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Examining Cardos XL: A New Stable Diffusion Model for Simpler Prompting

Author: PixovertTime: 2024-03-23 01:20:00

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Introducing Cardos XL with Core SEO Keywords

Cardos XL is a new model for Stable Diffusion created by CivitAI. It is designed to generate high-quality images from simple, minimal prompts. Some key capabilities of Cardos XL include:

• Requires less detailed prompting to produce images

• Tends to add more vibrant colors and contrast compared to standard SD

• Often respects prompts more accurately than standard SD

Image Sample Results

The images below show some sample results from Cardos XL using very simple prompts. Despite minimal input text, Cardos XL generates creative, high-quality images.

Testing a Variety of Prompts

Additional tests reveal that Cardos XL performs well across a wide variety of prompts. From portraits to landscapes to abstract concepts, it consistently produces images as good as or better than the standard SD model. Later sections will explore some side-by-side comparisons.

Comparing Cardos XL to Standard SDXL

Direct comparisons between Cardos XL and the standard SD model reveal some key differences. In many cases, Cardos XL requires less prompting but still follows instructions more accurately. The images also tend to have richer color and contrast.

For example, when prompted to create a "beautiful African woman with face paint," Cardos XL produces a vibrant, symmetrical portrait with smoothly blended paint. The standard SD result has more texture artifacts and less cohesion between elements.

Assessing Results Across Various Prompts

Testing across a diverse range of prompts shows Cardos XL consistently performing at a high level. Whether generating natural images like lions or imaginative cyberpunk landscapes, it produces compelling results with few flaws. Meanwhile, the standard SD model struggles with some prompts and shows its weaknesses.

African Woman Face Paint

For the African woman prompt, Cardos XL generates a cleanly rendered, aesthetically pleasing portrait. The paint aligns properly with facial features. Standard SD has more noticeable flaws in elements like the lips and nose.


Cardos XL creates a vibrant, realistic lion depiction with accurate details. Standard SD loses some of the cohesion in elements like the face and feet. The Cardos version more effectively matches the target prompt.

Futuristic Cityscape

When prompted to show a colorful, lively futuristic city, Cardos XL produces a landscape full of eye-catching buildings and activity. Standard SD disappoints with a relatively static, plain setting lacking the requested components.

Cyborg Hand

Asked to show a cyborg hand in a dramatic high-key photo, Cardos XL delivers with accurate details like five fingers in sharp focus. Standard SD makes small but noticeable mistakes like six fingers and no clear focal point.

Group of People

For a complex social scene with positional directives, Cardos XL composed logically coherent elements even if directions weren't fully met. Standard SD fell short on both positioning and realistic appearance of faces and hands.

Contrasting Colors and Details

Even with very simple prompts, Cardos XL introduces more vibrant colors, contrast, and fine details compared to Standard SD. The extra visual elements create more dynamic, engaging images.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, the new Cardos XL model shows impressive gains over Standard SD. It requires less prompting to produce quality images that better match desired attributes. The rich colors, contrast, and accuracy across varied prompts make Cardos XL a worthwhile tool for generative image creation.


Q: What is Cardos XL?
A: Cardos XL is a new AI model for Stable Diffusion focused on generating quality images from simpler, less complex prompts.

Q: How does it compare to standard SDXL?
A: In testing, Cardos XL often produces better, more detailed results than standard SDXL, especially for simpler prompts.

Q: What are some differences in image results?
A: Cardos XL images tend to have more contrast, color, and fine details compared to standard SDXL using the same prompts and seeds.

Q: What prompts were tested?
A: Prompts tested across both models included an African woman with face paint, a lion, a futuristic cityscape, a cyborg hand, and a group of people.

Q: Does Cardos XL perfectly follow prompts?
A: Not always - there still seem to be some language model weaknesses in precisely following complex prompts, but overall Cardos XL respects prompts better than standard SDXL.

Q: Is Cardos XL worth using?
A: Yes, Cardos XL produces high quality images, especially for simpler prompts, and is a model worth exploring for Stable Diffusion users.

Q: Where can I get Cardos XL?
A: The creator has provided a download link in the video description to access and try out the Cardos XL model.

Q: What settings were used to test Cardos XL?
A: The video demonstrated Cardos XL version 1.10, using CFG scale 22 sampler and DDIM scheduler at 1024x1024 resolution.

Q: Were other models compared besides SDXL?
A: Yes, example images were also shown from DALL-E 3 for comparison, where it more closely followed complex prompts but had slightly less photorealism than Cardos XL.

Q: Who made this blog post?
A: The blog post was automatically generated by an AI assistant summarizing and optimizing a YouTube video script for SEO.