Best Free Text To Image AI Generator (2024)

Sarah van Dijk
17 Jan 202409:05

TLDRThis video introduces several free AI text-to-image generators, including NightCafe Studio, Artbreeder, HotPoot AI, Deep Dream Generator, and DeepAI. Each tool is demonstrated with a prompt to generate images, showcasing their unique features and styles. Viewers are guided through the process of creating art, from signing up to using various platforms, with a focus on ease of use and the quality of generated images. The video also mentions MyHeritage for image enhancement and Sketch Meta for animation, concluding with a mobile app option, Star AI, and a final recommendation, Meta Image AI.


  • πŸ˜€ NightCafe Studio is a versatile tool that allows users to create images in various styles and offers 15 free credits on sign-up.
  • πŸ” provides a platform for AI image generation with options to mix images and adjust settings for different aesthetics.
  • 🎨 Hot poot AI offers a variety of ideas and styles for image creation, including wallpapers and Instagram posts, with a free plan and a premium upgrade for unlimited generation.
  • πŸ‘‘ Deep Dream Generator provides multiple image options and allows users to request more similar images based on their preferences.
  • πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ Deep AI offers a unique image generation experience with various art styles, though the quality may vary and require further adjustments.
  • πŸ‘΅ My Heritage is a special mention for its ability to bring old images to life with 3D realism, often used for ancestral visualization.
  • 🎭 Sketch Meta Demo Lab enables users to animate their drawings, bringing characters to life with different movements.
  • πŸ“± Star AI is an app available on Android, iOS, and desktop, offering a straightforward sign-up process for art creation.
  • πŸ€– Dolly Mini is an alternative to the widely-used Dolly, providing different art styles and useful during server load times for quicker image generation.
  • 🌐 Meta Image AI is a text-based AI image generator that leverages a Meta (Facebook) account for easy access and use.
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Q & A

  • What is the first text to image AI generator mentioned in the video?

    -The first text to image AI generator mentioned is NightCafe Studio, which allows users to create various styles of images.

  • How does NightCafe Studio's credit policy work?

    -NightCafe Studio operates on a credit system where typically two credits are needed to generate one image. The number of credits required depends on the details of the image. Users receive 15 free credits upon sign up and can earn more credits periodically.

  • What is the second tool discussed in the video for generating AI images?

    -The second tool discussed is Artbreeder, which offers various types of AI image generation including mixing images and tuning them based on user prompts.

  • How can users customize the art style in Artbreeder's prompt tool?

    -In Artbreeder's prompt tool, users can customize the art style by specifying their desired aesthetic or theme in the prompt settings and advanced settings.

  • What is the name of the third AI image generator featured in the video?

    -The third AI image generator featured is Hot Pot AI, which is known for creating amazing images and providing ideas for wallpapers, backgrounds, and Instagram posts.

  • What feature does Hot Pot AI offer to help users refine their image generation?

    -Hot Pot AI allows users to add exclusion criteria to specify what they don't want to be drawn, and also offers a variety of styles to choose from, including the option to see more styles for a customized look.

  • What is Deep Dream Generator and how does it work?

    -Deep Dream Generator is another tool that provides a selection of different images based on the user's prompt. Users can choose an image they like and ask the generator to create more similar ones.

  • What is the issue with the image quality in Deep AI's image generation?

    -The issue with Deep AI's image generation is that the quality can be quite low, with details such as the face of the dog not being generated properly, which may require further editing.

  • What is the purpose of My Heritage mentioned in the video?

    -My Heritage is not an image generator but a tool that brings images to life, allowing users to make old images look more realistic and view them in 3D, often used to see what ancestors might have looked like.

  • What is Sketch Meta Demo Lab and how can it be used?

    -Sketch Meta Demo Lab is a tool that enables users to animate any image they have drawn, bringing characters to life with multiple different movements.

  • What is the name of the mobile app mentioned for generating AI images, and on what platforms is it available?

    -The mobile app mentioned is Star AI, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and can also be used on desktop.

  • What is Dolly Mini and how does it differ from the original Dolly?

    -Dolly Mini is a variation of the original Dolly, offering a way to check out different art styles. It is useful when the original Dolly is experiencing high server load, which can result in longer image generation times.

  • What is the final platform mentioned for text-based AI image generation, and what account does it require?

    -The final platform mentioned is Meta Image AI, which requires a Meta account, which most people already have through Facebook, eliminating the need for a separate sign-up process.



🎨 Night Cafe Studio: A Versatile Image Generator

The video introduces Night Cafe Studio as the first tool for creating various image styles. It allows users to choose from different styles and view top creations. The process involves entering a description and selecting the art style. Night Cafe provides a free credit system, with 15 credits upon sign-up and additional credits earned weekly. The tool's credit policy is based on the complexity of the image requested, with more detailed images requiring more credits.


πŸ€– Artbreeder: Customizable AI Image Creation

Artbreeder is highlighted as a tool for AI image generation with options to mix images, use reference images, and tune existing ones. The focus is on the prompt tool, where users can input a description for the desired image and adjust settings for style and quality. The summary mentions the generation of lower-sized images that can be enhanced for quality, reflecting the tool's capability to produce customizable AI images.

πŸ”₯ Hot Pot AI: Diverse Image Ideas and Styles

Hot Pot AI is presented as a platform for creating wallpapers, backgrounds, and Instagram posts. It offers an art generator where users can input prompts and exclusion criteria, choose styles, and use reference images. The tool allows for the creation of images in various styles, with a mention of a free plan that takes time to generate images, and a premium plan offering unlimited AI generation and higher daily limits.

🌌 Deep Dream Generator: Exploring Unique Imagery

The Deep Dream Generator is showcased for its ability to produce a variety of images from a single prompt, allowing users to select and generate more similar images. The tool provides options to specify art styles and generate unique images, although the quality might be low, requiring potential adjustments. It emphasizes the tool's capacity for artistic and fantasy game style images.

🎭 Deep AI: Artistic Image Generation with Style Options

Deep AI is introduced as an image generation tool with a focus on prompts and art styles. Users can select from various styles to generate images that cater to their aesthetic preferences. The summary notes the generation of a unique and nice-looking image, but also points out the potential need for quality enhancement due to low resolution issues.

πŸ–ΌοΈ My Heritage: Bringing Old Images to Life

My Heritage is mentioned as a special tool not for creating new images but for enhancing old ones, making them look realistic and viewable in 3D. It is often used to visualize ancestors' appearances, offering a unique service in the realm of image manipulation and enhancement.

πŸ“š Sketch Meta Demo Lab: Animating Your Drawings

Sketch Meta Demo Lab is featured as a platform for animating drawn images, allowing users to bring their characters to life with various movements. The tool provides a creative avenue for artists to enhance their work beyond static images.

πŸ“± Star AI: Mobile and Desktop Image Generation App

Star AI is an app-based image generator available on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms. Users can sign up and start creating art through a simple sign-up process, making AI image generation accessible across different devices.

πŸ–ŒοΈ Dolly Mini: Alternative to Dolly for Art Style Exploration

Dolly Mini is presented as an alternative to the widely used Dolly tool, offering a way to explore different art styles with less server load during peak times. The summary notes that while the output might be rough and require adjustments, it serves well for generating simple illustrations and animated styles.

🌐 Meta Image AI: Text-Based Image Generation with Social Media Integration

Meta Image AI is the final tool discussed, which leverages a user's Meta (Facebook) account for text-based AI image generation without the need for additional sign-ups. The tool is praised for its convenience and integration with existing social media platforms.



πŸ’‘Text to Image AI Generator

A 'Text to Image AI Generator' is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to create images based on textual descriptions provided by the user. In the context of the video, it is the main theme, showcasing various tools that can transform text prompts into visual artwork. For example, the script mentions several generators like NightCafe, Artbreeder, and Deep Dream Generator, each capable of generating images from textual descriptions.


NightCafe is highlighted in the video as a tool that enables users to create various styles of images. The platform offers a user interface where one can input specific prompts and select styles, as demonstrated when the creator inputs 'dog in a Royal Garden running towards us' and generates an image. NightCafe operates on a credit system, providing free credits for new sign-ups and additional image generation based on the number of details in the request.


Artbreeder is introduced as another AI image generation tool that allows users to mix images, use reference images, and tune existing images. The script describes using the prompt feature of Artbreeder to create an image of a dog running in a Royal Garden, emphasizing the customization options and the process of waiting for the AI to complete the image generation.

πŸ’‘HotPoot AI

HotPoot AI is presented as a versatile image generation platform that can create wallpapers, backgrounds, and Instagram posts. The video script illustrates the process of inputting a prompt into HotPoot AI, selecting an exclusion criteria, choosing a style, and generating an image. It also mentions the benefits of a premium plan, which includes unlimited AI image generation and a higher daily limit.

πŸ’‘Deep Dream Generator

The 'Deep Dream Generator' is a tool within the video that offers a selection of images based on the user's prompt. It provides the ability to generate more similar images if the user finds one they like. The script uses this tool to generate images with the same prompt as other tools for comparison, showcasing the variety of outputs one can achieve.

πŸ’‘Deep AI

Deep AI is showcased as an image generation platform with a variety of art styles to choose from. The script describes the process of inputting a prompt and selecting a style, such as 'fantasy game style,' to generate unique images. However, it also notes the potential limitation of image quality, as seen with the dog's face in the generated image.

πŸ’‘My Heritage

While not an image generator in the traditional sense, 'My Heritage' is mentioned as a tool that brings images to life, particularly old photos, making them look more realistic and allowing users to view them in 3D. It is often used to visualize ancestors' appearances, adding a historical and personal dimension to image generation.

πŸ’‘Sketch Meta Demo Lab

Sketch Meta Demo Lab is described as a platform for animating images that users have drawn. It allows characters to come to life with multiple movements, offering a dynamic aspect to image creation that goes beyond static generation.

πŸ’‘Star AI

Star AI is a mobile app-based image generator available on Android and iOS, with desktop accessibility. The script mentions signing up and starting the creation process, indicating its user-friendly interface and the ease of generating art on various devices.

πŸ’‘Doll e Mini

Doll e Mini is a variation of the original Doll e tool, which is a popular image generation platform. The video script notes that while Doll e can sometimes produce similar outputs due to its widespread use, Doll e Mini offers a way to explore different art styles and is useful when the main Doll e server is under heavy load, as it may generate images faster.

πŸ’‘Meta Image AI

Meta Image AI is the final platform mentioned in the video, which utilizes a user's Meta account, typically associated with Facebook, to generate images from text prompts without the need for additional sign-ups. This tool represents the convenience of integrating AI image generation with existing social media platforms.


Introduction to various free text to image AI generators not including popular ones like mid Journey or Dolly.

NightCafe Studio allows creating any kind of image with different styles and a daily top creations showcase.

NightCafe provides a free credit system and a policy for generating images based on credits. offers AI image generation with the ability to mix images and use reference images.

HotPoot AI creates images and provides ideas for wallpapers, backgrounds, and Instagram posts.

Deep Dream Generator offers a selection of different images and the option to generate more similar ones.

DeepAI provides image generation with various art styles and a focus on unique and artistic results.

MyHeritage is a tool for bringing old images to life and viewing them in 3D.

Sketch Meta Demo Lab enables animating drawn images and bringing characters to life.

Star AI is an app available on Android, iOS, and desktop for easy image generation.

Doll-e Mini is an alternative to Doll-e for checking out different art styles during server load.

Meta Image AI uses a text-based AI image generator that integrates with Meta accounts.

NightCafe's image generation process demonstrated with a prompt example.

Artbreeder's prompt tool customization and image generation with a prompt example.

HotPoot AI's exclusion criteria feature for more specific image generation.

Deep Dream Generator's ability to choose and generate similar images based on user preference.

DeepAI's image generation limitations and the need for potential post-processing.

Star AI's simple sign-up process and ease of use across different platforms.

Doll-e Mini's rough image generation and its suitability for simpler or animated images.

Meta Image AI's convenience for users already having a Meta account for immediate use.