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17 Mar 202404:21

TLDRThe video script outlines a step-by-step guide on creating personalized images using a specific tool, addressing a common issue faced by users regarding the lack of face change features. It instructs viewers on how to input their names, select the right image, and utilize the platform's features to generate high-quality images. The script also discusses solutions for when users run out of points, offering daily free credits and the option to log in with an ID for more credits. Additionally, it explains how to access and use a face swap tool, including tips on managing multiple faces and the cost associated with such actions.


  • 😀 The video discusses how images going viral on social media can easily be created with one's own name included.
  • 📸 Viewers are shown a method to generate personalized images using a simple prompt where they need to replace a given name with their own and press a create button.
  • 🙋‍♂️ The tutorial covers the generation of images for both boys and girls, with different prompts provided for each.
  • 📱 The process of creating these images may take some time, and viewers are advised to wait a few seconds for the creation to complete.
  • 👥 A feature called 'face swap' that seems to have been problematic recently is addressed, with solutions offered within the video.
  • 🔍 The video promises to show where to find the prompts necessary for creating these images and how to navigate the face swap issue.
  • 📲 It mentions that multiple images will be generated, from which the viewer can choose the best one in full HD quality.
  • 📈 There's a hint at a recent video receiving numerous comments about issues with the face swap tool, which this video aims to resolve.
  • 💻 The narrator plans to demonstrate the process using different names as examples for the image generation.
  • 🙋‍♀️ Specifically for girls, separate prompts are available, and the process to generate images is similar.
  • 📹 Towards the end, the video touches upon obtaining credits for using the face swap tool, with advice on how to manage and not waste credits.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is about creating personalized images using a specific tool or application, and addressing a solution for a common issue related to face swap features.

  • How does the script suggest users can create their own images?

    -The script suggests that users can create their own images by typing their names in the designated area, pressing the create button, and waiting for the image to be generated.

  • What is the issue that the script mentions people are facing with the face and swipe tool?

    -The issue mentioned in the script is that people are not able to find the face change option in the face and swipe tool, and they are looking for a solution.

  • How does the video script propose to solve the face swap issue?

    -The video script proposes to solve the face swap issue by providing a detailed explanation and demonstration within the video on how to access and use the face swap tool effectively.

  • What is the process for generating an image according to the script?

    -The process for generating an image according to the script involves removing the existing name from the template, writing the user's own name, pressing the create button, waiting for a few seconds, and then saving the generated image.

  • How can users save the generated images?

    -Users can save the generated images by pressing the save button in full HD quality and then following the on-screen instructions to either scroll up or directly save the image.

  • What additional features are mentioned in the script for image customization?

    -The script mentions additional features such as changing the name on the image and selecting from multiple generated images to find the one that suits the user best.

  • How does the script address the issue of running out of points for the face swap tool?

    -The script suggests logging in daily to receive free points, and if needed, users can log in with a different email to receive more free points for the face swap tool.

  • What is the recommendation for users who want to generate images for girls?

    -The script recommends using a separate prompt provided specifically for generating images of girls, which can be found and copied from within the image generation tool.

  • How does the script instruct users to change the face in the generated image?

    -The script instructs users to change the face in the generated image by pressing the plus icon, going to the photo library, selecting their photo, and then using the swap button to replace the existing face with their own.

  • What is the warning given in the script about using multiple face swaps?

    -The warning given in the script is that using multiple face swaps will consume four credits, and users should be mindful of their credit balance when performing such actions.



🎨 Creating Personalized Images with AI

The paragraph discusses the creation of personalized images using an AI tool, which has been gaining popularity on social media. It explains that users can input their names to generate unique images with their chosen names. The video also addresses a common issue where the AI tool sometimes fails to change faces accurately. A solution is promised within the video content, encouraging viewers to watch carefully. The process involves using a simple prompt, entering one's name, and pressing the create button, which then generates a variety of images. Users can save the image they like best in full HD quality. The paragraph also touches on the generation of images with different names and the use of face swap tools, emphasizing the clean and neat presentation of the final images.



💡Image Creation

The process of generating images, as discussed in the video, refers to the technical and creative methods used to produce visual content. In the context of the video, this is achieved through a specific tool that allows users to input names and generate images accordingly. The term is central to the video's theme as it is the primary method by which users can create personalized images for their social media presence.

💡Social Media

Social media refers to the collection of online platforms that enable users to create and share content or participate in social networking. In the video, social media is where the created images are intended to be used and shared, highlighting the importance of visual content in online interactions and personal branding.

💡Face Swap

Face swap is a technique that involves replacing the face of a person in a photo or video with another face, often using software or an online tool. In the context of the video, face swapping is a trending feature that users are looking for, and the video aims to provide a solution for those who are unable to access it through conventional means.

💡High Definition (HD)

High Definition (HD) refers to a video or image resolution that provides a higher pixel density, resulting in a clearer and more detailed visual output. In the video, the emphasis on HD quality indicates the importance of producing high-quality content for social media, where visual clarity and detail are crucial for engagement and aesthetics.


Promotions, in the context of the video, refer to the special offers or discounts provided to users for using certain tools or services. These promotions are designed to incentivize users to engage with the platform and make the most of its features.


Usernames are unique identifiers used by individuals on social media platforms and online services. In the video, usernames play a significant role as they are used to personalize the created images, making them relevant and identifiable to the user.

💡Image Quality

Image quality refers to the clarity, sharpness, and overall visual appeal of an image. High-quality images are more likely to attract attention and engagement on social media. The video emphasizes the ability to create and save images in full HD, ensuring that the final output meets high standards of image quality.


Tools, in this context, refer to the software or online services that enable users to create and edit images. The video introduces a specific tool that allows for the generation of images based on user input, such as names, and offers additional features like face swapping.


Credits, in the context of the video, are a form of virtual currency used within the platform to access certain features or services. Users can earn free credits, which can then be used to create images or perform other actions within the tool.

💡Face Sweep Tool

The Face Sweep Tool is a feature that allows users to change the face in an image or video. This tool is significant in the video as it addresses a common user request for face swapping functionality, enabling users to customize their visual content further.

💡Multi-Face Sweep

Multi-Face Sweep refers to the ability to swap or change multiple faces in an image or video. This advanced feature is highlighted in the video as it caters to users looking to create more complex visual content, involving the use of multiple faces.


Creating personalized images with text using a simple online tool.

The tool is gaining popularity on social media, with many users sharing their created images.

The solution to the issue of not being able to change faces in the tool is provided within the video.

Detailed instructions on how to use the tool, including removing the creator's name and adding your own.

The process of selecting the right image and saving it in high definition quality.

Demonstration of generating images with different names, showing the versatility of the tool.

Explanation of how to generate images for both boys and girls using separate prompts.

Guidance on where to find the prompts for creating images, with a focus on easy accessibility.

Instructions on using a browser to search for the tool and accessing it directly.

How to copy and paste the prompts into the image generation tool to create personalized images.

The option to upload an image and add text, allowing for further customization.

Explanation of how to change the face in the image using the face swap tool.

Details on earning free credits daily by logging in and using the gift icon.

The cost of using multiple face swaps and how to manage credits effectively.

Additional tips on logging in with different emails to get more free credits.

The impact of the tool on social media trends and its potential for practical applications.

Encouragement to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more amazing content.