When You Kiss Another Girl In Front Of Your Girlfriend | Anime Jealous Moments

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4 Jul 202209:56

TLDRThe video script revolves around a dramatic and humorous anime scenario where jealousy takes center stage. The narrative unfolds with characters navigating complex relationships, misunderstandings, and confrontations. A key moment involves a character being challenged by a jealous rival, leading to a public declaration of love and a surprising twist where a seemingly innocent act turns into a significant relationship milestone. The script is filled with tension, humor, and the exaggerated emotions typical of anime, making for an entertaining and engaging viewing experience.


  • 😡 Jealousy is a central theme, with characters reacting negatively when their romantic interests show affection towards others.
  • 👫 Multiple relationships and potential romantic entanglements are depicted, highlighting the complexity of the characters' interactions.
  • 🎭 There is a mix of drama and humor, with characters often overreacting in exaggerated ways to comedic effect.
  • 🗣 The dialogue includes moments of confession and revelation, which serve to advance the plot and develop the relationships between characters.
  • 👍 Characters express determination and aspirations, such as becoming a 'god illustrator', which adds depth to their motivations.
  • 🎉 Social interactions and public confrontations are frequent, indicating a setting that involves community and peer observation.
  • 💔 Themes of betrayal and trust are explored, with characters accusing each other of deception and dishonesty.
  • 🚑 Physical altercations and dramatic scenes suggest high emotional stakes and contribute to the tension within the story.
  • 🤗 Characters seek reconciliation and understanding, showing the importance of communication in resolving conflicts.
  • 🌐 The setting includes various locations like school, health rooms, and other communal spaces, indicating a diverse and dynamic environment.

Q & A

  • 何故グリーンにしなかったのですか?


  • 主人公はどのような決意を持っていますか?


  • エッグととも役にどこにいますか?


  • 神イラストレーターになる気なのはどうしてですか?


  • 香椎さんはどうして座っているのですか?


  • 立花麻里華はどのように自己紹介しますか?


  • サポーター君はなぜポップのメイクが世話になったのですか?


  • 主人公はどうして浮気を許さないのですか?


  • クリーチャーイチャイチャとは何ですか?


  • 夏が言及されるのはなぜですか?




🎨 The Quest to Become a Legendary Illustrator

This segment follows a group preparing to meet a client, with discussions about not charging upfront for color changes, namely green. There's a palpable tension as they discuss facing the client in a completely hostile environment, with declarations of resolve to not look back. In a twist, a character called Egg unexpectedly arrives, having been informed by Mr. Machida, adding a layer of complexity. The characters encourage each other with aspirations of becoming a legendary illustrator, demonstrating a mix of nerves, camaraderie, and anticipation for the challenges that lie ahead.


💍 Conflicted Feelings and Magical Engagements

The second paragraph unfolds around romantic tensions and engagements, coupled with magical undertones. Characters discuss the implications of real and potential engagements, with playful yet serious banters about romantic preferences and commitments. Some discussions hint at transformations and betrayals involving characters named Lily and Bell, revealing deeper layers of relationships and loyalties. The segment captures moments of personal declarations, magical transformations, and the complex dynamics of love and friendship within the group.






















魔法は、 supernatural的力量や能力を使用して現象を引き起こすことを指します。このタイトルの文脈では、キャラクターが supernatural的能力を持ち、それを使用することを表しています。




Jealous confrontation at a party

Surprise meeting with an old friend

Discussion about becoming a God Illustrator

Jealousy over a new female character

Old rivalries resurface at a school event

Character's determination to protect her love

Unexpected confession during a lunch break

Plots and schemes among students

Cultural performance at school

Comic relief through mistaken identities

Heroic act to save a partner

Plans for a future wedding revealed

Accidental magic transformation

Debate over ethical dilemmas

Introduction of a mysterious new student