How to get DALL E-3 for Free Now. Best & Uncensored AI Image Generator We鈥檝e Ever Seen.

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29 Sept 202325:10

TLDRThe video discusses the discovery of a method to access Dolly 3, an advanced AI image generator, for free through Bing image Creator. The community's excitement is palpable as they share their experiences and creations using Dolly 3, highlighting its superior image quality and versatility compared to other AI generators. The video provides tips on how to gain access and demonstrates the capabilities of Dolly 3 with various prompts, showcasing its ability to generate detailed and high-resolution images, including copyrighted characters and complex scenes.


  • 馃殌 DALL路E 3 has been discovered by a YouTube channel's Discord community, allowing free access through Bing Image Creator.
  • 馃摫 Access to DALL路E 3 through Bing Image Creator is inconsistent but can be achieved by using different web browsers and clearing cookies.
  • 馃摳 DALL路E 3 generates superior quality images at 1024x1024 resolution, surpassing previous models in detail and creativity.
  • 馃摑 The method to test for DALL路E 3 access involves checking the clarity of text in generated images, with clearer text indicating successful access.
  • 馃洜 Tips for gaining access include using various browsers, clearing cookies/cache, and potentially reinstalling the Bing app.
  • 馃挕 The community has extensively tested DALL路E 3, confirming its capabilities with a wide range of prompts, including generating unrestricted content and famous characters.
  • 馃懆鈥嶐煉 Prompt crafting skills are less critical with DALL路E 3, as it can generate high-quality images from minimal input.
  • 馃摬 Mobile access to DALL路E 3 is possible, though experiences vary between desktop and mobile platforms.
  • 馃憤 The Discord server played a key role in discovering and experimenting with DALL路E 3, highlighting the importance of community collaboration.
  • 馃拵 DALL路E 3 represents a significant advancement in AI image generation technology, offering unprecedented detail, creativity, and versatility.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the discovery and discussion of Dolly 3, an advanced AI image generator that can be accessed for free through Bing image Creator.

  • How many members are there in the YouTuber's Discord server?

    -There are about 12,000 members in the YouTuber's Discord server.

  • What is unique about Dolly 3 compared to previous AI image generators?

    -Dolly 3 is unique because it is considered the best AI image generator ever, producing higher quality and more detailed images than any other previous AI image generator.

  • How can one gain access to Dolly 3 for free?

    -One can gain access to Dolly 3 for free by logging into Bing image Creator through a Microsoft account using different web browsers, such as Brave, Firefox, or Edge, and clearing cookies/cache before each attempt.

  • What is the purpose of the Discord server mentioned in the video?

    -The Discord server serves as a community for discussing the latest in AI, sharing creations, and discovering new aspects of AI technologies like Dolly 3.

  • What kind of images can Dolly 3 generate?

    -Dolly 3 can generate a wide variety of images, including 3D renders, photorealistic images, famous characters, memes, and even unrestricted or adult content.

  • How does the video creator verify that a user has access to Dolly 3?

    -The video creator verifies access to Dolly 3 by having users input a complex text prompt, such as 'photo of SpongeBob holding a sign that says subscribe to matvid Pro Ai', and checking if the generated image contains clear and accurate text.

  • What are some of the examples of prompts that Dolly 3 can handle?

    -Dolly 3 can handle prompts ranging from simple words like 'dream' to more complex phrases involving famous characters or memes, such as 'frog meme' or 'SpongeBob saying hold my buns'.

  • What is the difference between Dolly 3 accessed through Bing image Creator and the Dolly 3 API that OpenAI plans to release?

    -The Dolly 3 accessed through Bing image Creator is limited to generating 1024x1024 images and lacks the auto-prompting feature of the upcoming Dolly 3 API in Chat GPT. It also cannot generate images in other aspect ratios.

  • How does the video creator describe the community's experience with Dolly 3?

    -The video creator describes the community's experience with Dolly 3 as impressive and powerful, with the community putting Dolly 3 through its paces and generating a wide range of high-quality and diverse images.



馃 Introduction to Dolly 3 AI Image Generator

The paragraph introduces Dolly 3, an AI image generator that has been discovered to be accessible for free through Bing image Creator. The speaker discusses the excitement around this discovery within their Discord community, which consists of over 12,000 members. They explain that Dolly 3 is a game-changer in AI image generation and share some of the best examples created by community members. The paragraph also outlines the method to gain access to Dolly 3, emphasizing the use of different web browsers and clearing cookies for better chances of access.


馃帹 Capabilities and Limitations of Dolly 3 on Bing Image Creator

This paragraph delves into the specifics of Dolly 3's capabilities when accessed via Bing image Creator. It explains that while the version on Bing may not have all the features of the full Dolly 3 API, such as different aspect ratios and auto-prompting, it is still incredibly powerful and produces high-quality images. The speaker shares examples of generated images, including a 3D render of a lemon character and a close-up photo of a cat in a police uniform, to demonstrate the level of detail and realism that Dolly 3 can achieve. The paragraph also touches on the learning curve involved in prompt crafting for AI art models.


馃専 Community Insights and Dolly 3's Versatility

The speaker shares insights from their community's extensive testing of Dolly 3. They highlight the versatility of the AI model in generating a wide range of images, from copyrighted characters and famous personalities to abstract concepts and memes. The paragraph emphasizes the impressive detail and variety in the images produced by Dolly 3, showcasing its ability to handle complex prompts and generate high-quality, photorealistic art. The speaker also compares Dolly 3's performance to other AI image generators, asserting its superiority.


馃柤锔 Dolly 3's Unrestricted Potential and Community Curated Images

This paragraph discusses the unrestricted potential of Dolly 3, as demonstrated by the community's creations. It covers the generation of images that range from humorous and creative to dark and intense, including depictions of famous characters in unusual scenarios and detailed, realistic images of various subjects. The speaker expresses amazement at Dolly 3's uncensored capabilities and its ability to understand and generate memes. They also share a selection of community-curated images that showcase the best of what Dolly 3 can do.


馃殌 Conclusion and Call to Action

In the concluding paragraph, the speaker summarizes the impressive capabilities of Dolly 3 and encourages viewers to join their Discord server for more insights and community interaction. They reiterate the potential of Dolly 3 as an AI image generator and suggest that it outperforms other models in the field. The speaker signs off, directing viewers to other content and the server for further exploration of Dolly 3's capabilities.



馃挕Dolly 3

Dolly 3 refers to the third iteration of an AI image generator developed by OpenAI, succeeding Dolly 2 and what is colloquially known as Dolly 2.5. It represents a significant advancement in AI-driven image creation, producing images of higher quality and detail than its predecessors. In the context of the video, the discovery of accessing Dolly 3 for free through Bing Image Creator is presented as a groundbreaking development. The script underscores Dolly 3's capabilities by highlighting its ability to generate complex images, such as clear text within images and high-resolution, realistic representations of various prompts, illustrating its superiority over other AI image generators.

馃挕Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is a tool integrated into Bing, Microsoft's search engine, which facilitates the creation of images using AI technology. In the video script, it is revealed that Bing Image Creator has been updated to include access to Dolly 3, allowing users to generate images with this advanced AI for free. The script details a method to potentially unlock access to Dolly 3 within Bing Image Creator by using different browsers and clearing cookies, indicating that Bing Image Creator acts as a gateway to Dolly 3's capabilities.

馃挕Discord Server

The Discord server mentioned in the script refers to an online community associated with the YouTube channel. This server, boasting around 12,000 members, is described as a hub for discussions on AI technology and sharing AI-generated creations. The discovery of accessing Dolly 3 for free through Bing Image Creator is highlighted as a collective effort by the server's members, showcasing the server as a collaborative space for innovation and experimentation in AI.

馃挕Image Generation

Image generation in the context of the video script refers to the process of creating visual content using AI technologies. Dolly 3's image generation capabilities are emphasized throughout the script, showcasing its ability to produce detailed and realistic images from textual prompts. The script provides examples of Dolly 3's output, such as the generation of clear text within images and realistic representations of specific scenarios, demonstrating the advanced nature of its image generation technology.

馃挕AI Image Generator

An AI image generator is a type of artificial intelligence software designed to create images based on textual descriptions. The video script focuses on Dolly 3 as an example of such a generator, highlighting its advanced capabilities in generating detailed, high-quality images that surpass previous versions and other AI image generators. The script discusses the impact of Dolly 3's technology on the field of AI image creation, showcasing its ability to produce realistic images, handle complex prompts, and even generate recognizable characters and scenes.

馃挕Prompt Crafting

Prompt crafting refers to the process of creating detailed and specific textual descriptions to guide AI image generators in producing desired visual content. The video script discusses how Dolly 3's advanced capabilities reduce the need for highly detailed prompts, allowing for more straightforward and concise inputs while still generating high-quality images. This contrasts with earlier models or other generators that require complex, carefully crafted prompts to produce satisfactory results.

馃挕Community Discovery

Community discovery in the video script refers to the process by which members of the Discord server collectively found a method to access Dolly 3 for free via Bing Image Creator. This term underscores the collaborative effort and experimentation among community members, leveraging their collective knowledge and trial-and-error approaches to uncover new possibilities within the realm of AI image generation.

馃挕Browser Tricks

Browser tricks, as mentioned in the script, involve using different web browsers and techniques such as clearing cookies or cash to potentially gain access to Dolly 3 through Bing Image Creator. This strategy emphasizes the role of experimentation with software and online platforms in navigating and unlocking features within AI technologies, showcasing how different browsers and user behaviors can impact access to advanced AI tools.

馃挕Legibility in AI-generated Text

Legibility in AI-generated text refers to the clarity and readability of text that is produced within images by AI image generators. The video script highlights Dolly 3's exceptional capability to generate clear, legible text within the context of an image, marking a significant improvement over previous AI models. This feature is exemplified through generated images where textual elements are an integral part of the visual content, demonstrating Dolly 3's advanced understanding and rendering of textual prompts.

馃挕Content Creation

Content creation, within the video script, refers to the use of AI tools like Dolly 3 to generate visual content for various purposes, including entertainment, educational, and marketing materials. The script showcases the potential of Dolly 3 to revolutionize content creation by providing examples of its ability to produce detailed and realistic images from simple prompts, illustrating the broad applications and impact of AI technologies in creative industries.


The discovery of a method to access Dolly 3, a powerful AI image generator, for free through Bing image Creator.

Dolly 3's ability to generate images with more detail and higher resolution than any other AI image generator.

The use of multiple web browsers and clearing cookies as a strategy to gain access to Dolly 3.

The successful generation of complex text and images, such as 'SpongeBob holding a sign', which Dolly 2.5 could not achieve.

Dolly 3's capability to generate unrestricted content, including gore and famous characters.

The comparison of Dolly 3 with other AI models like Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion, showing Dolly 3's superior image quality and prompt crafting capability.

The community's role in discovering and stress-testing Dolly 3, leading to a collective understanding of its capabilities.

The demonstration of Dolly 3's ability to generate images from single-word prompts, showcasing its powerful understanding of context.

The generation of various styles and themes, including superheroes, famous people, and memes, highlighting Dolly 3's versatility.

The impressive detail in Dolly 3's generated images, such as photorealistic cats in police uniforms and 3D renders of characters.

The potential of Dolly 3 to revolutionize the AI image generation field due to its unmatched capabilities.

The mention of Dolly 3's integration with Chat GPT in the future, suggesting an even more accessible and user-friendly AI tool.

The community-curated selection of the best Dolly 3 images, showcasing the model's ability to understand and create a wide range of content.

The exploration of Dolly 3's potential through various prompts, leading to the creation of unique and sometimes unexpected images.

The conclusion that Dolly 3 has significant untapped potential, marking a new era in AI image generation technology.