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6 May 202432:40

TLDRThe video from Dhar Mann Studios tells a story of a teenage girl, Ava, who is struggling with her parents' disapproval of her goth look and her passion for music. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery, are wealthy and have high expectations for Ava's future, pushing her towards Stanford University and disapproving of her boyfriend, Danny, who they consider a bad influence. The script unfolds with Ava's parents going to great lengths to change her appearance and get rid of Danny, even hiring an actress to befriend Ava and steer her away from her current path. However, as the story progresses, Ava's talent and love for music shine through, leading to a powerful performance that makes her parents realize the importance of accepting her for who she is. In a twist, it's revealed that Danny is actually a high achiever who has been accepted to Stanford, and Ava's parents come to regret their actions. The video ends with a heartfelt apology from the parents and a reaffirmation of Ava's individuality and dreams.


  • 🎨 **Teen Rebellion**: The story revolves around a teenage girl, Ava, who is exploring her identity through a goth look and music, much to the disapproval of her billionaire parents.
  • 💰 **Wealth vs. Happiness**: Ava's parents are wealthy but their focus on material wealth and societal status clashes with Ava's pursuit of personal happiness and fulfillment.
  • 👥 **Parental Disapproval**: The parents disapprove of Ava's boyfriend, Danny, considering him a bad influence and unworthy of their daughter's time and attention.
  • 🚫 **Controlling Behavior**: Ava's parents attempt to control her life, including her appearance, relationships, and future career, which leads to tension and conflict.
  • 🎓 **Educational Pressures**: There is a strong emphasis on attending prestigious universities, with Ava's parents pressuring her to apply to Stanford despite her passion for music.
  • 👩‍🎤 **Following One's Dreams**: Ava's passion for music is a central theme; she dreams of attending the Berkeley College of Music, which her parents dismiss.
  • 🤝 **Friendship and Support**: Ava finds support and understanding in her boyfriend and a fellow musician, Kelty, who encourages her to embrace her authentic self.
  • 🚗 **Tracking and Control**: Ava's parents go to extreme lengths to control her, even using technology to track her location and manipulate situations to their advantage.
  • 💔 **Betrayal and Heartbreak**: Ava experiences heartbreak and betrayal when she believes her boyfriend Danny has been unfaithful, which is later revealed to be a setup by her parents.
  • 🏥 **Family Secrets**: The story includes a subplot involving Kelty's sister in the hospital, which is used as a manipulation tactic but ultimately serves as a catalyst for change within Ava's family.
  • 🤔 **Self-Reflection**: Ava's journey includes self-reflection and realization about her own identity and the importance of being true to herself, regardless of her parents' wishes.

Q & A

  • What is the conflict between the girl and her parents regarding her appearance?

    -The girl's parents are unhappy with her new 'Goth look', which includes her dyed hair and clothing style, and they believe it's ruining her natural beauty and future prospects.

  • Why does the girl's father disapprove of her joining a band?

    -The father sees the girl's involvement in a band as a waste of time and not a serious pursuit, believing it to be a phase she is going through.

  • What does the girl's mother suggest as an ideal future for their daughter?

    -The girl's mother wants her to attend a prestigious university like Stanford, which is where they met, and follow a more traditional and successful career path.

  • How does the girl feel about her parents' expectations and her own dreams?

    -The girl feels that her parents are not supportive of her dreams to make music, and she struggles with their desire for her to follow a different path.

  • What is the role of the character Kelty in the story?

    -Kelty is initially hired by the girl's parents to befriend and influence the girl, Ava, to change her back to her old ways. However, she ends up genuinely befriending Ava and helps her realize her parents' manipulative actions.

  • Why does the girl's parents consider Danny, Ava's boyfriend, to be a bad influence?

    -Ava's parents believe that Danny, who is a musician and associated with the music scene, is a bad influence because they think he is leading Ava away from her academic achievements and towards a less successful path.

  • What does the song that Ava sings at the end of the script represent?

    -Ava's song represents her feelings of being misunderstood and pressured to conform to her parents' expectations. It's a plea for acceptance and love for who she truly is.

  • How do Ava's parents react to the realization of their manipulative behavior?

    -Ava's parents express regret and apologize to Ava and Danny for their actions. They promise not to impose their dreams on Ava and accept her choices.

  • What is the significance of the 15-month anniversary in the story?

    -The 15-month anniversary is significant as it shows the depth of Ava and Danny's relationship, with Danny noting that 15 is Ava's favorite number, indicating his attentiveness to her likes and their bond.

  • How does the story resolve the conflict between Ava and her parents?

    -The story resolves the conflict when Ava's parents acknowledge their mistakes, apologize, and promise to support Ava's dreams and accept her for who she is. They also reconcile with Danny and help Kelty's sister with her medical treatment.

  • What is the moral lesson that Ava's parents learn from their experience?

    -Ava's parents learn that true love involves accepting and supporting a person's individuality and dreams, rather than trying to control or change them to fit one's own expectations.



😀 Family Conflict and Musical Dreams

The first paragraph introduces a conflict between a girl named Ava and her parents, who disapprove of her new appearance and her passion for music. Ava's parents are skeptical about her relationship with her boyfriend, Danny, and her desire to join a band. They express concern about her future, insisting that she should focus on a more traditional career path and apply to Stanford University. Despite their objections, Ava is determined to pursue her dream of making music.


😤 Manipulation and Control

The second paragraph reveals the parents' manipulative tactics to control Ava's life. They arrange for her to attend a Stanford admissions mixer and plan to use a young woman to befriend Ava and influence her away from her current path. The parents express frustration with Ava's rebellious behavior and consider counseling. The narrative also introduces a character who is coerced into helping the parents with their scheme due to a threat of police involvement.


🎤 Music, Authenticity, and Support

In the third paragraph, Ava finds solace and support in her music and her relationship with Danny. She meets a fellow musician, Kelty, who encourages her to write her own songs and share her authentic story. Ava expresses her admiration for Kelty's performance and discusses her application to Berkeley College of Music. The paragraph also touches on the challenges Ava faces with her parents' lack of support and their desire for her to follow a specific life path.


😔 Betrayal and Heartbreak

The fourth paragraph describes a turning point where Ava discovers that Danny has apparently been unfaithful. This revelation leaves her feeling betrayed and heartbroken. The narrative also includes a character who is struggling with their own challenges in music school and relationships, highlighting the theme of authenticity and self-acceptance.


😠 Confrontation and Realization

The fifth paragraph involves a confrontation where the manipulative actions of Ava's parents are exposed. The character who was initially part of the parents' scheme confesses and criticizes their behavior. There is a discussion about Ava's academic achievements and her application to Stanford's business program, which her parents had hidden from her. The paragraph ends with a tense moment where Ava's parents are warned to leave her alone.


🤗 Acceptance and Apology

The sixth paragraph brings about a resolution where Ava's parents acknowledge their mistakes and apologize to her and Danny. They express regret for trying to control Ava's life and promise not to impose their dreams on her. Ava performs a song that she has written, which leads to a heartfelt conversation and reconciliation. The parents also make amends with Kelty, who refuses their bribe and stands by Ava.


😊 Reconciliation and Moving Forward

The seventh and final paragraph concludes the story on a positive note. Ava's parents accept her choices, including her new look, and express their love for her. They also reconcile with Danny, acknowledging their misjudgment of him. The story ends with a message of acceptance and support for Ava's dreams and aspirations, and a commitment to be there for her no matter what path she chooses.



💡Goth Look

The term 'Goth Look' refers to a style of dress and appearance that is associated with the gothic subculture. It typically includes dark clothing, black hair dye, and sometimes the use of makeup to create a pale complexion. In the video, the girl's new 'Goth Look' is a source of conflict with her parents, who disapprove of her changed appearance and the perceived association with a rebellious lifestyle.

💡Band Rehearsal

A 'Band Rehearsal' is a practice session where musicians come together to prepare for a performance. It's a key part of the video as it represents the girl's pursuit of her passion for music, which is at odds with her parents' desires for her future.


Stanford refers to Stanford University, a prestigious institution in the United States. In the video, the girl's parents want her to attend Stanford, representing their aspirations for her to follow a conventional path of success.

💡Berkeley College of Music

Berkeley College of Music is a well-known music school where the girl has applied to pursue her dreams of making music. It signifies her dedication to her artistic ambitions, contrasting with her parents' wishes.


The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. The girl's high SAT score of 1580 is mentioned to emphasize her academic achievements and her parents' belief that she should capitalize on these results to attend a top-tier university.

💡Open Mic

An 'Open Mic' is an event where people can perform music or poetry in front of an audience, often on a first-come, first-served basis. It is part of the girl's music scene experience and a symbol of her commitment to her musical interests.

💡Admissions Mixer

An 'Admissions Mixer' is a social event organized by a university for prospective students to meet current students, faculty, and staff. In the video, the girl's parents arrange for her to attend a Stanford admissions mixer, hoping to secure her place at the university.


Counseling refers to a professional guidance or therapy provided to help individuals with personal, social, or psychological problems. The girl's parents consider seeking counseling to address their concerns about her behavior and choices.

💡Role Model

A 'Role Model' is a person who serves as an example, whose behavior is emulated by others. The girl's parents want to find a role model for her, someone who they believe can positively influence her decisions and behavior.


Manipulation is the act of influencing someone to act in a desired way, often through deceit or undermining their autonomy. In the video, the parents' attempts to manipulate their daughter's life choices and relationships are a central theme, leading to a climax where the deception is revealed.

💡Acceptance Letter

An 'Acceptance Letter' is a document sent by an educational institution to an applicant, indicating that they have been accepted for enrollment. The hiding of the girl's acceptance letter from Berkeley by her parents is a pivotal moment in the video, symbolizing their attempt to control her future.


Girl's goth look causes tension with billionaire parents.

Parents track daughter's location to intervene in her life choices.

Girl stands up to parents about her music career aspirations.

Parents attempt to manipulate daughter's relationships to control her future.

Girl challenges parental expectations by pursuing her own dreams.

Parents hire an actress to influence daughter back to 'normality'.

Actress hired by parents struggles with her own moral dilemmas.

Parental scheme unfolds as daughter discovers the truth.

Girl fights back against manipulation, reaffirming her identity.

Parents finally understand and accept daughter's true self.

Family learns the importance of acceptance and supporting personal choices.

Girl's music talent shines through despite adversity.

Parents apologize and attempt to mend their relationship with their daughter.

Girl’s boyfriend is vindicated, revealing his high academic achievements.

The story concludes with the family coming together, embracing individuality and love.