Create Better AI Images, Save Time & Yobeans On Yodayo AI

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5 Dec 202306:38

TLDRWelcome to the latest Yudo tutorial! Discover the revamped image generation features on Yudo AI, designed to enhance user experience and creativity. Learn how to leverage Hires Fix for improved image quality, the Image Upscaler for zoomed-in clarity, and the direct high-quality generation with the enhanced feature. This guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough of the new UI, tips for optimizing image generation, and a comparison of bean costs, empowering you to create stunning AI images efficiently.


  • 🎨 The website has been revamped for an improved user experience and to introduce updated image generation features on Udo.
  • 🚀 New to the platform? Udo is a hub for anime and vtuber enthusiasts, with over 1 million users as of December 1st.
  • 🌟 The tutorial covers three major feature updates: Hires Fix, Image Upscaler, and Image to Image generation.
  • 🖼️ Hires Fix, formerly known as the Enhanced feature, improves image quality by adding details, increasing pixel saturation, and upscaling the original image.
  • 📈 Two methods for using Hires Fix: Generate an image without Hires Fix and then enhance it, or generate a high-quality image with Hires Fix in one step.
  • 🔍 Image Upscaler maintains image details while increasing its size, useful for avoiding blurriness in zoomed-in images.
  • 🎯 When using Image to Image generation, sticking to the same image ratio for the canvas size is crucial for better results.
  • 💡 Hires Fix cannot be applied during Image to Image generation, but the Image Upscaler can be used to increase the image size.
  • 🌐 New additions to the interface include the Contest and Guide buttons in the navigation bar, offering community contests and helpful resources.
  • 💰 Bean cost comparison is provided to help users save time and resources when applying the new features.
  • 📢 For any questions or assistance, users are encouraged to join the Udo Discord community for support.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the tutorial?

    -The main focus of the tutorial is to cover the updated image generation features on Udo, including the new user interface and how to use them to create better images, save time, and save beans.

  • What are the three major feature updates on Udo discussed in the video?

    -The three major feature updates are Hires Fix (formerly known as the enhanced feature), Image Upscaler, and Image to Image generation feature.

  • How does the new user interface on Udo improve the user experience?

    -The new user interface on Udo is more user-friendly, with features like models and spells relocated to the center, history appearing as a popover on the left side, and a reset button for easily changing settings back to default.

  • What is Hires Fix and how does it enhance image quality?

    -Hires Fix is a powerful tool that enhances image quality by adding details, increasing pixel saturation, and upscaling the original images. It can be used to generate an image with or without Hires Fix, and allows users to upscale images for better detail and clarity.

  • How does the Image Upscaler feature work?

    -The Image Upscaler feature enhances images by increasing their size without altering any image details, allowing users to maintain the image at 100% quality while enhancing details.

  • What is the Image to Image generation feature and how is it used?

    -The Image to Image generation feature allows users to upload an existing image and then enter a prompt to enhance the result. It's important to maintain the same image ratio for the canvas size to ensure a consistent look.

  • Can Hires Fix be applied to the Image to Image feature?

    -No, Hires Fix cannot be applied when using the Image to Image feature, but the image upscaling tool can be used to increase the image size.

  • What are the pros and cons of the two methods for using Hires Fix?

    -The first method provides a variety of options to choose from before applying Hires Fix, while the second method allows for generating a high-quality, enhanced image in just a few seconds and at a lower cost.

  • How can users engage with the Udo community for further assistance?

    -Users can join the Udo Discord community to ask questions, share their work, and get help from fellow enthusiasts and the Udo team.

  • What is the significance of the contest and guide buttons in the new user interface?

    -The contest button displays all contest types, allowing users to specify their entry for a particular contest, while the guide page provides helpful resources from the community to assist users in utilizing Udo's features effectively.

  • How does the tutorial help users save beans when creating images?

    -The tutorial provides insights on using the features efficiently, such as choosing the right settings and using Hires Fix wisely, to create high-quality images while minimizing the number of beans spent.



🚀 Introduction to Udo's Updated Image Generation Features

This paragraph introduces viewers to the latest updates on Udo's website, aimed at improving user experience. It highlights the new image generation features and encourages users to learn how to utilize them effectively to create better images, save time, and reduce costs. The introduction also mentions the channel's focus on anime and vtuber enthusiasts, with over 1 million users as of December 1st. The tutorial begins with a brief tour of the new user interface, emphasizing the relocation of features like models and spells to a more user-friendly layout, the addition of a reset button, and the introduction of a new highers fix panel and canvas size option. The paragraph also explains the image to image feature, located at the top right corner of the website.


🎨 In-Depth Explanation of the Highers Fix Feature

This section delves into the details of the Highers Fix feature, formerly known as the enhanced feature. It is described as a powerful tool that improves image quality by adding details, increasing pixel saturation, and upscaling the original images. Two methods for using this feature are discussed: generating an image without Highers Fix first and then enhancing it, or generating a high-quality and enhanced image in one step with the feature toggled on. The paragraph provides a step-by-step demonstration of both methods, discussing the importance of using the same seed for optimal quality and the trade-offs between the two methods in terms of variety and speed. The pros and cons of each method are also highlighted, with the first offering more options before enhancement and the second providing a quick, high-quality result at a lower cost.

🔍 Exploring the Image Upscale Feature

The paragraph focuses on the image upscaler feature, which enhances images by increasing their size without altering any details. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining the original image's seed setting for consistent results. The feature is demonstrated using an example image, where the presenter upscales the image and maintains its clarity and sharpness even when zoomed in. The paragraph also touches on the limitations of the feature, noting that Highers Fix cannot be applied when using image to image generation. The demonstration shows how to achieve a desired outcome by adjusting the prompt and using the image upscaling tool to increase the image size, effectively summarizing the process and benefits of using the image upscale feature.

🌟 Conclusion and Bean Cost Comparison

In the concluding paragraph, the presenter thanks the viewers for watching the tutorial and expresses hope that the information provided is helpful for creating images on Udo. The presenter encourages viewers to ask questions and engage with the Udo community through comments or the Discord platform for further assistance. A bean cost comparison is also provided for the different features, allowing users to save and compare costs later on. The paragraph wraps up the tutorial and teases the next video, promising to see the viewers soon and encouraging them to enjoy their Udo AI experience.



💡AI Images

AI Images refer to images generated by artificial intelligence, often using machine learning models to create visual content. In the context of the video, AI images are the primary focus, with the aim of improving their quality and user experience through the use of the Udon AI platform's features. The video discusses how to create better AI images by saving time and resources, highlighting the platform's capabilities in enhancing image quality and details.

💡User Experience

User Experience (UX) is the overall experience a user has while interacting with a system or product, such as a website or software. It encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the system, including the interface design, functionality, and overall satisfaction. In the video, the Udon AI website's makeover is mentioned to enhance user experience, making it more user-friendly and efficient for users to navigate and utilize the updated image generation features.

💡Image Upscale

Image Upscale refers to the process of increasing the size of an image while maintaining or enhancing its quality. This is particularly useful for images that become pixelated or lose detail when enlarged. In the video, the Image Upscale feature is one of the major updates discussed, which allows users to enlarge their AI-generated images without losing detail or sharpness, thus improving the overall visual quality.

💡Hires Fix

Hires Fix, formerly known as the enhanced feature, is a tool that improves the quality of AI-generated images by adding details, increasing pixel saturation, and upscaling the original images. This feature is crucial for refining the output of AI image generation, making the images appear more realistic and visually appealing. The video explains how to use Hires Fix both as a separate enhancement step and as part of the one-step image generation process.


Beans, in the context of the Udon AI platform, represent a form of virtual currency or resource units that are used to generate AI images. The cost of generating images or using specific features can be measured in beans, which users may need to save or manage efficiently. The video emphasizes saving beans by effectively using the platform's features, such as Hires Fix and Image Upscale, to achieve better image quality with fewer resources.

💡Canvas Size

Canvas size refers to the dimensions of the digital space where an image is created or displayed. In the context of AI image generation, the canvas size can be adjusted to fit the user's preferences or requirements. The video discusses the importance of selecting the appropriate canvas size for the desired output, whether it's a standard or custom size, and how it affects the overall composition and quality of the AI-generated images.


A contest, in the context of the Udon AI platform, is a competition or challenge where users can submit their AI-generated images for evaluation or recognition. The video introduces a new feature on the platform that displays all contest types, encouraging users to participate and showcase their creations. By entering specific hashtags with their submissions, users can specify which contest they want to join, adding an interactive and engaging element to the platform.


The term 'Guide' in the video refers to a resource page on the Udon AI platform that provides helpful information, tips, and tutorials for users. This community-driven feature offers support and guidance for users to better understand and utilize the platform's features, enhancing their overall experience and ability to create high-quality AI images.

💡Image to Image

Image to Image generation is a feature that allows users to transform one image into another by inputting a prompt and using the AI to generate a new image based on that input. This process is useful for creating customized visual content, as it enables users to specify desired changes or enhancements to the original image. The video explains how to use this feature to modify specific aspects of an image, such as changing eye color, and how to maintain the image ratio for consistent results.

💡Bean Cost Comparison

Bean Cost Comparison refers to the comparison of the virtual currency (beans) required to use different features or generate images on the Udon AI platform. By understanding the bean cost, users can make informed decisions about which features to use, in order to manage their resources effectively and maximize the quality of their AI-generated images. The video provides a bean cost comparison to help users save beans while achieving their desired results.


The website has been given a makeover for an improved user experience.

Updated image generation features on Udo are discussed in the tutorial.

Udo aims to empower users and enhance their creativity with AI.

The new user interface offers a more user-friendly layout.

The 'Models and Spells' have been relocated to the center for better navigation.

The 'History' is now accessible as a popover on the left side.

A 'Reset Button' has been added for easily changing settings back to default.

The 'Hires Fix' feature enhances image quality by adding details and upscaling.

There are two methods for using Hires Fix: with or without it initially.

The 'Image Upscaler' feature increases image size without altering details.

The 'Image to Image' generation feature allows customization based on the original image.

Using the same image ratio for the canvas size is crucial for the 'Image to Image' feature.

The 'Hires Fix' feature can be applied after generating an image to enhance it.

The 'Hires Fix' feature can save time and beans by generating high-quality images in one step.

A comparison of bean costs for using different features is provided.

The tutorial aims to help users create better AI images and save resources.

The community provides helpful resources on the 'Guide' page.

Contests and their specific hashtags are featured on the 'Contest' page.