How to Use Lexica AI (Lexica Art Tutorial l Lexica Art)

Tech Tricks Tutorial
2 Aug 202308:02

TLDRThe video script offers a step-by-step guide on utilizing Lexicon AI for image generation. It explains the simple interface and features, such as searching for images, generating new ones with customizable prompts, dimensions, and model types, as well as exploring options for variations and refinements. The tutorial also discusses membership plans for different usage levels, highlighting the benefits of subscription for unlimited image generation and commercial use.


  • 📝 The tutorial introduces how to use Lexicon AI, a user-friendly platform for generating images based on prompts.
  • 💻 Signing up for Lexicon is simplified for users with a Google account, making the process quick and accessible.
  • 🌐 The Lexicon website interface is straightforward, with tabs for home, generate, history, likes, and account.
  • 🔍 Users can search for images or perform a reverse image search using the search box on the home page.
  • 🎨 In the generate tab, users can input prompts, adjust image size, and use negative prompts to refine their desired outputs.
  • 📐 Correctly choosing dimensions is crucial for generating images that are proportionate and visually appealing.
  • 🖼️ Advanced settings allow users to select the model type, such as Lexicon Aperture version 3 or 2, and adjust the guidance scale.
  • 🌈 Examples of generated images are displayed in the home page, allowing users to see and use prompts from the community.
  • 💾 Users can download, edit, or generate variations of images they like or have created.
  • 👀 The history tab keeps track of previously generated images, while the likes tab displays favorited images for easy access.
  • 💰 Subscription plans offer additional features like faster generation, parallel processing, commercial licenses, and public images.

Q & A

  • What is the topic of the Tech tricks tutorial video?

    -The topic of the Tech tricks tutorial video is how to use Lexicon AI, an AI image generation platform.

  • What is the first step in using Lexicon AI as per the tutorial?

    -The first step in using Lexicon AI is to visit the Lexicon website and sign up, which is easier if you already have a Google account.

  • What features can be found at the top portion of the Lexicon interface?

    -At the top portion of the Lexicon interface, you can find tabs such as Home, Generate, History, Likes, and Account.

  • How can users join the Lexicon AI Discord community?

    -Users can join the Lexicon AI Discord community by using their existing Discord account on the home page of the Lexicon website.

  • What are the two search options available on the Lexicon AI platform?

    -The two search options available on the Lexicon AI platform are searching for an image using keywords in the search box or uploading an image for a reverse image search.

  • What are the two versions of Lexicon AI that users can choose from?

    -Users can choose between Lexica Aperture and Stable Diffusion 1.5 versions on the Lexicon AI platform.

  • Why is the correct dimension important when generating images with Lexicon AI?

    -The correct dimension is important because choosing the wrong dimension can result in an image that is not proportioned correctly, such as having an unnaturally long neck compared to the face size.

  • How can users adjust the size of the generated image based on their prompt length?

    -Users can adjust the size of the generated image by using the size adjustment feature in the generate tab, which allows them to set the desired dimensions for their image based on the length of their prompt.

  • What does the guidance scale in the advanced settings of Lexicon AI do?

    -The guidance scale in the advanced settings of Lexicon AI allows users to adjust the influence of their prompt on the generated image, with higher values resulting in more precise adherence to the prompt.

  • How can users save the images they have generated on Lexicon AI?

    -Users can save the images they have generated by clicking the download icon at the upper left corner of the image.

  • What are the subscription plans available for Lexicon AI users?

    -The subscription plans available for Lexicon AI users include the Basic plan at $8 per month for 1000 fast generations, no slow generations, two parallel fast generations, and a commercial license, as well as Pro and Max plans with different features.

  • How can users access the images they have liked on Lexicon AI?

    -Users can access the images they have liked by visiting the Likes tab on their account page, where all the liked images will be displayed for easy access.



📚 Introduction to Lexicon AI and Interface Overview

This paragraph introduces viewers to Lexicon AI, a user-friendly AI image generation platform. It guides them through the initial steps of accessing the Lexicon website, signing up with a Google account, and familiarizing themselves with the interface. The key features highlighted include the tabs for home, generate, history, likes, and account. The paragraph emphasizes the ease of joining Discord and performing image searches, as well as the process of selecting settings for image generation, such as choosing between Lexica aperture or stable diffusion 1.5. It also touches on the importance of dimensions for accurate image proportions and provides a walkthrough of the generate tab, where users can input prompts, adjust image size, and modify negative prompts for their desired outputs.


🎨 Exploring Image Generation and Variations

This paragraph delves into the image generation process on Lexicon AI, demonstrating how users can create unique images based on their prompts. It explains the process of waiting for image generation, exploring the history tab to view previously generated images, and the likes tab to track favored images. The paragraph also illustrates how users can generate variations of an image by using the 'outpaint' feature, allowing for different details and aspects in the resulting images. Additionally, it covers the account tab where users can view and subscribe to different membership plans for more generation capabilities. The paragraph concludes by encouraging users to ask questions and anticipates future tutorials.



💡Lexicon AI

Lexicon AI is an artificial intelligence platform that enables users to generate images based on text prompts. In the video, it is the primary tool discussed, allowing users to create visual content by inputting descriptions or uploading images for reverse image search. It showcases the capabilities of AI in the field of image generation and editing.

💡Google account

A Google account is a user account that allows access to various Google services, including the sign-up process for Lexicon AI. It is a key concept in the video as it simplifies the registration process for users who already have an existing Google account, making it easier for them to start using the AI platform.


The interface refers to the visual layout and interaction points through which users interact with the Lexicon AI website. It includes the various tabs and features that allow users to navigate and use the platform effectively. A user-friendly interface is crucial for the overall experience and ease of use of any online tool or service.


Discord is a communication platform often used by communities and groups for real-time chat, voice calls, and more. In the context of the video, Lexicon AI users with a Discord account can join the platform's dedicated server to engage with the community, share experiences, and seek assistance when needed.

💡Search box

The search box is an input field within the Lexicon AI interface where users can type in descriptions or upload images to initiate a search or generate new images. It is a critical component of the platform, facilitating the primary function of image generation based on user input.

💡Lexica Aperture

Lexica Aperture is a specific version or model of the AI used by Lexicon AI for image generation. It represents the technology behind the platform's ability to create images from text prompts. The video mentions different versions of Lexica Aperture, indicating the platform's continuous development and improvement.


Dimensions in the context of the video refer to the aspect ratio and size of the generated images. Correctly selecting dimensions is crucial for ensuring that the generated images are proportionate and visually appealing. It is an important consideration when using AI for image generation, as incorrect dimensions can lead to distorted or undesired results.

💡Negative prompt

A negative prompt is a feature in Lexicon AI that allows users to specify elements or characteristics that they do not want to appear in the generated image. This adds a layer of control over the final output, enabling users to refine their prompts and achieve a more accurate representation of their desired image.

💡Advanced settings

Advanced settings in Lexicon AI refer to the optional configurations that users can adjust to further customize their image generation process. These settings may include model type, guidance scale, and other parameters that can affect the style and quality of the generated images.

💡History and Likes

History and Likes are features within the Lexicon AI platform that allow users to review and organize their previous image generation activities. The History tab shows all the images a user has generated, while the Likes tab displays the images they have marked as favorites. These features enhance user experience by providing easy access to past creations and preferences.

💡Subscription plans

Subscription plans in the context of Lexicon AI are the different membership tiers that users can choose from to access more features and generate a higher number of images per month. These plans cater to different user needs and budgets, offering options like faster image generation, parallel processing, and commercial licenses.


Introduction to Lexicon AI and its step-by-step guide usage.

Easy sign-up process for Lexicon website using a Google account.

Overview of the Lexicon interface with tabs: Home, Generate, History, Likes, and Account.

Joining the Discord community for Lexicon users.

Searching for images or performing a reverse image search on Lexicon.

Explanation of the search and generate options with example prompt 'beautiful girl'.

Understanding the settings for Lexica Aperture and Stable Diffusion 1.5 versions.

Importance of correct dimensions when generating images for proper proportions.

Adjusting prompt size and negative prompt for more accurate image generation.

Demonstration of generating an image with the prompt 'corals, neon bioluminescence and colorful'.

Exploring the home page to view and understand user-generated images and prompts.

Copying prompts from other users' images for personal use.

Downloading and editing images directly from the Lexicon platform.

Outpainting and generating variations of an image for diverse results.

Reviewing image history in the History tab for future reference.

Browsing liked images in the Likes tab for easy access.

Subscription plans for Lexicon AI with varying benefits and image generation limits.