Giant Sailormoon Devastates Town Surreal 3D VRay Rendering

3D,V-Ray渲染,Surrealism,鳥瞰攝影,該虛構場景以超高清渲染,強調景深和複雜的細節。巨大的  sailormoon 進入了一座城鎮,破壞建築物。自然光、自然紋理、景深、HDR

Image Prompt


3D,V-Ray渲染,Surrealism,鳥瞰攝影,該虛構場景以超高清渲染,強調景深和複雜的細節。巨大的 sailormoon 進入了一座城鎮,破壞建築物。自然光、自然紋理、景深、HDR
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Prompt Analyze

  • Subject: A massive Sailormoon character, inspired by the anime, enters a town Setting: Surrealism with bird's-eye perspective, emphasizing the destruction of buildings Background/Style/Coloring: 3D V-Ray rendering with ultra-high definition, natural light, and textures Action: Giant Sailormoon causing destruction, highlighting the depth of field and intricate details Items: Buildings being destroyed, natural elements like trees and sky Costume/Appearance: Giant Sailormoon in her iconic outfit, contrasting with the realistic town setting Accessories: None mentioned in the prompt