AI IS GETTING SCARY | Real-time Results (Krea AI)

19 Nov 202311:26

TLDRThe video script discusses an innovative app that combines AI with real-time image creation. The app allows users to draw on one side of the screen, with AI generating a corresponding image on the other side. The user shares their experience of using the app to create various images, such as a Tokyo cityscape and a warrior character, and explores the app's features like color picker, shape tools, and webcam integration. They also mention the possibility of using external programs like Photoshop for more complex creations. The user expresses excitement about the app's potential and encourages others to explore it, despite acknowledging that the technology is still developing and not yet perfect.


  • 🎨 The AI app in discussion is creating a buzz on social media and offers a unique, real-time image generation experience.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ The app features a color picker, movement and shape tools, and the ability to import images for reference or to draw on top of.
  • πŸ”„ The webcam tool allows users to incorporate real-life elements into their digital creations.
  • πŸ“Ί An external program can be used to cast a screen or window, enabling the AI to render real-time objects from other applications like Blender.
  • πŸŒ† The user demonstrates creating a Tokyo cityscape, showcasing the app's potential for generating detailed urban environments.
  • πŸš— An attempt to draw a car resulted in an abstract representation, highlighting the app's creative interpretation of user inputs.
  • 🎨 The user experimented with different styles like 'photo realistic' and 'illustration', each yielding distinct visual outcomes.
  • πŸ‘€ A warrior character was designed with features like an afro and a red shirt, demonstrating the app's capability to generate complex figures.
  • πŸ”₯ The text effect feature was tested with 'flame' style, revealing the app's potential for dynamic text rendering.
  • 🌌 A solar system-themed experiment was conducted, emphasizing the AI's ability to generate a variety of celestial objects.
  • πŸ“ˆ The AI's 'strength' slider adjusts the level of detail and complexity in the generated images, offering a balance between detail and processing intensity.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is an AI app that allows users to create images in real-time, either by drawing or using prompts with the AI.

  • How does the AI app work in terms of user interaction?

    -The AI app works by allowing users to draw or input prompts on one side of the screen, with the AI generating corresponding images in real-time on the other side.

  • What features does the AI app offer for image creation?

    -The AI app offers features such as a color picker, movement tools, shape tools, the ability to place an image as a foundation, and the use of a webcam to generate images based on the user's actions.

  • Can the AI app be used with external programs like Photoshop?

    -Yes, the AI app can be used with external programs like Photoshop, allowing users to cast their screen or a specific window and have the AI generate images based on the content.

  • What kind of examples did the speaker provide while using the AI app?

    -The speaker provided examples such as creating a Tokyo cityscape, drawing a warrior with an afro and a red shirt, and experimenting with 3D text effects.

  • How does the AI app handle different styles of image creation?

    -The AI app can handle different styles like photo-realistic, illustration, and product design, with the user able to switch between these styles to see how the AI generates the images accordingly.

  • What was the speaker's overall impression of the AI app?

    -The speaker found the AI app to be super cool and enjoyed the real-time image generation capabilities, despite acknowledging that the quality of the output is not perfect yet.

  • How did the speaker engage with the AI app's webcam feature?

    -The speaker engaged with the webcam feature by holding objects in front of the camera and observing how the AI generated images based on their actions, such as creating flames and other visual effects.

  • What was the speaker's final message to the viewers regarding AI?

    -The speaker's final message was to encourage viewers to stay positive about AI, to explore its possibilities, and to share their experiences with the community.

  • How can interested viewers learn more about the AI app mentioned in the video?

    -Interested viewers can learn more about the AI app by checking the link provided in the video description, which leads to the app's whitelist or more information.



🎨 Exploring AI in Art and Design

The speaker discusses their experience with a new AI-based application for art and design. They mention the app's unique features, such as real-time image creation with AI on one side of the screen while users draw on the other. The app includes tools like a color picker, movement tool, shape tools, and the ability to import images or webcam feeds to interact with the AI. The speaker also talks about their attempt to create a Tokyo cityscape and their thoughts on the potential of AI in the creative process.


πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ Character Creation with AI

In this section, the speaker explores the character creation aspect of the AI app. They describe the process of generating a muscular warrior with an afro hairstyle and a red shirt, set against a desert backdrop. The speaker experiments with different styles and settings, such as photorealistic and illustration, and even attempts to add details like a scar. They also discuss the possibility of using external programs like Photoshop to enhance the AI-generated artwork and share their excitement about the creative possibilities this technology offers.


🌌 AI's Role in the Future of Creativity

The speaker concludes by reflecting on the broader implications of AI in creativity. They demonstrate how AI can generate a solar system visualization and discuss the adjustable 'strength' of the AI's output. The speaker expresses their fascination with the technology and its potential to transform the creative landscape. They invite viewers to share their thoughts on AI and its applications, emphasizing the importance of staying positive and open-minded towards new technologies.



πŸ’‘AI Progress

AI Progress refers to the ongoing development and improvement in the field of artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, it highlights the continuous advancements in AI technology and its integration into various applications, such as the app discussed, which showcases real-time AI-generated images.

πŸ’‘Design Twitter

Design Twitter is a term used to describe a community of designers and creative professionals who actively share and discuss design-related content on the social media platform Twitter. It is a virtual network where ideas, feedback, and inspirations are exchanged, often centered around design tools, trends, and innovative applications.

πŸ’‘Real-time AI Image Creation

Real-time AI image creation is a process where artificial intelligence algorithms generate visual content instantaneously, based on user inputs or prompts. This technology is showcased in the app mentioned in the video, where users can see AI creating images as they interact with the app.

πŸ’‘Color Picker

A color picker is a digital tool that allows users to choose specific colors for use in digital design, art, or other visual projects. In the context of the video, the color picker is a feature within the app that users can utilize to select colors for their drawings, which the AI then uses to create the corresponding images.

πŸ’‘Webcam Integration

Webcam integration refers to the ability of an application or software to use a webcam as an input device, capturing live video feeds to interact with or enhance the user's experience. In the video, the app being discussed incorporates webcam integration, allowing users to use their webcam to influence the AI-generated content in real-time.

πŸ’‘External Program Casting

External program casting involves the ability to display or 'cast' content from one application onto another, often for the purpose of collaboration, presentation, or enhanced visual experience. In the video, the app's capability to cast an entire screen or specific windows from other programs, like Blender, is highlighted as a unique feature.


Illustration refers to the art of creating visual representations or images to convey a concept, story, or message. In the context of the video, the speaker uses the app to create illustrations by drawing and providing prompts to the AI, which then generates the corresponding images.

πŸ’‘3D Text Rendering

3D text rendering is the process of creating three-dimensional representations of text in digital media. This technique adds depth and dimension to the text, making it appear as if it occupies space and can be viewed from different angles. In the video, the speaker experiments with creating 3D text using the app's features.

πŸ’‘Solar System

The solar system is a collection of celestial bodies, including planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and the sun, which all orbit around a central star. In the video, the solar system is used as a creative concept for the speaker to experiment with the app's AI capabilities, using it as a theme for generating a visual representation of a cosmic scene.

πŸ’‘AI Strength

AI strength refers to the capabilities and power of artificial intelligence systems in performing tasks, solving problems, or creating content. In the video, the speaker is exploring and demonstrating the AI strength of the app by adjusting settings and observing how it affects the quality and complexity of the AI-generated images.


A whitelist is a list of entities that are allowed access or permission to a particular service, software, or in this case, an app. In the video, the speaker mentions the possibility of signing up for the whitelist to gain access to the app before its official release.


AI is continuously progressing and creating new and exciting applications, regardless of personal preferences.

A new app is mentioned that allows real-time AI image creation, which is both innovative and entertaining.

The app features a user interface with a color picker, movement tool, shape tools, and the ability to import images for reference.

Users can interact with their webcam to create unique AI-generated images based on their actions and prompts.

The app also supports casting entire screens or specific windows from other applications, like Blender, for AI enhancement.

The experience of using the app is described as fun and engaging, with the potential for creative exploration.

The app's ability to generate images based on simple sketches or concepts is highlighted, showcasing its potential for artists and designers.

The importance of vanishing points and perspective in creating realistic images with the app is discussed.

The app's capability to adapt and generate content based on user input, such as adding elements like cars or changing backgrounds, is demonstrated.

Experimenting with different styles and settings within the app, such as photorealistic or illustrative, can yield various outcomes.

The app's potential for 3D text rendering and other advanced features is explored, showing its versatility.

Using external software like Photoshop in conjunction with the app can open up new possibilities for creative output.

The webcam feature can capture and transform the user's live image into an AI-generated scene, offering a new dimension to interactive art.

The app's ability to adjust and respond to user adjustments in real-time, such as changing the background or adding elements, is showcased.

The experience of using the app is described as a mix of excitement and confusion, reflecting its innovative and experimental nature.

The potential for the app to be used as a tool for learning and exploration in the field of AI and digital art is emphasized.

The video concludes with a positive outlook on AI's role in creativity and the potential for future developments and applications.