DALLE 3 & ChatGPT Surpass Midjourney in AI Image Generation!

Daragh Walsh
3 Nov 202309:14

TLDRThe video discusses the advantages of using Chat GPT over Mid Journey for image generation. The presenter, Dara, highlights five reasons: the user-friendly interface of Chat GPT, its ability to understand natural language for more accurate image prompts, consistency in character creation, integration with other Chat GPT tools, and better value for money. Dara shares personal experiences and examples to illustrate these points, ultimately concluding that Chat GPT offers a superior experience for image generation tasks.


  • 🎨 The user prefers the cleaner and more intuitive interface of Chat GPT over the complex interface of Discord used by Mid Journey.
  • 🚀 Chat GPT's easy prompting allows for more natural language interactions compared to Mid Journey's command-based approach.
  • 📖 Chat GPT excels at understanding and generating images based on complex natural language prompts, unlike Mid Journey.
  • 🖼️ Chat GPT can produce photorealistic images with correct text integration, a feature that Mid Journey struggles with.
  • 👤 Creating consistent characters is easier with Chat GPT, as it allows for detailed character descriptions to be used in image generation.
  • 🌐 Chat GPT can integrate with other tools to assist in character and story development, a feature not available on Mid Journey.
  • 🔗 Chat GPT's ability to generate images based on current news headlines demonstrates its versatility and integration capabilities.
  • 💰 Chat GPT offers better value for money, providing more features for a slightly higher subscription cost compared to Mid Journey.
  • 📈 Chat GPT's image generation has a limit similar to GPT 4's message cap, but it is sufficient for casual use.
  • 🔄 The user believes that while the technology is rapidly evolving, Chat GPT currently outperforms Mid Journey in various aspects.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a comparison between two AI image generation tools, Chat GPT and Mid Journey, and the reasons why the speaker prefers Chat GPT over Mid Journey.

  • What is the speaker's issue with Discord and Mid Journey?

    -The speaker finds Discord overwhelming due to its many buttons and icons, and they find the process of getting started with Mid Journey on Discord to be difficult and filled with hoops to jump through.

  • What makes Chat GPT's interface more appealing to the speaker?

    -The speaker prefers Chat GPT's interface because it is cleaner and more intuitive, making it easier to understand what needs to be done to generate an image.

  • How does Chat GPT differ from Mid Journey in terms of prompt engineering?

    -Chat GPT allows for simpler and more natural language prompts, whereas Mid Journey requires more specific and technical commands to generate images.

  • What is a limitation of Mid Journey according to the speaker?

    -Mid Journey struggles with understanding natural language descriptions, which can lead to generic or incorrect image outputs compared to the user's request.

  • How does Chat GPT handle the task of creating consistent characters?

    -Chat GPT can create consistent characters more easily by utilizing detailed descriptions and previous conversations to maintain the character's features and attributes across different images.

  • What additional benefits does Chat GPT offer in terms of character and story development?

    -Chat GPT can integrate with other tools to help develop characters and stories, providing suggestions and ideas that enhance the creative process beyond just image generation.

  • What is the speaker's view on the value for money offered by Chat GPT compared to Mid Journey?

    -The speaker believes that Chat GPT offers better value for money because for just $10 more per month than the basic Mid Journey subscription, users can access a more intuitive interface, simpler prompt system, consistent character creation, and integration with other tools.

  • What is the cap on image generation for Chat GPT similar to GPT 4?

    -The cap on image generation for Chat GPT, similar to GPT 4, is 50 messages every 3 hours.

  • How does the speaker suggest staying updated in the rapidly changing AI image generation space?

    -The speaker suggests subscribing to stay updated and encourages viewers to share their thoughts in the comments section to continue the discussion and stay informed.

  • What is the speaker's final verdict on their preference between Chat GPT and Mid Journey?

    -The speaker's final verdict is that they prefer Chat GPT over Mid Journey due to its ease of use, better character consistency, integration with other tools, and better value for money.



🎮 Advantages of Chat GPT over Mid Journey

The paragraph discusses the user's preference for Chat GPT over Mid Journey for image generation. The user finds Chat GPT's interface cleaner and more intuitive than Mid Journey's, which they find overwhelming due to numerous buttons and icons. They also highlight that Chat GPT understands natural language better, allowing for more accurate image generation based on text prompts. The user criticizes Mid Journey for its inability to understand specific requests, such as creating a book cover for 'Dracula', and instead producing generic images. They also mention that Chat GPT can generate images with correct text overlays, which Mid Journey struggles with.


🖌️ Consistent Character Creation in Chat GPT

This paragraph emphasizes the ease of creating consistent characters in Chat GPT compared to Mid Journey. The user shares their experience of trying to maintain character consistency in Mid Journey and finding it challenging, with tutorials required to achieve the desired results. In contrast, Chat GPT allows the user to upload an image and generate consistent character images by understanding detailed descriptions provided by the user. The integration of character descriptions in Chat GPT's responses is highlighted as a significant advantage over Mid Journey.



💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT refers to an AI-based chatbot that can generate images and text based on user prompts. In the video, it is presented as a superior alternative to Mid Journey due to its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, such as understanding natural language and creating consistent characters. It is also noted for its integration with other tools and better value for money compared to Mid Journey.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is an AI tool that allows users to create images through a Discord interface. However, it is criticized in the video for being less user-friendly, having difficulty with natural language understanding, and requiring more effort to create consistent characters. The speaker prefers Chat GPT over Mid Journey for these reasons.

💡User Interface

The user interface refers to the design and layout of a software application, including the buttons, icons, and navigation elements. In the context of the video, Chat GPT is praised for having a cleaner and more intuitive user interface compared to Mid Journey, which is seen as complex and overwhelming.

💡Natural Language Understanding

Natural language understanding is the ability of a computer program to comprehend human language as it is spoken or written by people. In the video, Chat GPT is highlighted for its superior natural language understanding, which allows it to generate images based on text prompts more accurately than Mid Journey, which struggles with this aspect.

💡Text-to-Image Systems

Text-to-image systems are AI technologies that convert textual descriptions into visual images. The video discusses the limitations of such systems, particularly Mid Journey's tendency to ignore certain words or descriptions, and contrasts this with the advancements made by Chat GPT in this area.

💡Character Consistency

Character consistency refers to the ability of an AI system to maintain a uniform and recognizable portrayal of a character across different images. In the video, Chat GPT is praised for its ability to create consistent characters based on detailed descriptions, while Mid Journey is noted as struggling with this aspect.

💡Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is the process of crafting specific and detailed textual prompts to guide AI systems in generating desired outputs. The video discusses the need for prompt engineering in Mid Journey to achieve certain results, which is seen as a drawback compared to the more intuitive and natural language understanding of Chat GPT.

💡Value for Money

Value for money refers to the cost-effectiveness or the quality of a product or service in relation to its price. In the video, the speaker argues that Chat GPT offers better value for money than Mid Journey, as it provides more features and capabilities for a slightly higher subscription fee.

💡Integration with Other Tools

Integration with other tools refers to the ability of a software or platform to work seamlessly with other applications or services to enhance its functionality. In the video, Chat GPT is highlighted for its integration capabilities, allowing users to develop characters and stories, and even generate images based on news headlines.

💡Photorealistic Images

Photorealistic images are visual representations that closely resemble real-life photographs in terms of detail and quality. The video mentions the ability of Mid Journey to create photorealistic images, but also points out that Chat GPT can produce similar quality images with better understanding of the prompts.


Discord is a communication platform originally designed for gamers but has since expanded to various communities. In the video, it is mentioned as the platform where Mid Journey operates, but the speaker expresses a preference for Chat GPT due to Discord's complexity and less intuitive interface.


The introduction of a new feature that allows image generation within the chat interface.

The speaker's name, Dara, and an introduction to the topic of discussion.

A comparison between Mid Journey and Chat GPT, highlighting the user's preference for the latter.

Critique of Mid Journey's user interface, citing complexity and overwhelming features.

The advantage of Chat GPT's cleaner and more intuitive interface for image generation.

The ease of prompting in Chat GPT versus the command-like interaction required in Mid Journey.

Chat GPT's ability to understand natural language, leading to more accurate image generation.

An example of how Chat GPT can generate detailed and text-accurate images based on simple prompts.

The challenge of creating consistent characters in Mid Journey and the need for tutorials to overcome this.

Chat GPT's capability to maintain character consistency through detailed descriptions and image uploads.

The integration of Chat GPT's image generation with other tools, enhancing its utility.

An example of how Chat GPT can generate images based on character suggestions for a children's book.

Chat GPT's ability to generate images based on current news headlines, showcasing its versatility.

A comparison of the cost-effectiveness between Chat GPT and Mid Journey, favoring the former.

The limitations of image generation in Chat GPT, but an acceptance of these by the user for casual use.

A call to action for viewers to subscribe for updates and share their thoughts in the comments.