living life like it's 2014

22 Apr 202405:07

TLDRIn this nostalgic vlog, the creator takes viewers on a journey back to 2014, inspired by Addison Ray's revival of the Tumblr era. The video starts with a fashion throwback, featuring charm bracelets as a nod to the fashion trends of the time. The creator then visits a cafe in New York, Outro NYC, and humorously insists on the 'phone eats first' rule, before sharing their meal and discussing the iconic black bag they used to carry. The video continues with a discussion on photo editing, highlighting the use of filters like Dodger and 1970 to achieve a Tumblr aesthetic. The creator also reflects on the importance of capturing everyday moments through photography, a habit they used to have during their middle school days. The vlog ends with a call to subscribe and follow the creator's social media for more content.


  • 🎵 The video starts with music and sets the scene for a nostalgic trip back to the year 2014. The trend of reviving the Tumblr era is mentioned as a reason for this journey.
  • 👗 The speaker plans to dress in a simple style reminiscent of 2014 and brings back charm bracelets, which were popular during that time.
  • 📸 A key habit from 2014 that the speaker wants to revive is taking photos of food, which they feel has become less common and is now considered 'choy'.
  • 🍽 The speaker visits their favorite café, Outro NYC, and emphasizes the importance of letting the 'phone eat first' by taking photos before consuming the food.
  • 👜 The speaker reminisces about an iconic black bag they had in 2014 and uses AI to replace a latte with a bag in a photo to capture the 2014 vibe.
  • 📷 The video discusses the use of filters to enhance photos with a Tumblr 2014 aesthetic, mentioning 'Dodger' and '1970' as favorite filters for this purpose.
  • 🎨 The 'Dodger' filter is associated with the purple tint that was characteristic of many Tumblr photos from 2014.
  • 📅 The '1970' filter is highlighted for blending the 2014 aesthetic with current trends, giving a modern twist to the nostalgic look.
  • 📱 The speaker reflects on how they used to take more photos, especially selfies and food photos, when Instagram was growing in popularity.
  • 🎓 The video ends with the speaker going to campus to do some work, indicating a return to their everyday life after the nostalgic experience.
  • 🌟 The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe for new videos every Monday and to follow their social media, which will be listed in the description.
  • 👋 The video concludes with a farewell and a reminder to the audience that they will see them soon, along with background music.

Q & A

  • What is the theme of the video?

    -The theme of the video is to recreate and live life as if it's the year 2014, embracing the fashion, aesthetics, and social media trends from that time.

  • Why did Addison Ray revive the Tumblr era?

    -Addison Ray revived the Tumblr era because there seems to be a trend where people are nostalgic for the style and culture of 2014, and she wanted to participate in that revival.

  • What fashion trend from 2014 is mentioned in the video?

    -The fashion trend mentioned from 2014 is the charm bracelet, which the speaker believes was very popular during that time.

  • What is considered a 'lost art' by the speaker?

    -The speaker considers taking pictures of food a 'lost art', as it was a common practice in 2014 that has seemingly declined in recent times.

  • What is the name of the cafe visited in the video?

    -The name of the cafe visited in the video is Outro NYC.

  • What does the speaker do to enhance the 2014 aesthetic in their photos?

    -The speaker uses filters like Dodger and 1970 to enhance the 2014 aesthetic in their photos, giving them a Tumblr-like vibe.

  • Why did the speaker replace the latte with a bag in one of the photos?

    -The speaker replaced the latte with a bag to give the photo a more authentic 2014 Tumblr aesthetic, as it reminded her of the common images on Tumblr from that time.

  • What is the significance of the black bag from Korea?

    -The black bag from Korea is significant because it was the speaker's favorite accessory in 2014, and she used it as a symbol of that year's fashion.

  • What filter does the speaker recommend for a general Tumblr vibe?

    -The speaker recommends the Dodger filter for achieving a general Tumblr vibe in photos.

  • How does the speaker feel about the 1970 filter?

    -The speaker likes the 1970 filter because it blends the aesthetic of 2014 with current trends, giving it a modern yet nostalgic feel.

  • What does the speaker suggest about the revival of nostalgic filters?

    -The speaker is open to the revival of nostalgic filters and suggests that if there is a consensus, she would be willing to bring them back.

  • What does the speaker do to cap off the vlog?

    -The speaker caps off the vlog by ending it in the bathroom, summarizing her day of living life like it's 2014.



😀 Nostalgic 2014 Revival with Addison Ray's Influence

The video begins with the host welcoming viewers and expressing a desire to relive the year 2014, inspired by Addison Ray's revival of the Tumblr era aesthetic. To embrace the trend, the host decides to dress in a simple yet charming manner, reminiscent of 2014 fashion, and specifically mentions bringing back charm bracelets. The host also plans to capture the essence of 2014 by taking photos of food, a practice considered somewhat outdated but once prevalent. The chosen location for this nostalgic experience is Outro NYC, a cafe where the host enjoys pesto pasta with tomatoes, chicken, and an iced vanilla soy latte. The video also features a playful moment where the host uses AI to replace a latte with a black bag from Korea in a photo, aiming to recreate the Tumblr aesthetic. The host then discusses the use of filters like Dodger and 1970 to enhance photos with a 2014 Tumblr vibe, before concluding the video with a return to everyday life and a promise to upload new videos every Monday.


🎶 Background Music for the Nostalgic Journey

This paragraph is simply a musical interlude without any spoken content. It serves as a transition or a backdrop to the video's visuals, enhancing the overall atmosphere and providing a pause for the viewers to absorb the previous segment or anticipate what comes next.



💡Tumblr era

The 'Tumblr era' refers to a period in the early to mid-2010s when the social media platform Tumblr was particularly popular and influential, especially among younger audiences. It was known for its unique aesthetic and the way users curated their content. In the video, the creator mentions reviving this era by adopting styles and behaviors characteristic of that time, such as using specific filters and posting pictures of food.

💡Charm bracelets

Charm bracelets are a type of jewelry that feature a chain or band, often worn around the wrist, to which decorative charms can be attached. These charms can have personal significance or represent interests and hobbies. In the script, the creator plans to bring back charm bracelets as part of their effort to emulate the fashion trends of 2014.

💡Food photography

Food photography is the art of taking visually appealing pictures of food, often for social media, blogs, or menus. It was a trend in the 2010s where people would capture images of their meals before eating. The video's creator mentions that they used to take pictures of their food frequently in 2014 and plans to revive this practice.

💡Outro NYC

Outro NYC is mentioned as the creator's favorite cafe in New York. The name is used to set the scene for the video, indicating a specific location that contributes to the nostalgic atmosphere the creator is aiming for. It's also a place where the creator takes photos and enjoys a meal, which is part of their daily routine.

💡AI enhance

AI enhance refers to the use of artificial intelligence to improve the quality or appearance of an image. In the context of the video, the creator uses AI to make a bag look 'crisper' in a photo, which is part of their effort to create a 2014 Tumblr aesthetic.

💡Pixar filter

A 'Pixar filter' is a term used to describe a photo filter that gives images a stylized, animated look, reminiscent of the visual quality of films produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The creator uses such filters to achieve a nostalgic, aesthetically pleasing look for their photos, which is a key part of the 2014 Tumblr vibe they are trying to recreate.

💡Dodger and 1970 filters

Dodger and 1970 are specific types of photo filters mentioned in the video. The Dodger filter is associated with a purple tint and is used to enhance the Tumblr aesthetic of the photos, while the 1970 filter is described as blending the 2014 aesthetic with current trends. These filters are used to create a desired visual effect that aligns with the theme of the video.

💡Revival Renaissance

A 'Revival Renaissance' refers to a modern rebirth or resurgence of interest in styles, trends, or elements from the past. In the video, the creator is experiencing a revival of the 2014 Tumblr era, which is characterized by certain fashion choices, photography styles, and social media behaviors.


A digicam, short for digital camera, is a camera that captures and stores images digitally. In the video, the creator uses a digicam to take pictures that are meant to emulate the style of photos popular on Tumblr in 2014. The use of a digicam is part of the nostalgic throwback to that era.


A vlog, short for video blog, is a form of blogging where the creator shares personal experiences, events, or thoughts through video content. In the script, the creator is vlogging their day-to-day life but with a twist of editing photos and experiences as if they were living in the year 2014.

💡Nostalgic filters

Nostalgic filters are those that evoke memories or a sense of the past. They are often used in photography and social media to give images a retro or aged look. The creator in the video uses such filters to create a visual narrative that aligns with the theme of living life like it's 2014.


The video is a nostalgic throwback to the year 2014, inspired by Addison Ray's revival of the Tumblr era aesthetic.

The host plans to live life as if it's 2014 for the day, starting with dressing in a simple style and bringing back charm bracelets.

Taking pictures of food is described as a 'lost art' from 2014, which the host plans to revive.

A visit to Outro NYC, a favorite cafe, is part of the 2014-themed day, emphasizing the 'phone eats first' trend.

The host reminisces about an iconic black bag from Korea, symbolizing the 2014 fashion vibe.

Using AI to enhance a photo and replace a latte with a bag to create a 2014 Tumblr-inspired image.

Addison Ray's influence on the 2014 Tumblr aesthetic revival is acknowledged.

The use of the Dodger and 1970 filters on photos to achieve a 2014 Tumblr aesthetic is discussed.

The 1970 filter is highlighted for blending the 2014 aesthetic with current trends.

The host's personal preference for the 1970 filter is shared, noting its appeal in combining past and present styles.

The video includes a day in the life, edited with a 2014 aesthetic, including more photos and nostalgic filters.

The host's intention to increase the number of photos taken, reminiscent of middle school days when Instagram was rising in popularity.

A call to action for viewers to subscribe and follow on social media for more content.

The video concludes with the host's willingness to bring back nostalgic trends if the audience is supportive.

The host signs off, promising more videos every Monday and inviting viewers to engage with their content.