Tour of Midjourney Alpha Site - No More Discord!

Midjourney Experience
30 Jan 202410:59

TLDRThe video introduces the new Midjourney Alpha platform, highlighting its enhanced speed and user experience compared to the Discord version. It showcases the ability to explore various images, create art with different styles and parameters, and remix existing creations. The platform's organization features, such as folders and tags, make it easy to manage and reference past images, offering a more streamlined and efficient creative process.


  • 🚀 Midjourney Alpha is a new platform that has moved beyond Discord, offering a faster and more efficient experience.
  • 🎨 The platform allows users to explore a variety of images and ideas, with different art styles and techniques.
  • 🔍 Users can quickly scroll through random images or view top picks in the 'hot' section for inspiration.
  • 🎨 Creating content is streamlined with easy-to-use sliders for shape, stylization, and 'weirdness' levels.
  • 🔄 The 'create' feature enables users to generate images based on selected parameters and further refine them.
  • 🖼️ Images are presented in a grid format, allowing for easy comparison and selection of preferred outcomes.
  • ⚙️ The 'upscale' and 'remix' options provide additional customization, with the ability to adjust specific elements like color highlights.
  • 📂 An archive feature stores all created images, with options to organize them into folders or smart folders for easy retrieval.
  • 📈 The platform offers a more intuitive and faster way to generate and refine images compared to using Discord.
  • 📢 Users are encouraged to subscribe to the Midjourney Alpha newsletter for tips and updates.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of Midjourney Alpha that is highlighted in the video?

    -The main feature highlighted is the ability to create and explore ideas without using Discord, offering a faster and more efficient experience in a dedicated area.

  • How does the Midjourney Alpha site differ from using Discord for similar tasks?

    -Midjourney Alpha provides a separate, faster, and more organized platform for users to explore and create content, without the limitations and clutter often associated with Discord.

  • What are some of the features available on the Midjourney Alpha site for users to interact with images?

    -Users can explore random images, hot ideas, and their likes. They can also create new images by adjusting sliders for shape, stylization, and weirdness, and use commands like 'upscale', 'subtle', 'creative', 'rerun', and 'remix'.

  • What is the significance of the ying-yang koi fish image mentioned in the script?

    -The ying-yang koi fish image serves as an example of the type of art that can inspire users on Midjourney Alpha. It also demonstrates the process of creating and modifying images using the platform's tools.

  • How does the 'remix' feature work on Midjourney Alpha?

    -The 'remix' feature allows users to modify an existing prompt by changing certain elements, such as adding an orange highlight, and then generate new images based on these changes.

  • What are 'smart folders' in Midjourney Alpha and how do they function?

    -Smart folders are a feature that automatically categorizes and stores images based on specific tags or search terms used in prompts, making it easier for users to organize and find their creations.

  • How long does it typically take to generate an image on Midjourney Alpha?

    -It usually takes about a minute to generate an image on Midjourney Alpha, which is comparable to the speed of using Discord but with a more streamlined experience.

  • What is the purpose of the 'chaos' slider on Midjourney Alpha?

    -The 'chaos' slider allows users to introduce a level of randomness or variation in the generated images, ranging from zero for no change to 100 for significant alterations.

  • How can users download and use the images they create on Midjourney Alpha?

    -Once an image is generated and processed, users can simply hit the 'upscale' button and choose the desired effect level (subtle, creative, etc.), then download the final product to their hard drive for further use.

  • What is the process for creating an image on Midjourney Alpha?

    -To create an image, users select 'create', adjust the shape, stylization, and weirdness sliders, hit return, and the platform generates a row of four images. Users can then choose the one they like, refine it with tools like 'upscale' and 'remix', and download the final image.

  • What type of content is demonstrated to be popular among Midjourney Alpha users?

    -The script mentions that many users enjoy creating images of skulls, as evidenced by the large number of skull images in the presenter's smart folder.



🚀 Exploring MID Journey Alpha's New Features

This segment introduces the new MID Journey Alpha, version six, which now operates independently from Discord, offering a faster and more streamlined experience. The speaker explores various features such as the ability to browse random and popular images quickly, showcasing different artistic techniques and styles. The focus then shifts to demonstrating the creation process using an example of two koi fish in a yin-yang arrangement. The segment highlights the flexibility in adjusting image properties such as shape, stylization, and chaos levels to inspire creativity.


🔧 Advanced Editing and Organizational Tools in MID Journey Alpha

The second part of the video script delves into the detailed editing and management features of MID Journey Alpha. The speaker navigates through various controls like upscaling, creative remixing, and image optimization. Special attention is given to the 'remix' function, which allows significant alterations to image prompts, such as adding an orange highlight to an image. The segment also covers the archival system, which supports image categorization and retrieval through the use of smart folders and tags, like automatically sorting images with 'skull' prompts into a designated folder.


👏 Conclusion and Call to Action

The final segment briefly wraps up the video with applause and music, indicating the end of the presentation. It likely serves as a transition or closing credits section, emphasizing the conclusion of the visual content.



💡Midjourney Alpha

Midjourney Alpha refers to the latest version of a platform that allows users to create and explore digital art. In the context of the video, it is a significant upgrade from previous versions as it no longer relies on Discord, offering a faster and more streamlined experience for users to generate and interact with images and ideas. The video provides a tour of the new features and interface of Midjourney Alpha, highlighting its improvements in speed and functionality compared to the Discord-based version.


Discord is a communication platform originally used for gaming communities but has since expanded to various groups and communities. In the video, it is mentioned as the previous platform on which Midjourney operated, but the new Alpha version has moved away from it to provide a more efficient and faster experience for users. The departure from Discord is emphasized as a positive change in the script.


In the context of the video, 'create' refers to the process of generating new digital art or images using the Midjourney Alpha platform. Users can input prompts and utilize various commands to produce unique pieces of art, which can then be further modified or upscaled. The creation process is highlighted as being faster and more intuitive on the new platform compared to the Discord version.


The term 'explore' in the video refers to the feature that allows users to browse through a wide range of images and ideas generated by the Midjourney Alpha platform. This feature provides inspiration and a variety of artistic styles and techniques for users to draw from when creating their own images. It showcases the platform's capability to present diverse content and fosters creativity among its users.


Stylization in the context of the video pertains to the level of artistic style or effect applied to the generated images. It is a slider control within the Midjourney Alpha platform that users can adjust to change the degree of stylization, ranging from zero, which represents a more raw and unprocessed look, to a thousand, which indicates a highly stylized and creative rendition. The level of stylization allows users to customize the aesthetic of their creations to their preferences.


In the video, 'chaos' refers to a parameter that users can manipulate to introduce randomness or variability into the generated images. By adjusting the chaos level, users can control the degree of unpredictability in the creative process, with higher values leading to more abstract or unconventional results. This feature provides a dynamic element to the image generation, allowing for experimentation and the potential discovery of unique and unexpected artistic outcomes.


The term 'upscale' in the video refers to a feature within the Midjourney Alpha platform that enhances the resolution or quality of the generated images. This process allows users to refine and improve their creations for better clarity or visual appeal. The upscale function is particularly useful when a user finds an image they like and want to utilize it further, as it provides a higher quality version suitable for various applications.


In the context of the video, 'remix' is a feature of the Midjourney Alpha platform that enables users to modify or alter existing images by introducing new elements or adjustments based on a prompt. This creative tool allows for the repurposing of an image, providing an opportunity to experiment with different variations and explore new ideas while building upon an existing foundation.


The 'archive' in the video refers to a storage or organizational feature within the Midjourney Alpha platform where users can save and categorize their generated images. This system allows for easy retrieval and management of past creations, facilitating a more efficient workflow and enabling users to reference and build upon their previous work. The archive also supports folder creation and tagging, which enhances the organization and sorting of images based on specific themes or criteria.


In the video, 'folders' are organizational tools within the Midjourney Alpha platform that users can create to categorize and store their generated images. By using folders, users can keep their work organized based on themes, subjects, or any other criteria they choose. This feature aids in managing and navigating through a large collection of images, making it easier for users to find and work with specific types of creations.


Prompts in the video are the input or instructions given by users to the Midjourney Alpha platform to generate specific images or art. These prompts can include descriptions, stylistic preferences, or any other relevant information that guides the creation process. Prompts are essential as they communicate the user's intentions to the platform and serve as the foundation for the resulting images.


Introduction to the Midjourney Alpha site, a platform for creation that has moved beyond Discord.

The Midjourney Alpha site is faster than using anything on Discord, providing a more efficient experience.

Exploration of ideas is quick and easy, with a variety of images and art styles available.

The 'Hot' section showcases top images that are popular within the Midjourney community.

The creation process is simple, with sliders to adjust the shape, stylization, and weirdness level of the output.

Chaos control allows for fun experimentation with the creative output.

Images are generated in a grid format, allowing for quick viewing and selection.

The 'Upscale' and 'Very' commands provide detailed manipulation of the generated images.

Remix feature allows for the alteration of prompts to create new variations of images.

The archive feature keeps track of all created images, organized by date and tags for easy access.

Folders can be created for better organization of specific types of images.

The Smart Folder feature automates the sorting of images based on prompt keywords.

A quick tour of the Midjourney Alpha site showcases its user-friendly interface and features.

The new site is noted to be quicker and faster than the Discord version, improving the overall user experience.

The video encourages viewers to share their thoughts and subscribe to the Midjourney Experience newsletter for more tips.