Advanced Midjourney Niji 5 Guide (Make Insane Anime - Manga AI Art using Nijijourney in Minutes)

23 May 202313:54

TLDRThis video offers an Ultimate Guide to creating anime artwork with Niji 5, exploring the Niji Journey Discord and various Niji styles like Default, Cute, Expressive, and Scenic. It teaches how to craft compelling prompts, merge AI photography with Niji style, and create consistent characters for manga or comic books. The guide also highlights the importance of using the correct Niji version for specific anime styles and provides tips for enhancing artwork with detailed text prompts and character names.


  • 🎨 The video provides a comprehensive guide on creating anime artwork using Niji 5, a tool designed for producing anime and illustrative styles with a deep understanding of the anime universe.
  • 🌈 Joining the Niji Journey Discord or using Niji on Mid-Journey allows users to utilize the tool's capabilities, with the Niji Journey Discord server offering a similar experience to the Mid-Journey Discord.
  • 🖌️ Niji offers four distinct styles: Default, Cute, Expressive, and Scenic, each trained for specific use cases and offering unique features and aesthetics.
  • 👀 The Cute style emphasizes classic anime aesthetics with adorable faces, delicate shading, and a focus on traditional cultural spirit, making it ideal for crafting classic anime.
  • 🌟 The Expressive style places characters in the main focus with detailed textures and backgrounds that do not overshadow the characters, catering to a more mature and Western aesthetic.
  • 🏞️ The Scenic style creates detailed backdrops and character-environment interactions, perfect for cinematic images and projects like comic books or posters.
  • 🔧 Users can customize their prompts with parameters and style elements to generate AI artwork that fits their desired aesthetic and narrative.
  • 📸 Merging AI photography with Niji style allows for the creation of 'Niji photos', which blend realistic environment elements with anime-style characters.
  • 🤖 Chat GPT can assist in crafting compelling Mid-Journey prompts by generating alternative ideas and descriptions, enhancing the creative process.
  • 🎭 The tutorial also covers how to create a character sheet for consistent characters in an AI-assisted comic book or manga, using both Niji and Chat GPT functionalities.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is an Ultimate Guide to creating anime artwork using Niji 5, including how to join Niji Journey Discord and use it on Mid-Journey.

  • What are the different styles of Niji mentioned in the video?

    -The different styles of Niji mentioned are Default, Cute, Expressive, and Cinematic.

  • How can you use Niji 5 on Mid-Journey Discord?

    -You can use Niji 5 on Mid-Journey Discord by adding the 'niji 5' parameter to your prompts or by enabling Niji Mod using the settings command.

  • What is the primary focus of the Cute style in Niji?

    -The Cute style focuses heavily on the classic anime aesthetic, with less provocative and more harmonious poses, traditional cultural spirit, and an emphasis on adorable faces and intricate graphic details.

  • How is the Expressive style in Niji different from the other styles?

    -The Expressive style places the character in the main focus with very detailed textures, while the background is solid but does not overshadow the character. It offers a more mature and Western aesthetic with realistic eye styling and natural skin appearance.

  • What is the purpose of the Scenic style in Niji?

    -The Scenic style is designed to create a cinematic background, focusing on the interaction between the character and the environment. It is excellent for producing more vibrant scenes suitable for comic books, postcards, or posters.

  • How can you enhance your Niji prompts with stylized variations?

    -You can enhance your Niji prompts with stylized variations by using the 'stylized' command with a range of 0 to 1000, where different values can add more interesting variations to the artwork.

  • What is the significance of using character names from the Dango database in Niji prompts?

    -Using character names from the Dango database in Niji prompts can provide consistent styles for the AI-generated characters, making the artwork more recognizable and appealing to audiences.

  • How can you create a Niji photo fusion?

    -To create a Niji photo fusion, you start by creating a photorealistic image, use it as a reference, and then apply a Niji style to the character while maintaining the realistic environment elements from the photography.

  • What is the process for creating consistent characters for an AI-assisted comic book using the Mid-Journey platform?

    -The process involves creating a character sheet with multiple poses and expressions, using remix mode for specific character details, removing backgrounds, generating fitting environments, and finally incorporating characters into these backgrounds for the final layout.

  • How can Chat GPT assist in creating Mid-Journey prompts?

    -Chat GPT can generate a variety of alternative prompts with vibrant descriptions, act as an experienced anime director for scene keywords, and with web browsing mode, it can learn how to write great Mid-Journey prompts by accessing relevant links.



🎨 Ultimate Guide to Niji 5 Anime Artwork

This paragraph introduces the Ultimate Guide for creating anime artwork using Niji 5. It covers joining the Niji Journey Discord and using Niji on mid-journey platforms. The guide delves into different Niji styles such as default, cute, expressive, and cinematic, explaining how and where to use each style. The focus is on mastering mid-journey Niji, which includes anime styles, character creation, environment design, and retro eras. The process starts with an existing image to create an anime version of oneself, using Chat GPT to craft compelling prompts that incorporate style elements and parameters. The goal is to merge AI photography with Niji style to produce Niji photos and learn how to create manga or comic book pieces with consistent characters, in collaboration with the anime in the game and AI developer Spellbrush.


🌈 Exploring Niji Styles and Techniques

This paragraph discusses the generic nature of default Niji and mid-journey styles and introduces the 'stylized' command to achieve more interesting variations. It explains how adjusting the range from 0 to 1000 can impact the artwork, with recommended values around 250 and 500. The paragraph also highlights the use of detailed fashion outfits through the combination of Niji expressive and fashion photography parameters. It further elaborates on the use of anime styles in prompts to add a unique touch to the artwork and suggests using Niji version 4 for certain anime styles. The paragraph also touches on the importance of manga and the influence of authors like Eiichiro Oda and Kentaro Miura, emphasizing the role of characters in manga and anime. It discusses the use of artist names and anime/video game titles to add unique artistic flair to the artwork and the significance of environment in storytelling, especially when using the Scenic style for detailed backdrops.


🖌️ Niji Photo Fusion and AI-Assisted Comic Creation

This paragraph presents a method called 'Niji photo fusion,' which combines realistic environment elements from photography with anime style characters. The process involves creating a photorealistic image as a reference, using a seed for consistency, and transforming it through various prompts and parameters. The paragraph also addresses the use of Chat GPT for mid-journey prompting, highlighting its ability to generate alternative prompts and format them correctly. It provides a step-by-step guide on using Chat GPT to create scenes, character sheets, and backgrounds for an AI-assisted comic book, emphasizing the importance of consistency and the use of tools like Photoshop for final layout preparation. The paragraph concludes with a call to action for viewers to engage with the content and explore AI tools for art and content creation.



💡niji 5

Niji 5 is a specific version of an AI model designed for generating anime-style artwork. It is fine-tuned to produce dynamic action shots and character-focused compositions with a deep understanding of the anime universe. In the video, it is highlighted as the tool that enables users to create a variety of anime artwork by incorporating different styles and parameters into their prompts.


Mid-journey is a platform that allows users to generate anime-style images through AI. It is mentioned as a place where users can use the niji 5 model to create artwork. The term is also used to refer to the Discord server that has its own bot for generating anime-style images, similar to the niji Journey bot.


In the context of the video, 'styles' refer to the different aesthetic options available within the niji 5 model for generating anime artwork. These include default, cute, expressive, and scenic styles, each trained for specific use cases and offering unique visual characteristics. Users can select these styles to tailor their artwork to the desired look and feel.

💡chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model that can generate human-like text based on given prompts. In the video, it is used to craft compelling mid-journey prompts that incorporate style elements and parameters, assisting users in creating more detailed and varied descriptions for their anime artwork.


Manga is a popular form of graphic storytelling that originates from Japan, known for its distinct style of drawing characters and covering a wide variety of genres. In the video, manga is discussed as an influence and a source of inspiration for creating anime-style artwork, with the mention of well-known manga authors and their impact on the art form.

💡character integration

Character integration is the process of blending characters into their environments in a way that feels natural and balanced. In the context of the video, it is particularly relevant to the 'scenic' style of niji 5, where the focus is on creating a strong interaction between the character and the background, enhancing the overall narrative and visual appeal of the artwork.

💡AI photography

AI photography refers to the use of artificial intelligence to enhance or manipulate photographic images. In the video, it is discussed as a method to merge realistic environment elements from photography with anime styles using niji, creating a fusion of AI-generated characters and real-world settings.

💡niji Journey Discord

Niji Journey Discord is a Discord server that hosts a community of users interested in creating anime-style artwork using AI. It has its own bot that functions similarly to the mid-journey bot, allowing users to generate images by sending commands and parameters.


Prompts in the context of the video are the text inputs or descriptions provided to the AI model to guide the generation of specific images. They are crucial for directing the AI to produce desired artwork by incorporating style elements, character names, and other relevant details.

💡anime characters

Anime characters are the fictional individuals that populate the stories in anime and manga. They are often characterized by distinct features and styles that contribute to the overall aesthetic and narrative of the work. In the video, the creation and consistency of anime characters are discussed as an essential aspect of generating artwork and comic books using AI.

💡retro anime

Retro anime refers to older styles or eras of anime that have a nostalgic or classic appeal. The video mentions the use of retro anime as a keyword in prompts to generate images with a vintage or throwback style, tapping into the influence and visual language of past anime trends.


The Ultimate Guide to creating anime artwork using niji 5 is presented.

Exploration of joining niji Journey Discord and using niji on mid-journey is discussed.

In-depth analysis of niji's different styles: default, cute, expressive, and cinematic.

Mastering mid-journey niji, which includes anime styles, character creation, and environment design.

Creating an anime version of oneself with the help of chat GPT and niji parameters.

Merging AI photography with niji style to produce niji photos.

The introduction of a special gift for anime fans: miji, a collaboration between mid-journey, the anime industry, and AI developers.

Explanation of the default niji style, which is versatile for most anime artwork.

Details of the cute style, emphasizing classic anime aesthetics and harmonious compositions.

Expressive style's focus on detailed character models with a mature and Western aesthetic.

Scenic style's ability to create breathtaking backgrounds and powerful character moments.

Comparison of different niji styles applied to the same prompt, showcasing their unique visual impacts.

Use of stylized command to achieve more interesting variations in artwork.

Incorporation of retro and futuristic elements to enhance the anime style.

Utilization of manga and anime character names in prompts for unique visual appeal.

Demonstration of using one's own photo as a reference to create AI art with niji.

Merging AI photography with niji style to create niji photo fusion, blending realistic environments with anime characters.

Guidance on using chat GPT to generate mid-journey prompts, offering a variety of creative ideas quickly.

Creating consistent characters for an AI-assisted comic book using mid-journey platform and character sheets.