How to create a set of images with the same look + feel

23 Apr 202403:06

TLDRThis tutorial video from recraft guides viewers on creating a cohesive set of images for articles or blog posts. It demonstrates how to use recraft's set creation feature, customize image styles, and input descriptions to generate themed images. The video also shows how to refine individual images by adjusting text and recrafting until the desired look is achieved. The process concludes with exporting the set for use in various applications.


  • 🎨 Create a set of images with a consistent look and feel for use in articles, blog posts, or other media.
  • 🛠️ Open a new project in Recraft and click on the 'create a set' icon to begin the process.
  • 📝 Enter descriptions for each image in the provided areas to guide the style and theme of the images.
  • 🎭 Choose a style, such as 'flat 2.0', to apply a uniform visual theme across all images in the set.
  • 🏙️ Use specific themes, like 'City Life in New York City', to generate a cohesive set of images related to that theme.
  • 🖌️ Recraft will generate six images based on the text descriptions, ensuring a similar style for each.
  • 🔄 If not satisfied with some images, you can edit the text and recraft individual images to refine the results.
  • 🔍 After recrafting, review and adjust the images until they match the desired look and feel.
  • 📁 Once satisfied, select all images and export them to your computer for further use.
  • 📚 The tutorial demonstrates how to maintain consistency in image sets, which is crucial for professional presentations.
  • 🔑 The key to a successful image set is precise text descriptions that align with the intended visual outcome.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of creating a set of images in Recraft?

    -A set of images in Recraft is useful for articles, blog posts, or any other content where multiple similar images are needed to maintain a consistent look and feel.

  • How do you start creating a set of images in Recraft?

    -To start creating a set, open a new project in Recraft and click on the icon to create a set, which will present you with individual canvases ready for image creation.

  • What information can you enter for each image in the set?

    -For each image, you can enter a description and choose a style, which helps Recraft generate images that are consistent with the desired theme or subject.

  • What style did the tutorial choose for the images about New York City?

    -The tutorial chose the 'Flat 2.0' style for the images related to New York City.

  • How many individual canvases are available when creating a set?

    -There are six individual canvases available for creating a set of images.

  • What happens when you click 'Recraft' after entering the image descriptions?

    -Recraft generates six different images based on the text entered, ensuring they all share a similar style.

  • Can you modify an image in the set after it has been generated?

    -Yes, you can modify an individual image by changing its description and clicking 'Recraft' again to regenerate just that image with the updated details.

  • What should you do if you are not satisfied with some of the generated images?

    -If you are not satisfied with some images, you can change the text description and recraft those specific images until you find the perfect match.

  • How can you ensure that all images in the set are consistent with each other?

    -By using the same style and carefully crafting the descriptions for each image, you can ensure consistency across the set.

  • What is the final step after creating and refining the images in the set?

    -The final step is to select all the images, export them to your computer, and use them as desired in your projects.

  • Can you use the images created in Recraft for any purpose?

    -Once exported, you can use the images created in Recraft for any purpose you wish, such as in articles, blog posts, or other visual content.



🎨 Creating a Set in Recraft

This paragraph introduces the tutorial video for Recraft, focusing on how to create a set of images. Sets are useful for articles, blog posts, and any content requiring multiple similar images. The speaker is in a new Recraft project and demonstrates how to create a set by clicking an icon, resulting in six individual canvases. The user can input information and style preferences for each image, as illustrated by the example of creating images related to New York City life.




Recraft is the name of the platform or software being used in the video to create a set of images with a consistent style. It is central to the video's theme as it is the tool that enables the creation of themed images. In the script, Recraft is used to generate images based on text descriptions, ensuring a uniform look and feel across the set.

💡Set of images

A set of images refers to a collection of pictures that are thematically or stylistically related, often used in articles, blog posts, or other media to maintain visual consistency. In the context of the video, the set of images is created to represent different aspects of city life in New York, all sharing the same visual style.

💡Look and feel

Look and feel is a term used to describe the visual appearance and overall aesthetic of a design, which includes elements like color schemes, typography, and layout. In the video, maintaining the same look and feel across a set of images is crucial for creating a cohesive visual narrative.

💡Flat 2.0

Flat 2.0 is mentioned as a style choice in the video. It likely refers to a design trend characterized by the use of simple shapes, solid colors, and minimal textures, which is a variation of the flat design style. The script uses 'Flat 2.0' as the selected style for the images, indicating a preference for a modern and clean visual presentation.

💡New York City

New York City is used as a thematic backdrop for the images being created. It is a significant concept in the video as it sets the context for the images, which are meant to represent various aspects of life in this urban environment. Examples from the script include 'City buildings' and 'traffic lights,' which are typical elements associated with New York City.


Consistency in this context means ensuring that all images in a set follow the same design principles and visual elements. The video emphasizes the importance of consistency to create a cohesive set of images that work well together, whether in an article or a blog post.

💡Individual canvases

Individual canvases refer to the separate image spaces provided within Recraft for creating unique images within a set. The script describes how each canvas is prepared for the user to input specific information and style preferences for creating distinct yet thematically related images.


Recrafting, as used in the script, is the process of re-generating an individual image within a set after changing its description or style. It allows for adjustments to be made to specific images to better fit the desired theme or concept, as demonstrated when the presenter recrafts the image of 'office workers' to 'busy people walking on sidewalk downtown.'


Export in the context of the video refers to the function within Recraft that allows users to save the created images to their computer. It is the final step in the process, enabling users to use the images as needed after they have been created and refined.

💡Text descriptions

Text descriptions are the written inputs provided by the user to guide the creation of images in Recraft. They are essential for defining the subject and style of each image within the set. In the script, text descriptions like 'City buildings' and 'cars on a street' are used to generate corresponding images.


Introduction to creating a set of images with consistent look and feel in Recraft.

Sets of images are ideal for articles, blog posts, and other similar visual needs.

Step-by-step guide to creating a set within a new Recraft project.

Accessing the 'create a set' feature in Recraft.

Understanding the individual canvases for image creation.

Entering information for each image and choosing a style.

Selecting 'Flat 2.0' style for a cohesive image set.

Theme selection: creating images related to City Life in New York City.

Naming and describing each image to maintain thematic consistency.

Initiating the image creation process with Recraft.

The ability to modify text and regenerate images for better fit.

Demonstration of recrafting an individual image based on feedback.

Iterative process of refining images until they match the desired style.

Finalizing the image set and exporting them for use.

Practical applications of the created image set in various media.

Conclusion and thanks for watching the tutorial.