Benny Hinn is in full on damage control mode. Don’t believe him.

Mike Winger
10 May 202417:11

TLDRThe video script discusses Benny Hinn's alleged damage control tactics following accusations of false prophecy and manipulation. The speaker criticizes Hinn's recent interview with Steven Strang, suggesting that Hinn is not genuinely repentant but instead exploiting Christians' willingness to forgive. The speaker also addresses Hinn's use of 1 Corinthians 14 to justify his actions, and his continued prosperity preaching despite previous damage control efforts. The summary calls for discernment among Christians, advocating for real repentance and authentic Christianity, and warns against the use of tactics like labeling critics as having a 'religious spirit' to dismiss valid concerns.


  • 🚨 Benny Hinn is currently in damage control mode, but the speaker believes he is not genuinely repentant.
  • 🕊️ Hinn is accused of exploiting Christians' desire for redemption and forgiveness to cover up his actions.
  • 📜 In an interview, Hinn admitted to committing false prophecies but downplayed them by misquoting 1 Corinthians 14.
  • 🛠️ The speaker criticizes Hinn's approach to damage control, suggesting it lacks sincerity and is more about image management.
  • 📉 Hinn's actions have had a negative impact on people, causing delusion and disillusionment among followers.
  • 🤔 The speaker is skeptical of Hinn's attempts to remove critical videos from the internet and his lack of public confession or change.
  • 💬 Hinn's interview with Steven Strang is seen as a way to control the narrative, with Strang being Hinn's 'damage control guy'.
  • 📢 Hinn's rejection of 'gimmicky' prosperity preaching is questioned, as he has returned to these practices after a 2019 damage control attempt.
  • 🧐 The speaker encourages viewers to watch the interview and judge for themselves whether Hinn's repentance is genuine.
  • 🙏 The speaker expresses a willingness to forgive Hinn if his repentance is real but stresses the importance of public confession and change.
  • ⛪️ The speaker hopes for a change in the church that would make it resistant to manipulative figures like Hinn.

Q & A

  • What is Benny Hinn's current situation as described in the transcript?

    -Benny Hinn is described as being in 'full-on damage control mode', where he is not genuinely repenting but instead trying to take advantage of Christians' love for redemption and forgiveness to cover up his actions.

  • What does the speaker accuse Benny Hinn of misquoting or misapplying in his defense?

    -The speaker accuses Benny Hinn of misquoting or misapplying 1 Corinthians 14, using it to justify false prophecy by claiming that 'we prophesy in part', thus making it seem acceptable to prophesy falsely.

  • Why does the speaker believe Benny Hinn's actions are harmful?

    -The speaker believes Benny Hinn's actions are harmful because they lead to real people being misled, causing delusion, discouragement, and disillusionment. This includes people who have given their last dime to Hinn's ministry and ended up destitute.

  • What was the speaker's initial response to the attention Benny Hinn's actions received?

    -The speaker made a video about Benny Hinn, which received more attention than expected. Initially, Benny Hinn did not respond, but eventually, he had to address the growing number of questions and discussions about his actions.

  • What does the speaker suggest is Benny Hinn's approach to dealing with critics?

    -The speaker suggests that Benny Hinn's approach to dealing with critics is to dismiss them, label them as having a 'religious spirit', and imply that they are overly critical and lacking in heart knowledge of God.

  • What does the speaker think about the possibility of meeting with Benny Hinn to resolve their differences?

    -The speaker is open to the idea of meeting with Benny Hinn to discuss and resolve their differences. However, they express low expectations about the outcome, believing that such a meeting might not lead to genuine repentance or change.

  • Why does the speaker believe Benny Hinn's current actions are not indicative of true repentance?

    -The speaker believes Benny Hinn's current actions are not indicative of true repentance because Hinn has not provided specific details about his mistakes, has not sought restitution or forgiveness from those he has harmed, and has not removed past videos that contain the same issues he claims to repent of.

  • What is the speaker's view on the role of repentance in Christianity?

    -The speaker views repentance as a genuine admission of error, which includes specific details, seeking restitution or blessings for those harmed, and a sincere change in behavior. They emphasize that forgiveness is conditional and requires a real change of heart.

  • What does the speaker suggest the church should focus on instead of gimmicks and manipulation?

    -The speaker suggests that the church should focus on authentic Christianity, which includes real fellowship, discipleship, and teaching of the Bible in context without gimmicks or manipulation.

  • How does the speaker describe the impact of Benny Hinn's ministry on pastors and church members?

    -The speaker describes the impact as sad and potentially disillusioning for pastors and church members who may have based their ministry on Benny Hinn's style. They may face hard decisions about their faith and ministry practices in light of these revelations.

  • What is the speaker's hope for the future of the church in relation to Benny Hinn's ministry?

    -The speaker's hope is that the church will change and seek authenticity, so that when someone like Benny Hinn arises again, the church will not be deceived and will not provide a receptive audience for such ministry.



😤 Benny Hinn's Damage Control and False Prophecy

The speaker discusses Benny Hinn's recent actions, accusing him of exploiting Christians' willingness to forgive and restore in order to cover up his past false prophecies. Hinn is said to have used an interview with Steven Strang to admit to false prophecies but downplay them as part of being human. The speaker also mentions his own disrupted schedule due to office renovations, and expresses concern about Hinn's negative impact on the Christian community, including misleading people about healing and causing disillusionment.


🤔 Benny Hinn's Insincere Repentance and Prosperity Preaching

The speaker criticizes Benny Hinn's approach to damage control, suggesting that Hinn's heart doesn't seem to be in his recent attempts and that he appears tired. Hinn is accused of not genuinely seeking repentance but rather using the concept of forgiveness to do more harm. The speaker also discusses Hinn's return to prosperity preaching despite previous damage control efforts in 2019, and emphasizes the importance of real repentance, which includes admitting specific errors and seeking restitution for those harmed.


😠 Benny Hinn's Deceptive Tactics and Public Shaming

The speaker condemns Benny Hinn's tactics of publicly shaming critics by labeling them as having a 'religious spirit,' which is a way to dismiss any criticism. Hinn is accused of using scripture out of context to teach a personal list that doesn't align with his ministry. The speaker also shares his experience of trying to correct such public teachers and the difficulty of doing so without blind spots. He emphasizes the importance of discerning the truth and not being swayed by personal attacks.


🙏 A Call for Authentic Christianity and Protection Against Manipulation

The speaker expresses a desire for the church to learn from Benny Hinn's manipulative tactics to protect itself from similar deceptions in the future. He encourages the church to seek real fellowship, discipleship, and authentic teachings of the Bible. The speaker hopes that through education, the church will develop a discernment that prevents people like Hinn from finding an audience, as they would be seen through and rejected.



💡Damage control

Damage control refers to the efforts made to minimize or mitigate the negative effects of a situation, often a crisis or scandal. In the video, it is suggested that Benny Hinn is in 'full-on damage control mode', implying that he is actively trying to manage the fallout from allegations against him without genuinely addressing the issues.

💡False prophecy

False prophecy in the context of the video refers to the act of making predictions or declarations about the future that do not come true, often associated with religious leaders claiming divine insight. Benny Hinn is accused of committing false prophecy, which is a central issue in the video.

💡Redemption and forgiveness

Redemption and forgiveness are themes that revolve around the Christian concepts of being saved from sin and being granted pardon. The video discusses how Benny Hinn is perceived to be exploiting the Christian values of redemption and forgiveness to manage the perception of his actions.

💡1 Corinthians 14

1 Corinthians 14 is a biblical reference from the New Testament, specifically a chapter in the Christian Bible. In the video, it is mentioned that Benny Hinn misquotes or misapplies this scripture to justify his actions, indicating a misuse of religious text to support his behavior.

💡Prosperity preaching

Prosperity preaching is a religious doctrine that suggests material wealth is a sign of God's favor. The video criticizes Benny Hinn for his involvement in prosperity preaching, suggesting it is a gimmick that he has returned to even after a previous attempt at damage control.

💡Spin control

Spin control is a public relations tactic used to influence the way media covers and the public perceives a situation. The video suggests that Benny Hinn is using spin control by attempting to get critical videos removed and by presenting himself in a favorable light through interviews.


Repentance is the act of feeling regret or remorse for one's actions and seeking to make amends. The video argues that Benny Hinn's actions do not represent genuine repentance, as he is not taking specific steps to correct his past wrongs or seek restitution for those he has harmed.

💡Religious spirit

In the context of the video, the term 'religious spirit' is used by Benny Hinn to label critics as overly legalistic or lacking in genuine faith. The video suggests that this is a tactic to dismiss valid criticisms and to avoid addressing the substance of the allegations against him.


Deception refers to the act of misleading or being dishonest. The video accuses Benny Hinn of layers of deception, implying that his public image and actions do not align with a genuine commitment to Christian values and truthfulness.

💡Public figure

A public figure is a person who is well known by the general public, often due to their work or achievements. The video acknowledges the speaker's status as a public figure and the inevitability of facing criticism and scrutiny as a result.

💡Authentic Christianity

Authentic Christianity, as mentioned in the video, refers to the genuine practice of the Christian faith, which includes adherence to biblical teachings, fellowship, and discipleship. The speaker expresses a desire for the church to return to these core principles, contrasting them with the manipulative tactics allegedly used by Benny Hinn.


Benny Hinn is in full-on damage control mode, but it appears he is not genuinely repenting for his actions.

Hinn is accused of exploiting Christians' love of redemption and forgiveness to cover up his actions.

In an interview with Steven Strang, Hinn admitted to committing false prophecy but excused it by saying 'nobody's perfect'.

Critics argue that Hinn's false prophecies do not fit the 'nobody's perfect' category and are a serious issue.

The speaker discusses the negative impact of Hinn's actions on real people, including victims who have suffered financially and emotionally.

Hinn's critics have worked hard to expose his actions, aiming to purify the body of Christ.

The speaker suggests that Hinn's attempts to remove critical videos from the internet have failed.

Hinn's response to criticism has been to claim that his critics have a 'religious spirit', which the speaker argues is a way to dismiss valid concerns.

The speaker is open to a private discussion with Hinn but has low expectations due to past experiences.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of the church being equipped to recognize and resist manipulation and false teachings.

Hinn is criticized for not genuinely seeking repentance and instead focusing on public perception.

The speaker calls for real repentance, which includes admitting specific errors and seeking to make amends with those harmed.

The speaker is critical of Hinn's continued Prosperity preaching despite previous claims to have rejected it.

The speaker discusses the personal impact of Hinn's actions on himself and his ministry, including the need to find a new bookcase for his recording setup.

The speaker expresses concern for pastors who may have based their ministry on Hinn's style and are now facing a crisis of conscience.

The speaker calls for an authentic Christianity that focuses on real fellowship, discipleship, and biblical teachings.