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21 Sept 202306:36

TLDRThe video introduces new updates to Lexicon Art, a platform for creating and customizing digital art and designs. It highlights the ease of use, 3D printing capabilities, and advanced editing features available with a Plus membership. The platform offers a variety of tools for searching, rendering, and adjusting images, as well as options for commercial use with appropriate licenses. The video emphasizes the high speed and quality of the generated art, which ranges from illustrations to 3D alterations, and encourages viewers to explore the platform's capabilities.


  • 📣 The video introduces updates to Lexicon Art, emphasizing significant improvements in usability and features.
  • 📝 Highlights include new designs, illustrations, and the introduction of 3D prints, showcasing the platform's enhanced capabilities.
  • 📌 Users can now easily access detailed information about images, including definitions, pixel dimensions, and other specifics directly from the interface.
  • 💾 Features a 'copy the prompt' option and an 'open editor' function for direct image editing and customization, enhancing user interaction.
  • 📈 Introduces a membership or Plus subscription, offering additional benefits like licensing for commercial use, suggesting a monetization aspect.
  • 🔎 Implements an 'image search' feature, allowing users to find similar images by uploading a picture instead of typing keywords, improving searchability.
  • 🛠 Offers advanced settings like Lexica aperture version selection and guidance scale adjustments, providing more control over image generation.
  • 👥 Members can edit various attributes of images, including hairstyle and skin color, indicating a high degree of customization for Plus members.
  • 📊 Discusses limitations and features of different membership plans (Starter, Pro, Max), highlighting scalability and flexibility for users.
  • 📱 Notes on the platform's performance and quality, praising its speed and the high quality of images, even when accessed from different devices.
  • 📸 Comments on the realism of the images, especially animations and 3D alterations, while noting some current limitations in image specificity.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the new updates and features of Lexicon Art, a digital art creation and editing platform.

  • What kind of improvements have been made to Lexicon Art since the upgrade?

    -Since the upgrade, Lexicon Art has become easier to use, offering a wider range of designs, illustrations, and 3D prints. It also includes new features such as image search, rendering options, and advanced settings for picture adjustments.

  • How can users customize and explore styles in Lexicon Art?

    -Users can customize and explore styles by clicking on a design or illustration, accessing its definition and pixel information, and using the open editor to make changes. They can also adjust advanced settings like Lexica aperture and generate new images based on the original data.

  • What benefits does a Plus membership offer in Lexicon Art?

    -A Plus membership allows users to access a variety of artists for further customization, such as changing hairstyles, hair colors, and skin tones. It also enables users to generate similar pictures without needing to edit the original design.

  • How can users utilize the search by image feature in Lexicon Art?

    -The search by image feature allows users to upload a picture and find similar images within the platform. This can be done instead of typing in words or keywords, making it a more visual and intuitive search method.

  • What are the different membership plans available in Lexicon Art?

    -The available membership plans are Starter, Pro, and Max. Each plan offers different features, such as the number of pictures that can be generated per month, and the ability to keep images private or public.

  • How does the quality of the images generated by Lexicon Art compare to traditional art styles?

    -The images generated by Lexicon Art are of high quality, with detailed illustrations and accurate contrasts and shadows. While some images have a distinct AI or digital art style, others closely resemble traditional art forms, such as Japanese art styles or realistic human depictions.

  • What is the speed and efficiency of generating images in Lexicon Art compared to traditional methods?

    -Lexicon Art is significantly faster and more efficient than traditional art creation methods. Whether using a tablet, phone, PC, or laptop, users can generate high-quality images quickly, which is a stark contrast to the time-consuming process of traditional art creation.

  • Are there any limitations on downloads for Lexicon Art users?

    -There are no limitations on downloads for any users, regardless of whether they have a membership or subscription. Both Starter and Pro users, as well as those without any membership, can download images without restrictions.

  • What is the current limitation with the 3D alterations feature in Lexicon Art?

    -The current limitation with the 3D alterations feature is that it may not always accurately represent the orientation or position of objects, such as a car. Users may have difficulty specifying whether they want a vertical or horizontal view of the object, which is an area that could be improved in future updates.



🎨 Introduction to Lexicon Art Updates

This paragraph introduces the audience to the latest updates and upgrades of Lexicon Art, highlighting the improvements over its predecessor, Flexco Art. It emphasizes the ease of use and the variety of new designs and illustrations now available, including 3D prints. The speaker explains how users can interact with the images, such as viewing definitions, pixel counts, and customization options. It also mentions the membership benefits, like accessing licenses for commercial use and advanced editing features, as well as the ability to search for similar images and render pictures with specific settings.


🚀 Fast and High-Quality Image Generation

The second paragraph focuses on the speed and quality of image generation with Lexicon Art. It contrasts the efficiency of the platform with the speaker's previous experiences, noting the quick and smooth process across different devices. The high-quality illustrations and the realistic style of the images are praised, with a particular mention of the difficulty in distinguishing AI-generated images from real ones. The speaker also discusses the variety of features available at different membership levels and the limitations for non-members. Lastly, it addresses a minor shortcoming in searching for specific 3D objects and concludes with a call to action for viewers to like and subscribe to the channel.



💡Lexicon Art

Lexicon Art refers to a platform or software update mentioned in the video that enhances the ability to create, edit, and share digital art, including illustrations and 3D prints. It suggests a focus on a wide range of artistic outputs, from 2D illustrations to 3D models. The term is crucial for understanding the video's theme as it underlines the main subject being discussed, namely the features and upgrades that Lexicon Art has received, making it easier for users to engage with digital creativity.

💡3D prints

3D prints in the context of the video refer to three-dimensional artwork that can be created or visualized within the Lexicon Art platform. This highlights a significant feature of the update, expanding the tool's utility beyond traditional 2D digital art to include the creation and manipulation of 3D models. Examples mentioned in the script indicate that users can now explore a new dimension of creativity, illustrating the platform's versatility and innovation.


Customization refers to the ability to alter or personalize digital art within Lexicon Art, as mentioned in the video. This feature allows users to edit pictures to their liking, including changes in style, color, and possibly other attributes, making the tool more versatile and user-friendly. It illustrates how Lexicon Art caters to the individual creative needs of its users by offering flexible editing options.


Membership, specifically the Plus subscription mentioned in the video, represents a tiered access model within Lexicon Art. Members at different levels enjoy various benefits, such as the ability to sell artwork licenses or access exclusive editing features. This concept is central to understanding how Lexicon Art monetizes its platform while offering added value to paying subscribers.

💡Search by image

Search by image is a feature in Lexicon Art that allows users to find similar pictures within the platform by using an image instead of text keywords. This enhances user experience by simplifying the search process, especially when looking for art that matches a specific visual style or theme. It's an example of how the platform leverages technology to improve accessibility and user engagement with content.


Rendering in the context of Lexicon Art refers to the process of generating a visual representation from a model. The script suggests that users can render pictures, adjusting settings like size and resolution. This term underscores the technical aspect of creating digital art, highlighting the software's capability to produce high-quality visual outputs.

💡Advanced settings

Advanced settings refer to customizable options within Lexicon Art that allow users to tweak their art generation process, such as adjusting the 'Lexica aperture' and 'guidance scale'. These settings offer users more control over the outcome of their art, enabling them to fine-tune the aesthetic details of their creations.

💡Public vs. private

The video mentions the distinction between public and private images, relating to how artwork is shared or displayed within the Lexicon Art platform. This concept highlights user privacy and sharing preferences, indicating that the platform offers options to control the visibility of one's creations, depending on the membership level.


Quality, as mentioned in the video, pertains to the high resolution and detailed artistic output generated by Lexicon Art. This is crucial for understanding the platform's value proposition, emphasizing its ability to produce professional-level artwork that includes intricate details, high contrast, and vivid colors.


Animation within the context of Lexicon Art appears to refer to the platform's capability to produce artwork with qualities reminiscent of Japanese anime. This suggests a specific stylistic option available to users, indicating the software's versatility in catering to diverse artistic preferences and genres.


Introduction to new updates of Lexicon Art, a digital art platform.

Post-update enhancements to Flexco Art, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Showcase of various design features, including illustrations and 3D prints.

Explanation of how to view and understand the picture definition and pixel specifications.

Demonstration of the picture editing and customization process within the platform.

Access to picture licenses for commercial use with a Plus membership.

Introduction of a new image search feature for finding similar pictures.

Rendering capabilities for pictures with adjustable settings like Lexica Aperture.

Discussion on the Plus membership benefits, such as artist collaboration and advanced editing.

History section for tracking research results and previously generated pictures.

Ability to generate additional pictures based on the same data with a single click.

Explanation of the liking system and how it organizes similar pictures.

Overview of the different membership plans, including features and limitations.

Mention of the public nature of Pro membership pictures versus the privacy of Starter membership images.

Discussion on the high speed and quality of picture generation, accessible across various devices.

Comparison of AI-generated images to real pictures, highlighting the platform's realistic output.

Critique of the 3D search feature and suggestions for future improvements.