Seductive Chinese Beauty on CakeCovered Dining Table


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32-year-old voluptuous fair-skinned Chinese beauty, lying on a huge dining table in a bikini, adorned with white cake crumbs and green leaves all over her body, barefoot.
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A 32-year-old voluptuous fair-skinned beautiful Chinese woman, wearing light blue denim shorts, a white tank top, with white long legs, barefoot, lying on the dining table, with white cream cake smeared on her ankles.

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  • Subject: A 32-year-old voluptuous fair-skinned Chinese beauty Setting: Lying on a huge dining table Appearance: Fair skin, plump buttocks, medium-length hair with a diagonal ponytail, wearing a bikini swimsuit, white slender thighs, barefoot Action: Lying seductively Items: White cream cake smeared on her collarbones Coloring: Fair skin, white cream cake Accessories: None mentioned