pictures for Artbreeder is limited to three for free, with more requiring payment.

The creator found that uploading pictures wasn't always necessary for achieving desired results.

Adjusting the age setting can make the generated face look closer to the character's actual age.

Adding a second picture with blue eyes improved the realism of Chase's appearance.

The software tends to grab less from a picture if the face and style sliders are turned down.

Finding suitable hair for characters was a challenge, especially for Chase.

Gender settings can affect the length and style of hair in the generated images.

The creator aimed for the generated pictures to not only resemble the characters but also capture their essence.

Annabelle, a confident character, proved to be more difficult to create than anticipated, especially with adding glasses.

Artbreeder's limited selection of glasses and their integration as part of the face made the process tricky.

Brayson, a character with a mixed heritage and a musician, was relatively easier to create.

The creator made minor photoshop adjustments to the generated images for a closer resemblance.

The video concludes with the creator's decision to take a break from posting videos, returning on January 16th.