Ancient Stone Temple at the Summit of a Towering Black Mountain Range


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This temple, nestled in the embrace of the mountains, is renowned for its magnificent statue of the Great Buddha. The main buildings of the temple are arranged along the central axis, from the mountain gate to the Great Hall of the Great Hero, and then to the main hall where the Great Buddha is located. Each courtyard exudes a solemn atmosphere. The towering Great Buddha statue, carved from solid granite and meticulously polished, presents a steady gray-white tone.

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  • Subject: A large black mountain range that reaches high into the clouds, creating an imposing and mystical setting. The mountain range dominates the scene with sharp peaks and dark, rugged terrain. Background/Style: The sky is partly obscured by clouds, creating a sense of mystery and height. The clouds are thick and swirling, adding to the ominous atmosphere. Action/Items: At the summit, there's an ancient stone temple, suggesting a place of worship or a site of great historical significance. The temple has intricate carvings and a weathered appearance, indicating its age. Costume/Appearance: No characters are visible in the image, allowing the focus to remain on the grandiose setting. Accessories: The temple is adorned with decorative elements that suggest a connection to ancient cultures, enhancing the overall feeling of antiquity and reverence.