3 Jun 202415:17

TLDRIn celebration of the 5th anniversary of 7DS Grand Cross, a casual free-to-play gamer shares their excitement for the Escanor summon event. Despite having limited resources, they hope to acquire the powerful and highly anticipated Escanor character, known for his impressive abilities and potential impact on the game's meta. The video follows their journey through various summons, with commentary on the character's skills and the anticipation of finally obtaining him, culminating in a thrilling reveal.


  • 🎉 The video celebrates the 5th anniversary of the game '7DS Grand Cross'.
  • 🕹️ The player is a casual, free-to-play participant in the game, which is unusual compared to other games they play.
  • 🌟 The player is particularly excited about the Escanor character, who is featured in the anniversary units and believed to be very powerful.
  • 💎 The player has a limited number of diamonds but hopes to earn more through in-game activities like Bingo and login bonuses.
  • 🔥 Escanor's abilities are highlighted, including 'Grace of Sunshine', which provides significant boosts and protections to the hero.
  • 🔥 The 'Burning Sun' ability is described as extremely powerful, offering damage caps and additional effects when the hero or allies die.
  • 💥 The player is impressed with Escanor's skills, especially 'Raging Fire' and 'Hellfire', which ignore enemy defenses and offer significant damage.
  • 🎲 The player goes through the summoning process with anticipation, hoping to obtain the new Escanor character.
  • 🤞 The player experiences mixed results during the summoning, with some good pulls but no Escanor initially.
  • 🍀 Despite the initial lack of success, the player remains hopeful and continues to summon, eventually getting the desired Escanor character.
  • 🎮 The player concludes the video on a high note, excited about obtaining Escanor and looking forward to using the character in the game.

Q & A

  • What is the occasion being celebrated in the video?

    -The occasion being celebrated is the fifth anniversary of the game 7DS Grand Cross.

  • How does the speaker describe their playstyle in 7DS Grand Cross compared to other games?

    -The speaker describes themselves as a casual, free-to-play player in 7DS Grand Cross, which is unusual compared to their playstyle in other games where they tend to spend money.

  • What is the speaker particularly excited about in the game's anniversary event?

    -The speaker is particularly excited about the new Escanor character, who they believe will be very powerful and meta-defining in the game.

  • What are some of the unique abilities of the Escanor character that the speaker mentions?

    -Some of the unique abilities include Grace of Sunshine, which increases the hero's Max HP and crit defense, and Burning Sun, which provides damage reduction and additional effects when the hero or allies are attacked.

  • How does the speaker plan to accumulate enough diamonds for summoning without spending money?

    -The speaker plans to accumulate diamonds through completing the Bingo event and logging in daily to receive login bonuses.

  • What is the speaker's strategy for the summoning session?

    -The speaker's strategy is to use their limited diamonds and any free tickets they can obtain to try and summon the new Escanor character.

  • How does the speaker react to the initial summoning results?

    -The speaker is initially disappointed with the first few summons, as they do not get the Escanor character they desire, but they remain hopeful for the rest of the session.

  • What are the speaker's thoughts on the Escanor character's animations?

    -The speaker is highly impressed with the animations of the Escanor character, stating that they are clean and well-executed.

  • What is the outcome of the speaker's last summon in the video?

    -The outcome of the last summon is successful, as the speaker finally gets the Escanor character they have been hoping for.

  • How does the speaker express their excitement about getting the Escanor character?

    -The speaker expresses extreme excitement, stating that they are hyped and looking forward to building up and trying out the new character.

  • What does the speaker encourage viewers to do after watching the video?

    -The speaker encourages viewers to share their own summoning experiences in the comments and to let the speaker know their thoughts on the new Escanor character.



🎮 Grand Cross Fifth Anniversary Celebration and Escanor Introduction

The script opens with the host returning to Grand Cross for its fifth anniversary. They explain their casual, free-to-play approach to the game, contrasting it with other games they play that are not free. The host expresses excitement for the game's crossovers and anniversary units, particularly the new Escanor character. They detail Escanor's abilities, such as 'Grace of Sunshine,' which offers various benefits including damage reduction and stat boosts. The host also discusses their limited diamond resources and strategies to accumulate more for summoning, including completing Bingo tasks and daily login bonuses.


🛑 High Anticipation for Escanor Summoning and Animation Praise

The host moves on to the summoning segment, expressing high hopes for obtaining the Escanor character. They react to the animations and express their desire for the character, despite not having many resources to spend. The host goes through the summoning process, revealing their results, which include other characters like 'Blue Skies Elizabeth' and 'Lane.' They maintain a positive attitude, hoping for a lucky pull despite the odds, and continue to engage with the game's mechanics, wishing luck to fellow players.


🤩 Escanor Finally Summoned - The Thrilling Conclusion

After several unsuccessful attempts, the host finally summons the coveted Escanor character, expressing extreme excitement and satisfaction. They discuss the thrill of the summoning process and the relief of obtaining the desired character after a series of less fortunate pulls. The host also highlights the importance of persistence and the enjoyment of the game, even as a free-to-play player. The video concludes with the host's enthusiasm for building up and testing the new character, inviting viewers to share their experiences in the comments.


👋 Closing Remarks and Call for Audience Engagement

In the final paragraph, the host wraps up the video with a thank you to the viewers for watching. They encourage the audience to share their thoughts and experiences with the new Escanor character in the comments section. The host's excitement is palpable as they express gratitude for the positive outcome of their summoning session and the luck they experienced in the game.




The term '5TH ANNIVERSARY' refers to the fifth year celebration of a significant event or establishment, in this case, the game '7DS Grand Cross'. It is an important occasion for the game developers and players alike, often marked by special events, promotions, and new content. In the script, the 5th Anniversary is the central theme, with the summoning event being a part of the celebration.


Escanor is a character from the anime and manga series 'The Seven Deadly Sins'. In the context of the video, Escanor is a special unit or character introduced during the 5th Anniversary event of '7DS Grand Cross'. The script highlights the anticipation and excitement of the player to obtain this character, indicating its significance and potential strength within the game.


In the context of '7DS Grand Cross', 'Summons' is a game mechanic where players use in-game currency or items to attempt to acquire new characters or units. The script revolves around the player's attempt to summon the character Escanor, showcasing the process and the player's reactions to the results of each summon.


'Free-to-play' (F2P) refers to a business model where a game is free to download and play, but offers in-game purchases to enhance gameplay or aesthetics. The player in the script mentions being a casual, free-to-play participant in '7DS Grand Cross', which is unusual compared to other games they play, highlighting the accessibility and the player's approach to the game.


A 'Crossover' in the context of video games often refers to the inclusion of characters, themes, or elements from one intellectual property into another. The script mentions that the player enjoys the Crossovers in '7DS Grand Cross', indicating that these events bring in characters or themes from different series, adding variety and excitement to the game.


In gaming, a 'Bingo' usually refers to a type of event or challenge where players complete tasks in a grid format, similar to the game of Bingo, to earn rewards. The script mentions a Bingo event as one of the ways players can earn free tickets or resources to participate in summons.

💡Login Bonuses

'Login Bonuses' are rewards given to players for logging into the game on consecutive days or during a promotional period. The script mentions login bonuses as a method to accumulate diamonds, which are presumably used for summoning characters in '7DS Grand Cross'.


In many games, 'SSR' stands for 'Super Super Rare' and is a rarity level for characters or items, indicating they are highly sought after for their powerful abilities or unique attributes. The script discusses the excitement of pulling SSR characters, specifically the desired Escanor.


'Meta' in gaming terminology refers to the most effective tactics available, or the current optimal way to play the game. The script mentions a previous Escanor unit being 'very meta', suggesting it was a top-tier character when it was first introduced.

💡Grace of Sunshine

In the context of the script, 'Grace of Sunshine' appears to be a special ability or status effect associated with the Escanor character. It increases the hero's maximum HP, critical defense, and provides damage reduction during enemy turns, showcasing its potential impact on gameplay strategy.

💡Burning Sun

'Burning Sun' is mentioned as an effect that can be applied to the hero or allies in the game. It seems to inflict additional damage based on the target's maximum HP when using a single target attack, indicating a strategic element in battles where this effect is in play.

💡Raging Fire

Raging Fire is described as a skill of the Escanor character that deals damage to all enemies, ignoring their defense and resistance, and has a high Pierce value. It's an AOE (Area of Effect) attack, adding to the character's versatility and power in battles.


Hellfire is another skill associated with the Escanor character that inflicts damage on all enemies and has additional effects related to incinerating the target's maximum HP. It demonstrates the character's offensive capabilities and potential to control the battle's outcome.

💡Everlasting Flame

Everlasting Flame is mentioned as an effect applied to enemies that reach maximum incineration, increasing the damage they take from Raging Fire skills by 50% and preventing the incinerated HP from being healed. It's a strategic element that can turn the tide of battle in the player's favor.


The 5th Anniversary Escanor Summons event in 7DS Grand Cross is introduced.

The channel features a casual, free-to-play approach to 7DS Grand Cross, contrasting with other games played on the channel.

The Escanor character is anticipated to be very powerful and meta-defining in the game.

The player has limited diamonds but plans to earn more through in-game activities like Bingo and login bonuses.

Escanor's abilities are detailed, including 'Grace of Sunshine' which provides significant stat boosts and damage reduction.

The 'Burning Sun' effect and its implications on Escanor and allies are explained.

Escanor's immunity to stat decrease effects is highlighted.

The skill 'Retribution' is described, noting its scaling with crit chance and HP.

Escanor's AOE and single-target attacks, 'Raging Fire' and 'Hellfire', are discussed, including their effects on enemies.

The 'Everlasting Flame' effect and its impact on damage taken and healing are explained.

The player previews the ultimate move animation for Escanor, expressing excitement.

The summoning process begins with the player hoping for a lucky pull.

A double SSR multi-summon is achieved, but without Escanor, leading to mixed feelings.

The player receives Swimsuit Freya, a new character, but still seeks Escanor.

Despite not getting Escanor, the player remains hopeful and continues summoning.

The player levels up to gain more diamonds for an additional summon, showing dedication to the free-to-play strategy.

Finally, the player successfully summons the desired Escanor character, culminating in excitement and satisfaction.

The video concludes with the player expressing gratitude for the luck received and eagerness to build and test the new character.