Become a T-shirt Designer in under 15 Minutes | FULL Kittl Shirt Design Tutorial 2024

17 Oct 202317:39

TLDRThis video tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on how to use the Kittl Shirt Design software to create T-shirt designs in under 15 minutes. The host begins by discussing the benefits of Kittl's licensing, which is particularly favorable for commercial and print-on-demand projects with no limit on quantity. The tutorial then dives into using various templates for designing T-shirts and other products, such as posters and social media graphics. It covers how to customize templates, create new projects, add text and graphics, and use AI-generated graphics. The host also demonstrates how to center items and apply effects to fonts, as well as how to export designs for print-on-demand purposes. A bonus feature is included on creating print-on-demand mockups to showcase how the final product will look on a T-shirt. The video concludes with a blooper reel and a reminder to subscribe for more content.


  • 🚀 **KD Software Overview**: The video provides a comprehensive tutorial on using the Kittl (KD) software for designing T-shirts and other print on demand products.
  • 🔑 **Affiliate Link**: The presenter mentions an affiliate link for joining KD, which supports the channel when viewers sign up and pay for a plan.
  • 📜 **Licensing Benefits**: KD offers clear licensing terms suitable for commercial projects, including print on demand, with no limit on quantity.
  • 📚 **Template Usage**: The software includes a variety of templates for different uses such as posters, T-shirt designs, social media, and book covers.
  • 🎨 **Design Customization**: Users can customize templates by changing elements, colors, and phrases to create unique designs.
  • 📏 **Project Size**: The video explains how to set up a new project by selecting appropriate artboard sizes based on print on demand company requirements.
  • ➕ **Adding Text and Graphics**: The presenter demonstrates how to add text, graphics, and photos to a design, and how to manipulate their size and position.
  • 🧙‍♂️ **AI Graphics**: KD has a feature for creating AI-generated graphics, which the presenter uses to create a 'wizard kitten' design.
  • 🖼️ **Background Removal**: The video shows how to remove backgrounds from graphics for a clean, transparent look suitable for print on demand.
  • ⚖️ **Centering Design Elements**: Techniques for centering graphics and text in the design are discussed, including using the alignment tools within KD.
  • 🎉 **Effects and Transformations**: The presenter covers adding effects to text, such as shadows and decorations, and transforming text shapes for a customized look.
  • 🧩 **Textures and Mockups**: The video includes instructions on applying textures to designs and creating mockups for print on demand products.
  • 🔗 **Exporting Designs**: The final step is exporting the design in the appropriate format (PNG, PDF, SVG, JPG) for different uses, such as social media or print on demand.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of the tutorial video mentioned in the transcript?

    -The primary purpose of the tutorial video is to provide a comprehensive guide on how to use the Kittl design software, specifically for creating T-shirt designs. It aims to teach viewers to confidently use the software and explore its features in under 15 minutes.

  • How does Kittl's licensing benefit print on demand businesses?

    -Kittl's licensing is beneficial for print on demand businesses because it allows for commercial use, including selling designs on print on demand products without a limit on the quantity. This flexibility supports businesses that do not know in advance how many items they will sell.

  • What features of Kittl are highlighted for helping users in T-shirt designing?

    -The tutorial highlights several features of Kittl that aid in T-shirt designing, such as a vast selection of design templates, the ability to create custom designs from these templates, and the use of AI-generated graphics. It also mentions tools for editing and customizing text and elements within the designs.

  • What types of templates does Kittl offer according to the video?

    -Kittl offers a wide range of templates, including those for T-shirt designs, social media posts, book covers, and streetwear. These templates are designed to help users quickly create professional-quality designs across different categories.

  • What is the recommended design size for high-resolution T-shirt prints as per the video?

    -The recommended design size for high-resolution T-shirt prints is 4500 by 5100 pixels, as suggested by the print on demand website mentioned in the video. However, the creator often uses a standard design size of 5000 by 5000 pixels to ensure the highest resolution possible.

  • How does Kittl support customization and personalization of designs?

    -Kittl supports customization and personalization through its various tools that allow users to change elements, colors, and text within templates. It also features AI tools for creating unique graphics and provides options for adjusting the layout and style of text and images within designs.

  • What are the steps to create a new T-shirt design project in Kittl as described in the video?

    -To create a new T-shirt design project in Kittl, you start by selecting a T-shirt design template or starting from scratch. You then customize the design by editing elements and text, and finally, adjust the design dimensions to meet specific print requirements.

  • What does the presenter mean by 'no cap' and how is it used in the context of the video?

    -In the video, the presenter uses the phrase 'no cap' to emphasize that there is no limit to the quantity of products that can be sold under Kittl's licensing. It's a slang expression meaning 'no lie' or 'seriously', used here to highlight the unrestricted commercial potential offered by Kittl.

  • Can you explain how the mockup feature in Kittl works as per the tutorial?

    -The mockup feature in Kittl allows users to apply their designs to virtual T-shirt models to see how they would look in real life. This feature adjusts designs to fit the T-shirt's shape and fabric texture realistically, which helps in visualizing the final product before actual production.

  • What additional features does Kittl provide for enhancing text in designs?

    -Kittl provides several features for enhancing text in designs, including various effects like shadow, 3D looks, and decorations. It also offers customization options for text transformation and spacing, enabling users to create visually appealing and unique typographic styles.



📚 Introduction to K, Tutorial and Licensing

The video begins with a welcome back to the channel and an introduction to a comprehensive tutorial on K, a design software that aids in businesses. The presenter expresses confidence that viewers will learn how to use the software effectively by the end of the video. The speaker also promotes an affiliate link to join K, which supports the channel. A deep dive into K's licensing is provided, emphasizing its clear and business-friendly terms, particularly the allowance for commercial projects and print on demand products with no quantity limit. The presenter, identifying as a Gen Z/Millennial, humorously adopts the term 'no cap' to describe the limitless potential of the software. The video also covers the various templates available in K for different business needs, such as logos, posters, t-shirt designs, and social media templates.


🎨 Exploring K's Features and Creating Designs

The presenter guides viewers on how to start a new project in K, suggesting the use of templates as a starting point. They demonstrate how to customize a t-shirt design template by changing elements and colors. The video also covers how to add text and graphics to a project, including the use of AI-generated graphics, which is highlighted as a favorite feature of the presenter. The process of centering items and graphics in a project is explained, along with how to use the settings area for further customization. The presenter also discusses the ability to create unique designs by using various effects and transformations on text and fonts.


🖼️ Applying Textures and Exporting Designs

The video continues with instructions on how to apply textures to a design and the importance of using an alpha mask for t-shirt designs to achieve a grunge look. The presenter explains the process of exporting a design, particularly for print on demand sellers, and emphasizes the option to remove the background and optimize quality before downloading as a PNG. A bonus feature is introduced, which is the mockup generator that allows creators to visualize how their designs will look on a t-shirt. The presenter also discusses the flexibility of changing colors in the mockup and the auto-distortion feature for a realistic look.


📈 Finalizing Designs and Promoting the Channel

The presenter concludes the tutorial by showing how to finalize a design and create a mockup for a t-shirt, suggesting placements for different design elements like logos and text. They mention the convenience of K's built-in print on demand terms and licensing, which simplifies the process for creating designs and mockups. The video ends with a call to action for viewers to subscribe, like, and follow the channel for more content. There's a brief blooper reel for entertainment, and the presenter thanks the viewers for watching before signing off.




Kittl is referred to as a software platform used for designing various types of graphic content, prominently featured in the video for its ability to assist users in creating t-shirt designs. The software offers templates and features that enable users to produce designs for commercial purposes, including print on demand products. The video tutorial emphasizes how Kittl’s licensing allows unrestricted commercial use, which is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs in the print-on-demand sector.

💡Print on demand

Print on demand (POD) is a process where new items like t-shirts are only printed and produced after an order is received, eliminating the need for inventory. In the video, this concept is central as the presenter explains how Kittl's features and licensing are advantageous for POD businesses, offering unlimited production capabilities without traditional inventory risks.

💡Commercial projects

In the video, commercial projects refer to creative work intended for business purposes, which could be for the user’s own business or for third parties. Kittl's licensing permits the use of its designs in commercial projects, highlighting a crucial feature for viewers who intend to monetize their designs or offer design services to clients.


Templates in Kittl are pre-designed graphics or document formats that users can customize. The video showcases various templates available on Kittl, including those for t-shirts, social media, and even book covers, emphasizing how these templates simplify the design process by providing a professional base that can be personalized.


Licensing is discussed in the video as a key feature of Kittl, which clearly defines the scope of how designs created with the software can be used commercially. The clarity and flexibility of Kittl’s licensing are portrayed as significant benefits, particularly in supporting unrestricted quantities in print on demand contexts.

💡AI-generated graphics

AI-generated graphics are a feature within Kittl that allows users to create unique graphics based on artificial intelligence algorithms. The video demonstrates how to use this feature by creating a 'wizard kitten' graphic, illustrating the software’s capability to produce customized and creative images that enhance the uniqueness of a user’s design project.


A mockup in the context of the video is a digital model that shows what a designed t-shirt will look like when printed. The tutorial explains how to use Kittl’s mockup generator to visualize t-shirt designs realistically, which is crucial for selling print on demand products as it helps potential customers visualize the final product.


An artboard in graphic design software like Kittl is the digital workspace where designs are created and edited. In the video, the presenter explains how to select artboard sizes based on the specifications of different print on demand products, ensuring that the designs align with printing requirements.

💡Graphic design skills

Graphic design skills refer to the ability to create visual content using software tools. The video highlights that using Kittl enhances one’s graphic design capabilities through access to advanced tools and templates, making it easier to produce visually appealing and commercially viable designs.

💡Text settings

Text settings in Kittl are used to adjust the appearance of text within a design, such as changing fonts, colors, and adding text effects like shadows and textures. The video tutorial provides a detailed demonstration on how to utilize these settings to enhance the visual impact of textual elements in t-shirt designs.


The tutorial is designed to teach how to use the Kittl software for T-shirt design in under 15 minutes.

The presenter emphasizes the benefits of Kittl's licensing for commercial projects, including print on demand products with no limit on quantity.

Kittl offers a wide range of templates for various purposes, such as posters, T-shirt designs, and social media templates.

The presenter, who is a Gen Z-Millennial, humorously adopts the term 'no cap' to describe the unlimited potential of Kittl's licensing.

The tutorial covers how to customize and make T-shirt designs your own by changing elements, colors, and phrases.

The presenter demonstrates how to start a new project in Kittl and select the appropriate artboard size for print on demand designs.

Adding text and graphics to a design is made easy with Kittl's user-friendly interface and features.

The presenter shows how to use AI-generated graphics to create unique designs, such as a 'wizard kitten' band T-shirt.

Centering items and graphics in a project is simplified with Kittl's alignment tools and settings.

Customizing fonts and adding effects like shadows and decorations can enhance the design's visual appeal.

The transformation feature allows for creative manipulation of text to fit the design's theme.

Textures can be added to a design and customized to look more suitable for printing on a T-shirt.

Exporting designs for print on demand is simplified with Kittl's export options, including PNG for digital use.

A bonus feature is introduced, showing how to create a print on demand mockup using Kittl's mockup generator.

The presenter demonstrates changing T-shirt colors in the mockup to match the design and ensure visual accuracy.

The tutorial concludes with a blooper reel, adding a personal and humorous touch to the end of the video.

The presenter encourages viewers to subscribe, like, and follow for more content on T-shirt design and other creative topics.