Corrupting ART with AI?! - This is SCARY GOOD!!...

18 Jan 202112:47

TLDRIn this video, the creator explores Artbreeder, an AI tool that blends images to generate new, unique artworks. They demonstrate the process by altering their own portrait and famous paintings like the Mona Lisa, and discuss the potential for character design and creative projects. The tool's versatility and ability to produce copyright-free content are highlighted, inviting viewers to share their experiences and ideas for using Artbreeder.


  • 🎨 Art Breeder is an AI-based tool that allows users to blend and create new images using either pre-existing images in its database or user-uploaded ones.
  • 🖼️ The platform supports a wide range of image styles, from realistic landscapes and photos to painterly portraits and anime characters.
  • 🤖 AI technology is utilized to add or modify features in images, such as skin tones, expressions, and even transforming black and white photos to color.
  • 🎭 The user's experience with Art Breeder began through their D&D group, where one player used it to create new artworks and character portraits.
  • 👤 The user experimented with various images, including their own, and found that the AI could significantly alter or enhance the original images while maintaining a level of uniqueness.
  • 🌟 Art Breeder's AI can generate completely new images that do not require licensing, offering a new avenue for creative projects.
  • 🔍 The user explored the tool's capabilities by uploading different types of images and adjusting various sliders to see the AI's output.
  • 🎮 The video script includes a playful and experimental approach to using AI in art, suggesting a potential for more in-depth exploration and application.
  • 🌐 The platform's website,, offers a variety of categories for users to explore and create new images.
  • 💡 The user contemplates the potential uses of Art Breeder, such as character design, thumbnail creation, and providing inspiration for projects.
  • 📸 The script showcases the ease with which users can generate and iterate on new images, emphasizing the tool's intuitiveness and creative potential.

Q & A

  • What is Artbreeder and how does it work?

    -Artbreeder is a website that utilizes artificial intelligence to blend and create new images. Users can either use images from the site's database or upload their own, and then 'breed' them together by adjusting various sliders and settings to generate unique artworks. It can handle a wide range of styles, from realistic portraits to anime characters.

  • How did the speaker discover Artbreeder?

    -The speaker was introduced to Artbreeder through his D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) group, where one of the players used it to create new artworks and character portraits.

  • What kind of modifications can be made to a black and white photo using Artbreeder?

    -Artbreeder can add saturation to a black and white photo, adjust skin tones, change expressions, and even modify facial features such as making the subject look more stern, angry, or giving them sunken eyes.

  • How did the speaker customize an existing artwork of 'Mustache Bonnie Boat Bonnie'?

    -The speaker used Artbreeder to remove the headband from the original artwork and modify the face to be grouchier, slimmer, and older, resulting in a less purposeful and slightly janky look.

  • What were some of the tests the speaker conducted with Artbreeder on their own image?

    -The speaker uploaded a portrait of themselves and experimented with various settings such as chaos, age, and facial expressions. They also tried blending their face with the Mona Lisa to create a unique portrait.

  • How does Artbreeder handle public domain images?

    -Artbreeder allows users to make copyright-free alterations and create new images using AI with public domain images. This feature is useful for random projects, thumbnails, or character design inspiration.

  • What kind of characters did the speaker design using Artbreeder's 'Knight' and 'Female Warrior' categories?

    -The speaker selected a few designs from the 'Knight' and 'Female Warrior' categories, customized the armor and proportions, and created a unique character with a blend of features from different sources.

  • How did the speaker explore the 'Landscapes' category on Artbreeder?

    -The speaker searched for 'snow' to find epic and mystical mountain landscapes, then added references for a castle and increased the architecture and snow settings to create a unique scene.

  • What is the 'Crossbreed' feature on Artbreeder?

    -The 'Crossbreed' feature allows users to blend any image from the site's library or their own uploads with another image to create a new, hybrid artwork. Users can choose to make the resulting image more similar or more different from the original references.

  • What are some potential uses for Artbreeder according to the speaker?

    -The speaker suggests potential uses for Artbreeder such as creating character designs for role-playing games, designing album covers, generating unique backdrops for illustrations, and even transforming personal photos into different styles or characters.

  • How did the speaker's experience with Artbreeder impact their view on AI and creativity?

    -The speaker was impressed by Artbreeder's ability to rival human creativity or at least serve as a significant supplement to it. They found the tool to be addictive and are considering using it for various creative projects in the future.



🎨 Introducing Art Breeder: A Creative AI Tool

The speaker, Jazza, introduces Art Breeder, a website that allows users to blend images from its database or upload their own to create new artworks. The tool can generate a wide range of images, from realistic landscapes and photos to painterly portraits and anime characters. Jazza shares his experience with Art Breeder, which he discovered through his tabletop role-playing group. He describes how one player used the tool to create new artworks and portraits, combining various elements to produce unique creations without the need for licensing. Jazza also discusses his own experiments with the tool, including enhancing a black and white photograph by adding color and altering facial expressions, as well as customizing an existing artwork to better suit his preferences.


👤 Exploring Character Customization and Editing

Jazza delves deeper into the character customization features of Art Breeder. He demonstrates how to adjust various sliders to modify the appearance of characters, such as making them appear younger or older, and changing their facial expressions. He also explores the potential of the tool to create unique character designs by combining different elements, such as armor patterns and other attributes. Jazza expresses his excitement about the possibilities of using Art Breeder for character design, especially in scenarios where a group of characters needs to be created for a role-playing campaign or other creative projects.


🌟 Diverse Applications of Art Breeder: From Landscapes to Albums

Jazza showcases the versatility of Art Breeder by using it to create various types of images, including landscapes, cityscapes, planets, and album covers. He describes how the tool can generate unique and interesting backdrops for different settings, and how it can be used to produce new and unique character designs. Jazza also discusses the potential of using Art Breeder for creating thumbnails, character design inspiration, and other creative projects. He emphasizes the addictive nature of the tool and its ability to produce surprising and innovative results.



💡Art Breeder

Art Breeder is an AI-based tool that allows users to blend and create new images using either images from its database or user-uploaded images. It is used for generating a variety of art styles, from realistic portraits to anime characters. In the video, the speaker uses Art Breeder to modify and create numerous images, showcasing its versatility and potential for artistic creation.

💡AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI in this context refers to the application of machine learning and computer vision algorithms to generate and manipulate images. It is the driving force behind Art Breeder, enabling users to create new artworks without the need for traditional artistic skills. The video highlights the innovative ways AI can be used to supplement human creativity.

💡Character Design

Character design involves creating the appearance and personality of characters for various forms of media, such as video games, animations, and role-playing games. In the video, the speaker uses Art Breeder to design characters for their tabletop role-playing group, demonstrating how AI can aid in the creative process of character development.

💡Tabletop Role-Playing

Tabletop role-playing refers to games where players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting and engage in storytelling and gameplay guided by a game master. The video mentions the speaker's involvement in a tabletop role-playing group and how they use Art Breeder to enhance their gaming experience by creating custom character portraits.

💡Public Domain Images

Public domain images are works that are no longer protected by copyright and can be used by the public for any purpose without seeking permission. In the video, the speaker appreciates that Art Breeder contains a vast library of such images, allowing users to create new, unique works without copyright restrictions.

💡Image Manipulation

Image manipulation refers to the process of altering or editing images using various techniques and tools. In the context of the video, the speaker uses AI to manipulate images in Art Breeder, changing facial expressions, adding color, and blending elements from different images to create new artworks.


A mashup is a creative work that combines elements from two or more sources, often to create a new and unique piece. In the video, the speaker uses Art Breeder to create image mashups by blending different images together, resulting in entirely new artworks.

💡Creative Supplement

A creative supplement refers to a tool or resource that aids or enhances the creative process. In the video, the AI tool Art Breeder serves as a creative supplement, providing the speaker with a means to explore and expand their artistic capabilities beyond what they could achieve manually.

💡Random Projects

Random projects refer to creative endeavors that are exploratory or experimental in nature, often without a specific goal or predetermined outcome. In the video, the speaker uses Art Breeder to engage in random projects, such as generating unique landscapes and character designs, to explore the possibilities of AI in art.


Thumbnails are small preview images used to represent larger content, such as videos or articles. In the context of the video, the speaker discusses how Art Breeder can be used to create unique and eye-catching thumbnails for videos or other digital content, leveraging the power of AI to generate engaging visuals.


Anime refers to a style of animation that originated in Japan and has become popular worldwide. It is characterized by colorful artwork, fantastical themes, and vibrant characters. In the video, the speaker uses Art Breeder to create anime-style portraits, demonstrating how AI can be used to generate content in this specific artistic genre.


Introduction to Artbreeder, an AI art tool that allows users to blend and create new images using pre-existing images in their database or user-uploaded ones.

The versatility of Artbreeder, as it can handle a wide range of styles from realistic landscapes to anime characters.

The speaker's initial experience with Artbreeder was through their D&D group, where a player used it to create new artworks and portraits.

An example of how the speaker used Artbreeder to add color and change the expression of a black and white photograph.

The ability of Artbreeder to customize images, as demonstrated by the speaker's modification of a found artwork to better fit their desired character design.

The speaker's on-camera experiment with Artbreeder, starting with their own portrait and exploring the AI's capabilities.

The transformation of the Mona Lisa using Artbreeder, showcasing the tool's potential for creating unique and public domain images.

The application of Artbreeder in character design, as the speaker searches for and combines various elements to create a new character.

The exploration of different categories on Artbreeder, such as animals, landscapes, and cityscapes, to generate diverse and imaginative images.

The potential of Artbreeder in album cover design, as the speaker experiments with blending different elements to create a unique visual.

The speaker's experiment with creating a hybrid image between their own face and the Mona Lisa, demonstrating the tool's ability to blend and crossbreed images.

The speaker's discussion on the potential uses of Artbreeder, such as supplementing human creativity and aiding in design projects.

The mention of the website for those interested in exploring the tool further.

The speaker's closing thoughts on their experience with Artbreeder, expressing surprise and excitement about the possibilities it offers.