Asian Woman in Office Attire Receives Electric Shock While Colleagues Look On

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в Офисе травма девушку азиатку в офисной одежде ударило током, девушке больно рядом три сотрудника парня смотрят в панике

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в Офисе травма девушку азиатку в офисной одежде ударило током, девушке больно рядом три сотрудника парня смотрят в панике
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  • Subject: The central focus of the image is an Asian woman dressed in office attire. Background/Setting: The scene takes place in an office environment, indicated by the presence of desks, computers, and other office equipment. Action: The woman is visibly in pain, indicating that she has been struck by an electric shock. Three colleagues, presumably coworkers, are observing the situation with expressions of panic. Items: Office furniture, computers, and other workplace items are scattered around the setting, adding context to the environment. Costume or Appearance: The woman is wearing typical office attire, suggesting professionalism and workplace engagement. Her facial expression communicates pain and distress. Accessories: The presence of office equipment and furniture serves as accessories, contributing to the authenticity of the workplace setting.