Can chatGPT solve Minecraft Escape Room?

27 Apr 202404:08

TLDRThe video presents a challenge where the AI, ChatGPT, with an estimated IQ of 155, is tested against a series of increasingly difficult Minecraft Escape Room puzzles. The AI successfully solves various levels, including using crafting tables, ladders, and other items to escape. It demonstrates an understanding of Minecraft mechanics, such as creating cobblestone generators, using bone meal to grow trees, and even employing strategies like taming a parrot for escape. However, it fails the final level where it incorrectly assumes taming a parrot would lead to escape, instead of the actual solution involving crafting fireworks and using an elytra to fly away. The video showcases the AI's problem-solving skills and its limitations in complex Minecraft scenarios.


  • 🧩 Minecraft Escape Rooms are a popular type of map that vary in difficulty, requiring players to solve puzzles and build upwards to escape.
  • 📈 ChatGPT, estimated to have an IQ of 155, is pitted against these puzzles to test its problem-solving capabilities.
  • 🧱 In the first level, ChatGPT successfully builds up using provided blocks and a ladder to escape, demonstrating basic understanding.
  • ⛏ In a more complex level, ChatGPT crafts iron blocks, builds up, and uses a crafting table for escape, showcasing its ability to follow crafting logic.
  • 🌳 ChatGPT surprises by solving a level involving growing a tree, converting it into wood planks, and using them to build an escape tower.
  • 🔥 Using a cobblestone generator with lava and water sources, ChatGPT harvests cobblestone and builds an escape tower in a challenging scenario.
  • 🛡 In a level with an Iron Golem, ChatGPT figures out to kill the Golem, collect iron, and use it to create an iron bucket for escape.
  • 🎣 Given a fishing rod and a tower to climb, ChatGPT innovates by fishing for a leather boot to aid in climbing.
  • 🚀 Faced with a 70-block climb, ChatGPT smelts ancient debris for XP, repairs a broken elytra, and escapes, indicating resourcefulness.
  • 🦜 In the final level, despite an incorrect initial attempt, ChatGPT's strategic thinking process is evident, though it ultimately fails to find the correct solution.
  • 🎉 ChatGPT's performance across various levels of Minecraft Escape Rooms highlights its advanced problem-solving skills and understanding of game mechanics.

Q & A

  • What is the concept of a Minecraft Escape Room?

    -The concept of a Minecraft Escape Room involves players having to build upwards and solve puzzles to escape to freedom within the game.

  • What is the significance of the character Chaty PT in the script?

    -Chaty PT is an AI with an estimated IQ of 155, which is pitted against various Minecraft Escape Room puzzles to test its problem-solving capabilities.

  • What is the first step to escape in the initial level of the Minecraft Escape Room?

    -The first step is to tower up eight blocks using the provided eight blocks.

  • How does one escape in the second level where iron blocks and a crafting table are provided?

    -Craft the iron into nine iron blocks, tower up nine blocks, and then place the crafting table on top to escape.

  • What is the strategy to escape the level where one oak sapling, one dirt block, and five bone meal are provided?

    -Plant the sapling in the dirt block, use bone meal to grow it into a tree, chop it down for wood logs, convert logs into wood planks, and use them to build a tower to escape.

  • What is the method to create a cobblestone generator using water and lava sources?

    -Position dirt blocks strategically against a wall, place lava on one side and water on the other, to generate cobblestone as the water turns the lava into obsidian, which then falls and turns into cobblestone when hit.

  • How does one escape the level with 30 blocks to tower up, an Iron Golem spawn egg, a cauldron, and a crafting table?

    -Kill the Iron Golem after creating a tower with the crafting table and cauldron, collect iron, create an iron bucket, wait for the cauldron to fill with water, and swim upwards to escape.

  • What is the solution to escape the level with a fishing rod with Unbreaking III, a powder snow tower, and a block of water?

    -Use the fishing rod to catch a leather boot, wear it, and then climb to escape.

  • How does one escape the level requiring a climb of 70 blocks with a broken elytra, three firework, an Anvil, Phantom membrane, and eight ancient debris?

    -Smelt the ancient debris for XP, repair the elytra using the XP, and then use it to escape.

  • What is the final solution to the last level where one elytra, 32 bone meal, one stick, flint, and a bow are provided?

    -Use bone meal on the grass to get seeds, tame the parrot, make it dismount, kill the parrot to get feathers, craft arrows, knock down creepers for gunpowder, craft fireworks, wear the elytra, and escape using the fireworks for propulsion.

  • Why did Chaty PT fail the final level of the Minecraft Escape Room?

    -Chaty PT failed because it suggested taming the parrot and flying away with it, which is not the correct solution to the puzzle.



🧩 Minecraft Escape Rooms: Puzzle Solving Challenge

This paragraph introduces the concept of Minecraft Escape Rooms, where players must solve puzzles to build a tower and escape. The difficulty varies from easy to hard, and the AI, Chatty PT, is tested against these puzzles. The first puzzle involves using eight blocks to tower up and escape, followed by crafting iron into blocks and using a crafting table for a more complex escape. The AI demonstrates an understanding of Minecraft mechanics, solving each level with increasing difficulty, including using a sapling and bone meal to grow a tree for wood, creating a cobblestone generator with lava and water, and using various items like an iron golem spawn egg and a cauldron in a rainy environment.



💡Minecraft Escape Room

Minecraft Escape Room refers to a custom map or game mode in the popular sandbox video game Minecraft, where players are placed in a confined space and must solve puzzles or complete challenges to 'escape'. In the context of the video, it is the main theme where the AI, chatGPT, is tested against a series of increasingly difficult escape room scenarios.


A puzzle in this context is a problem or challenge designed to test a person's ingenuity or knowledge. The video script describes various puzzles that must be solved to progress through the escape room, such as crafting items, manipulating the environment, and using game mechanics to one's advantage.

💡Crafting Table

In Minecraft, a crafting table is a fundamental item used to combine other items into more complex stacks. It is essential for creating tools, weapons, and other equipment. In the video, the crafting table is used to craft iron blocks and other items necessary for solving the escape room puzzles.

💡Iron Golem

An Iron Golem is a large, strong mob in Minecraft that protects villagers and players from hostile mobs. In the escape room scenario, the Iron Golem is used as a source of iron by the AI after it is defeated, which is then crafted into a bucket for a subsequent puzzle.

💡Cobblestone Generator

This is a mechanism in Minecraft that uses lava and water to create cobblestone automatically. It is a more advanced technique and is used in the video as part of a multi-step puzzle where the AI must generate cobblestone to build upwards and escape.


Elytra are a set of wings in Minecraft that allow players to glide through the air. In the video, the AI is given a broken elytra and must gather resources to repair it, which is part of the strategy to escape from a high-altitude challenge.

💡Bone Meal

Bone meal is an item in Minecraft that can be used to grow plants instantly. In the video, it is used to speed up the growth of a tree, which is then harvested for wood, a key resource for building a tower to escape.

💡Powder Snow

Powder snow is a block in Minecraft that can slow down entities moving through it. In the escape room, the AI attempts to use a tower made of powder snow to climb and escape, although this strategy is ultimately unsuccessful.

💡Fishing Rod

A fishing rod in Minecraft is used for catching fish and other items from a distance. In the video, the AI is instructed to use the fishing rod to obtain a leather boot, which is part of the solution to one of the escape room challenges.

💡Phantom Membrane

A Phantom Membrane is a rare drop from Phantoms in Minecraft. It is used in the video as a resource to craft fireworks, which are then used as part of the escape strategy from a high-altitude challenge.

💡Ancient Debris

Ancient Debris is an ore in Minecraft that can be smelted to obtain Netherite Scrap, which is then used to upgrade tools and armor to Netherite. In the video, the AI uses Ancient Debris to smelt for XP, which is required to repair the elytra.


Parrots are a type of mob in Minecraft that can be tamed and will sit on a player's shoulder. In the escape room scenario, the AI incorrectly assumes that taming a parrot and flying away with it will solve the puzzle, but the actual solution involves using the parrot in a different way to obtain feathers for crafting arrows.


Minecraft Escape rooms are popular and challenging maps to play, with varying levels of difficulty.

ChatGPT, estimated to have an IQ of 155, is tested against increasing difficulty levels of Minecraft Escape room puzzles.

ChatGPT solves the first level by stacking eight blocks and using a ladder to escape.

In the second level, ChatGPT crafts iron blocks and uses a crafting table for the escape.

ChatGPT accelerates tree growth using bone meal to gather wood logs for building a tower in the third level.

A cobblestone generator is created using water and lava sources in a complex puzzle.

ChatGPT successfully harvests cobblestone and builds a tower to escape in a level with limited resources.

An Iron Golem is strategically defeated to collect iron for crafting in a rainy weather level.

ChatGPT uses an iron bucket and a filled cauldron to swim upwards for escape in a unique puzzle.

A fishing rod with Unbreaking III is utilized to overcome a powder snow tower puzzle.

ChatGPT smelts ancient debris for XP to repair a broken elytra in a level with a furnace.

In the final level, ChatGPT attempts to tame a parrot for escape but ultimately fails to solve the puzzle.

The actual solution to the final puzzle involves taming a parrot, making arrows and fireworks, and using an elytra to escape.

ChatGPT demonstrates a deep understanding of Minecraft mechanics and strategies in solving the escape room puzzles.

The transcript showcases the capabilities of AI in problem-solving through a series of complex and creative challenges.

The increasing difficulty of the levels pushes the boundaries of what AI can achieve in gaming scenarios.

ChatGPT's approach to solving puzzles involves both straightforward and innovative methods.

The transcript highlights the importance of resourcefulness and strategic thinking in overcoming game challenges.

ChatGPT's performance in the escape room puzzles raises questions about the future of AI in gaming and its potential impact on humanity.