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21 Aug 202309:00

TLDRThe video script presents a comprehensive review of 12 top-performing anime art stable diffusion models, highlighting their unique features and capabilities. The models are tested with identical prompts, showcasing their rendering styles, color saturation, and line work. The review includes popular models like Anything V3 and V5, Abyss Orange Mix 3, and the Maina series, each offering distinct styles from realistic textures to pastel and 2.5D rendering. The video also touches on stylized anime models and those that excel in generating male characters. The aim is to help viewers find the perfect model for their anime art creation needs.


  • 🎨 The video discusses the testing of 12 different anime-style AI art generation models.
  • 📝 The models were tested with identical prompts to compare their outputs side by side.
  • 🌟 The Anything V3 and V5 models are popular for their simple shading and cinematic feel.
  • 🖌️ Abyss Orange Mix 3 (AOM 3a1b) is noted for its realistic textures and painterly style.
  • 🌈 Maina series models (Mix, Pastel, Unreal) offer a range of styles from minimal prompting to a 2.5D feel.
  • 💎 Counterfeit V3 stands out for its expressive compositions and chromatic aberration effects.
  • 🎨 Pastel Mix Stylized Anime model is favored for its pastel-like textures and thin line work.
  • 🏙️ Sita's Mix Cities Mix Whale Fall 2 focuses on smooth rendering and detailed backgrounds.
  • 🌟 Annie Laura checkpoint is aimed at being a top anime model for training with various lores.
  • 🌈 Miss Tune Anime V2.0 offers a modern, cartoony style with bright colors and 2D rendering.
  • 🎭 Flat 2D and Emerge V3.0 provide a stylized, simple, and cool mix of cartoon and anime styles.

Q & A

  • What is the primary focus of the video?

    -The primary focus of the video is to review and compare 12 different stable diffusion anime art models, providing insights on their unique features and the quality of the generated art based on specific prompts.

  • How many anime art models were tested and what were the results presented?

    -A total of 12 anime art models were tested. The results were presented through visual examples and a detailed discussion of each model's characteristics, such as shading, color saturation, line art, and rendering style.

  • What is the 'Anything V3' model known for?

    -The 'Anything V3' model is known for its beautiful anime style, simple shading, overall brightness, saturated colors, and simple rendering. It has gained much popularity since its third version.

  • What are the distinguishing features of the 'Abyss Orange Mix 3' model?

    -The 'Abyss Orange Mix 3' model is recognized for its realistic textures and painterly anime rendering style. It has a strong contrast between lights and darks and features line work with varying widths.

  • How does the 'Maina Series' differ from other models?

    -The 'Maina Series' includes three unique models: 'Maina Mix', 'Maina Pastel', and 'Maina Unreal'. Each model has its own distinct style, ranging from minimal prompting for versatile generation, pastel or colorful illustrations, to a 2.5D feeling with realistic rendering while preserving the anime aesthetic.

  • What is the 'Counterfeit V3' model noted for?

    -The 'Counterfeit V3' model is noted for its expressive compositions and sharp but soft rendering of characters. It also features chromatic aberration, which creates colorful outlines in unexpected colors, adding a unique visual effect to the art.

  • What is the main objective of the 'Maina Pastel' model?

    -The main objective of the 'Maina Pastel' model is to create pastel or colorful illustrations with a 2D feeling, characterized by a pastel filter-like effect, more saturated colors, and a stronger depth of field.

  • How does the 'Sita's Mix' model handle backgrounds?

    -The 'Sita's Mix' model pays a lot of attention to the backgrounds, creating smooth rendering and colorful line art. The backgrounds in the generated images have interesting compositions, reflecting a thoughtful approach to the overall artwork.

  • What distinguishes the 'Miss Tune Anime' model?

    -The 'Miss Tune Anime' model is distinguished by its modern and cartoony anime style with 2D rendering and bright colors. The results can closely resemble screencaps from an anime show, offering a stylized and vibrant visual experience.

  • How does the 'Flat 2D and Emerge' model approach character and background generation?

    -The 'Flat 2D and Emerge' model approaches character and background generation with a stylized and simple style that combines elements of cartoons and anime. It maintains the anime feel while offering a unique, visually appealing aesthetic.

  • What is the unique aspect of the 'Nyan Mix' model?

    -The 'Nyan Mix' model has a somewhat darker default style than the rest, which adds to its uniqueness and appeal. It generates characters in a semi-realistic style with a unique rendering mix of line art and painterly form, particularly noted for its cinematic background feel.



🎨 Anime Art Models Overview

This paragraph introduces a selection of the best anime art stable diffusion models tested by the speaker. The speaker has evaluated 12 different models using the same prompts, including control net and color schemes. The results are showcased side by side for comparison, with links to the models provided in the YouTube description and a more in-depth look in an article on createxai.com. The speaker emphasizes the variety of styles and the ability to generate amazing anime-style AI art with these models.


🌟 Top Anime Models Showcase

The speaker delves into the specifics of the top anime models, highlighting their unique features and the differences between versions. The Anything V3 and V5 models are praised for their popularity and distinct styles, such as simple rendering and cinematic feel. The Abyss Orange Mix 3 model is noted for its realistic textures and painterly style, while the Maina series (Mana Mix, Maina Pastel, and Maina Unreal) is appreciated for its unique and beautiful interpretations. The speaker also discusses the Counterfeit V3 and Pastel Mix Stylized Anime models, emphasizing their expressive compositions and pastel-like art qualities.



💡Anime Art

Anime Art refers to a style of illustration that is widely recognized for its colorful, fantastical, and exaggerated features, often depicting characters with large eyes and expressive faces. In the context of the video, it pertains to the generation of such artwork using AI and stable diffusion models, which are algorithms designed to create images based on given prompts or descriptions.

💡Stable Diffusion Models

Stable Diffusion Models are a type of artificial intelligence system used for generating images from textual descriptions. These models utilize deep learning techniques to understand and interpret prompts, creating detailed and nuanced visual outputs. In the video, the host has tested multiple stable diffusion models to find the best ones for producing anime-style artwork.

💡Control Net

Control Net is a mechanism within AI models that helps guide the generation process according to specific parameters or styles. It is used to control the output of the AI, ensuring that the generated images align with the desired aesthetic or theme. In the video, the use of control net is mentioned as one of the methods to achieve consistent results in anime art generation.


Aesthetics in this context refers to the visual appeal and artistic style of the generated anime art. It encompasses elements such as color saturation, shading, line work, and overall composition, which contribute to the unique look and feel of the artwork. The video emphasizes the importance of aesthetics in selecting the right stable diffusion model for creating anime art.

💡Rendering Style

Rendering style refers to the specific techniques used by an AI model to create the visual elements of the generated images. This includes the way light and shadow are depicted, the thickness of lines, and the texture of the artwork. Different models may have unique rendering styles that set them apart and make them suitable for certain types of anime art.

💡Character Generation

Character generation is the process of creating and visualizing characters using AI models. This involves interpreting descriptions or prompts to produce detailed and expressive character illustrations that fit within the anime art style. The video discusses various models and their effectiveness in generating anime characters with different styles and levels of detail.

💡Background Composition

Background composition refers to the arrangement and design of the settings and environments in the generated anime art. It involves creating a visually appealing and contextually relevant background that complements the characters and enhances the overall narrative of the artwork. The video emphasizes the importance of background composition in creating immersive and cinematic anime scenes.

💡Color Palette

Color palette refers to the specific set of colors used in the generated anime art. It plays a crucial role in defining the mood, atmosphere, and overall visual appeal of the artwork. Different AI models may offer unique color palettes that can be more saturated, pastel, or realistic, depending on the desired aesthetic.

💡Line Art

Line art is the use of lines to create the轮廓 and details of an illustration. In anime art, it often refers to the distinct and expressive outlines that define the characters and objects. The quality and style of line art can greatly influence the final look of the anime art, from thin and delicate lines to thick and bold ones.

💡Cinematic Feel

Cinematic feel refers to the quality of the generated art that resembles the visual storytelling and composition found in movies. It involves creating a sense of depth, mood, and narrative that draws the viewer into the scene. The video highlights models that excel in producing anime art with a cinematic feel, indicating a high level of detail and composition.


The video presents a comparison of 12 different anime art stable diffusion models.

The models were tested using the same three prompts, ensuring a fair comparison.

The Anything V3 model is popular for its simple shading and saturated colors.

Anything V5 ink introduces darker tones and stronger shadows.

Abyss Orange Mix 3 (AOM 3a1b) features realistic textures and a painterly style.

Maina Series includes three unique models: Mana Mix, Maina Pastel, and Maina Unreal.

Counterfeit V3 is known for its expressive compositions and chromatic aberration.

Pastel Mix Stylized Anime model imitates pastel art with beautiful textures.

Sita's Mix Cities Mix Whale Fall 2 focuses on smooth rendering and detailed backgrounds.

Annie Laura checkpoint aims to be the top anime checkpoint for training needs.

Miss Tune Anime V2.0 offers a modern, cartoony style with 2D rendering.

Flat 2D and Emerge model provides a stylized, simple look that mixes cartoon and anime styles.

Mix Pro V4 is noted for its colorful line art and natural rendering on characters.

Mature Male Mix is designed to fill the gap in generating male characters with high contrast.

Nyan Mix stands out with its semi-realistic style and cinematic background feel.

All models are available in the YouTube description and a detailed article on createxai.com.