5 NEW AI Art / Video Tools & Updates!

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21 Mar 202412:54

TLDRThe video introduces five innovative AI tools and workflows for creative projects, highlighting their versatility and potential for artistic expression. It covers Semantic Palette, a tool for painting with semantic meanings; Magnific's new style transfer feature; Kyber's 3.0 motion feature for animation; Mesh's 3D inpainting; and Deep Motion's text-based character animation. The demonstration showcases the tools' capabilities in generating unique and stylized content, emphasizing their potential for enhancing the creative process.


  • 🎨 Introducing Semantic Palette, a tool that lets users add semantic meanings to colors for artwork creation, with a demo available on Hugging Face.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ Semantic Palette uses stream multi-diffusion for real-time, interactive multiple text to image generation, compatible with multi-diffusion for shape drawing and LCMS for immediate image generation.
  • 🌟 The demo showcases the ability to create art with a Tim Burton-esque style and the option to download, edit, and re-upload backgrounds for further customization.
  • 🎭 Magnific, the creative upscaler, has introduced a new style transfer feature that allows transferring the style from one image to another, offering various options to explore.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Style transfer can significantly alter the base image, and examples include transforming 3D renderings and real photographs with reference images for unique results.
  • 🌐 Trying out Kyber's new 3.0 motion feature on low-resolution clips from Starship Troopers animated series, showing potential for improvement despite some morphing and warping issues.
  • πŸ‘Ύ Meshi has added 3D inpainting, allowing users to paint around areas on a 3D model and generate texture options to apply, greatly enhancing the model's appearance.
  • πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Deep Motion's text-based character animation enables users to create animations with a variety of character rigs or even use a photo of themselves as the character avatar.
  • 🎬 With Deep Motion's 'animation painting' feature, users can input text prompts to generate specific actions, such as a karate kick, and download the animations in various file formats.
  • πŸš€ The rapid advancement of AI tools is highlighted, with new creative AI tools being released frequently, offering a multitude of possibilities for users to explore and experiment with.

Q & A

  • What is Semantic Palette and how does it work?

    -Semantic Palette is an AI tool that allows users to paint semantic meanings in addition to colors to create artwork. It is based on Stream Multi-Diffusion, a real-time interactive multiple text to image generator, and LCMS or Latent Consistency Models which enable immediate image generation within drawn shapes. Users can create new semantic brushes and generate images with specific themes and styles.

  • How can users experiment with Semantic Palette?

    -Users can start experimenting with Semantic Palette by visiting the demo on Hugging Face. The interface includes a layers section for different elements of the artwork, such as background and characters, and the ability to create new semantic brushes. Users can generate images by drawing shapes and using the brush tool to create 'blobs' that the AI then transforms into detailed images.

  • What aesthetic does the Semantic Palette demo have?

    -The Semantic Palette demo has an anime-like aesthetic, which is evident in the generated images. However, as the code gets out into the world, it is expected that various artistic styles will be added to it, expanding its range of possible outputs.

  • What is Magnific and what new feature have they introduced?

    -Magnific is known as a creative upscaler, and they have introduced a new style transfer feature. This feature allows users to transfer the style from one image to another, creating a new image that combines the base image with the artistic style of the reference image.

  • How does the style transfer feature in Magnific work?

    -The style transfer feature in Magnific works by taking two images – the initial image and the style reference image – and combining them to create a new image. Users can adjust the style strength to control how much of the style is applied to the base image. The result can be a unique blend of the two images, with options to fine-tune the final look.

  • What is Javi's perspective on the uniqueness of Magnific?

    -Javi, one of the creators of Magnific, believes that each upscaler can be unique and that it's not necessary for them to replicate the Magnific formula. He emphasizes that Magnific consists of many small pieces and fine-tuning that are difficult to replicate, and that it's beneficial for different AI tools to offer different and unique functionalities.

  • How was the experiment with Kyber's 3.0 motion feature conducted?

    -The experiment with Kyber's 3.0 motion feature involved taking a low-resolution sequence from the animated series 'Starship Troopers Roughnecks' and running it through Kyber using the Lost preset. The result was a significantly improved visual quality, with better textures and facial details, despite some morphing and warping issues.

  • What is Mesh's new 3D inpainting feature?

    -Mesh's new 3D inpainting feature allows users to essentially paint on a 3D model. By using AI texture editing, users can generate options for painting around specific areas of a 3D model and then apply those textures to the model, resulting in a more detailed and improved 3D representation.

  • How does Deep Motion's text-based character animation work?

    -Deep Motion's text-based character animation involves uploading a photo of oneself or selecting a character rig style, and then inputting text prompts that describe the desired action or movement. The AI generates animations of the character performing the action, which can be downloaded in various file formats for further use.

  • What is the significance of the AI tools mentioned in the script?

    -The AI tools mentioned in the script represent a range of functionalities in the field of AI-generated content, from image generation and upscaling to 3D modeling and animation. They showcase the versatility and rapid advancement of AI in creative fields, offering users new ways to produce and enhance digital media.

  • What is the overall message conveyed by the script about AI tools?

    -The script conveys that AI tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated and versatile, offering a wide range of possibilities for creators. It emphasizes the importance of exploring these tools to find inspiration and create unique content, while also highlighting the potential for further development and innovation in this space.



🎨 Introducing Semantic Paint and its Creative Workflow

This paragraph introduces Semantic Paint, a tool that enables users to add semantic meanings to their artwork alongside colors. It explains that the tool is based on Stream Multi-Diffusion, a real-time interactive multiple text-to-image generator, and LCMS or LAT, which allows for immediate image generation. The speaker demonstrates the tool using a haunted mansion theme and then a character named Wednesday Adams, showcasing how the tool can change backgrounds and add elements like a spell-casting gesture. The tool's potential is highlighted, suggesting that future updates could include control nets and LURAs for consistent character generation.


🌟 Magnific's New Style Transfer Feature

The speaker discusses a new feature in Magnific, a creative upscaler known for its style transfer capabilities. The feature allows users to transfer the style from one image to another, as demonstrated with two images generated in Mid Journey. The results show a significant transformation in style while retaining the base image's content. The speaker also mentions the importance of fine-tuning and the uniqueness of each upscaler, emphasizing that different tools can offer distinct and valuable outputs.


πŸš€ Experimenting with Kyber's Motion 3.0 and 3D Painting

This section covers the exploration of Kyber's new 3.0 motion feature and Mesh's 3D painting capabilities. The speaker uses a sequence from the animated series 'Starship Troopers Roughnecks' to demonstrate Kyber's motion enhancement, noting some morphing and warping issues but overall improvement in facial and armor textures. Mesh's 3D painting feature is also highlighted, showing how it can improve the visual quality of a 3D model by adding textures. The speaker concludes by mentioning Deep Motion's text-based character animation, which allows users to turn photos into character avatars and generate animations with various actions.



πŸ’‘Semantic Palette

Semantic Palette is an AI tool that enables users to assign semantic meanings to colors and use these to create artwork. It operates on the concept of stream multi-diffusion, which is a real-time interactive multiple text-to-image generator. This tool allows for the generation of images with specific thematic elements, as demonstrated in the video by creating a haunted mansion scene and a Wednesday Adams character. The tool is available for free on Hugging Face, and its potential is further expanded by the addition of features like control nets and luras for consistent character generation.

πŸ’‘Stream Multi-Diffusion

Stream multi-diffusion is a technology that facilitates real-time, interactive generation of multiple images based on text inputs. It is the underlying mechanism that allows AI tools like Semantic Palette to create images by drawing shapes and filling them with content based on the text prompts provided by the user. This technology is key to the creation of complex and thematic images, as it can interpret and visualize textual descriptions in a visual format.

πŸ’‘LCMs and Latent Consistency Models

LCMs (Linearized Color Management) and Latent Consistency Models are components that contribute to the image generation process by ensuring color consistency and coherence across the generated images. These models work to maintain the visual integrity of the images by managing color spaces and ensuring that the elements within the images align and make sense together. They play a crucial role in the creation of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and contextually consistent artwork.

πŸ’‘Style Transfer

Style transfer is a technique in AI that allows the aesthetic style of one image to be applied to another, resulting in a new image that combines the content of the base image with the artistic style of the reference image. This process is used to create visually striking and unique pieces of art by blending different visual elements in a way that would not be possible with traditional art techniques. Style transfer can be used to give a painting-like quality to photographs or to apply the visual style of a famous artist to new content.


Magnific is an AI tool known for its creative upscaler capabilities, which enhance the quality and resolution of images while maintaining or even improving their visual appeal. The tool has introduced a new feature called style transfer, allowing users to apply different artistic styles to images. Despite facing competition and being labeled as taking creative liberties, Magnific continues to offer unique and powerful features for image enhancement and style transformation.


Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction that typically features advanced technology and science, often set in a dystopian future. It is characterized by themes of cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and the impact of technology on society. The aesthetic often includes neon lights, futuristic cities, and high-tech devices. In the context of the video, cyberpunk is used as a stylistic theme for generating images and characters, such as a cyberpunk girl and a cyberpunk city.

πŸ’‘Leonardo's Universal Upscaler

Leonardo's Universal Upscaler is an AI tool designed to enhance the quality and resolution of images. The tool is notable for its ability to produce high-quality upscales across a variety of different styles and content. It is one of the many AI tools mentioned in the script that can be used to improve the visual quality of images, offering a unique approach to image enhancement that may differ from other upscalers like Magnific.

πŸ’‘Kyber's Motion 3.0

Kyber's Motion 3.0 is an AI feature that focuses on enhancing and animating low-resolution video or image sequences. It aims to improve the visual quality of motion content, such as animations or live-action footage, by using advanced algorithms to fill in details and create smoother, more lifelike movements. The tool is capable of handling various types of input, including old or low-quality footage, and transforming them into higher-quality animations.


Mesh is an AI tool that specializes in 3D image generation and manipulation. It allows users to create and modify 3D models, including painting textures directly onto the models. The tool has been updated to include a feature that enables users to essentially 'paint' in 3D, generating texture options that can be applied to the 3D model for enhanced detail and realism. Mesh is part of the growing suite of AI tools that are revolutionizing the field of 3D modeling and animation.

πŸ’‘Deep Motion

Deep Motion is an AI technology focused on character animation based on text inputs. It enables users to create animated sequences of characters performing various actions by simply providing a description of the desired movement or scene. This tool can turn photographs or character rigs into animated avatars, allowing for personalized animations that can be used in a variety of applications, from entertainment to educational content.


Semantic Palette allows users to paint semantic meanings into their artwork, in addition to colors.

The tool is based on Stream Multi-Diffusion, a real-time interactive multiple text to image generator.

Semantic Palette demo is available on Hugging Face for free use.

The demo features an anime aesthetic and allows for the creation of new semantic brushes.

Users can generate images with a haunted mansion theme and customize the background and characters.

The tool also permits the addition of prompts for specific characters, like Wednesday Adams, and the generation of corresponding artwork.

Semantic Palette offers the ability to control the mask blurring and alignment through sliders.

Magnific, the creators of the creative upscaler, have introduced a new style transfer feature.

The style transfer feature enables users to transfer the style from one image to another.

Examples of style transfer include transforming a 3D rendering of a living room into a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Kyber's new 3.0 motion feature allows for text-based character animation and the use of personal photos to create character avatars.

Meshi has introduced 3D inpainting, which enables users to texture edit 3D models.

Deep Motion offers text-based character animation with various character rig styles and the ability to turn a photo of oneself into a character avatar.

Deep Motion's animation in painting feature lets users create animations with text prompts, like a karate kick.

The AI tools discussed in the transcript showcase the rapid progression and diverse capabilities of AI in art and design.

The transcript highlights the potential for AI to add unique and creative elements to various projects, from character design to 3D modeling.

The demo for Semantic Palette showcases the potential for AI to generate detailed and atmospheric artwork with user input.

The style transfer feature from Magnific can dramatically alter the look of an image, adding a new level of creativity to image editing.

Kyber's motion 3.0 can improve the quality of low-resolution animation, demonstrating the potential for AI in enhancing older media.

The transcript emphasizes the importance of experimentation with AI tools to discover new creative possibilities.