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22 Jan 202405:03

TLDRThe video introduces Winxvideo AI, a powerful AI tool designed to enhance image and video quality with a single click. It showcases the software's capabilities, including video enhancement, resolution upscaling, noise reduction, and motion stabilization. The tutorial also covers image enhancement, demonstrating how to import an image, adjust settings for a cartoonish style or realistic enhancement, and export the improved image in PNG or JPEG format. Viewers are encouraged to take advantage of a special deal on Winxvideo AI software available on their website.


  • 😀 Winxvideo AI is a tool that can enhance image quality using artificial intelligence.
  • 🎥 The tool also has a 'Video AI' feature for enhancing video quality, including upscaling resolution and removing noise.
  • 🔧 Winxvideo AI includes a video converter and compressor for changing file formats.
  • 📹 It features a screen recorder for capturing computer screen and webcam footage.
  • 🖼️ Image AI allows users to import an image and automatically see a preview of the enhanced result.
  • 🔍 Users can switch between 'Anime' and 'Reality' modes for different enhancement styles.
  • 🔄 The model settings offer options to upscale image dimensions by two, three, or four times, or simply double the resolution.
  • 📁 Export settings include two image formats: PNG and JPEG, with the option to change the export folder.
  • 👁️ The preview mode lets users compare the original and enhanced images in detail.
  • 🛒 Winxvideo AI is available at a discounted price through a special deal on
  • 🔗 The video description contains links for viewers to take advantage of the price reduction.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of Winxvideo AI?

    -Winxvideo AI is a tool designed to enhance, upscale, and improve image and video quality using artificial intelligence technology.

  • What kind of images can Winxvideo AI help improve?

    -Winxvideo AI can help improve low resolution, noisy, or bad quality images, including those from Blu-ray.

  • What are some of the features of Winxvideo AI besides image enhancement?

    -Besides image enhancement, Winxvideo AI also offers video quality enhancement, video converting and compressing, and a screen recording feature.

  • How does the video AI feature in Winxvideo AI work?

    -The video AI feature can upscale the resolution of videos, remove noise, smooth frames, stabilize motion, and trim video duration.

  • What formats can Winxvideo AI convert video and music media files into?

    -Winxvideo AI can convert video and music media files into several formats, although the specific formats are not mentioned in the script.

  • How does the screen recording feature of Winxvideo AI work?

    -The screen recording feature allows users to record the computer screen, webcam, or both simultaneously.

  • What is the process of importing an image into Image AI for enhancement?

    -To import an image for enhancement, users need to click on the import icon, select an image, and click open. Image AI will then show a live preview and comparison between the original and enhanced image.

  • What are the two main settings in Image AI for enhancing images?

    -The two main settings in Image AI are 'anime' and 'reality', which can be switched for different enhancement styles.

  • How can users adjust the enhancement and upscaling of images in Image AI?

    -Users can choose to enhance and upscale the image dimension by two, three, or four times bigger, or simply enhance and double the image resolution.

  • What image formats does Winxvideo AI support for exporting enhanced images?

    -Winxvideo AI supports exporting enhanced images in PNG and JPEG formats.

  • How can users obtain Winxvideo AI at a lower price?

    -Users can obtain Winxvideo AI at a lower price by visiting the special deal page on, as mentioned in the video.



📸 Introduction to Image Enhancement with AI

This introductory paragraph sets the stage for a tutorial on enhancing image quality using AI technology. The video is presented by hitch design and introduces viewers to a new tool called Wink's Video AI. This tool is capable of improving image quality with a single click, and the video aims to demonstrate its ease of use and effectiveness. The paragraph also mentions additional features of Wink's Video AI, such as video enhancement, conversion, compression, and screen recording capabilities.



💡Low resolution

Low resolution refers to an image or video that has a small number of pixels, resulting in a less detailed and potentially blurry appearance. In the context of the video, 'low resolution' is a common issue that the viewers might face with their photos or videos, and the video aims to address this problem by showing how to enhance such images using Winxvideo AI.


A noisy image is one that contains random variations in brightness or color, often appearing as grainy speckles, which can degrade the quality. The script mentions enhancing 'noisy' photos, indicating that the tool can help reduce or eliminate this graininess, thus improving the visual appeal and clarity of the images.


To enhance means to improve or make something better. In the video, 'enhance' is used in the context of using AI technology to improve the quality of images and videos. It suggests that the tool can make low-resolution or noisy images clearer and more visually appealing.

💡AI tool

An AI tool is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to perform tasks. In this video, 'AI tool' specifically refers to Winxvideo AI, which is designed to enhance and upscale images and videos with the help of AI algorithms, making the process easier and more efficient.


Upscaling is the process of increasing the resolution of an image or video. The script mentions the ability of Winxvideo AI to 'upscale' images, which means it can make low-resolution images appear higher in resolution, thus improving their quality.

💡Image quality

Image quality refers to the clarity, sharpness, and overall visual appeal of an image. The main theme of the video is to improve 'image quality' by using Winxvideo AI, which suggests that the tool can significantly enhance the appearance of photos.

💡Video AI

Video AI is a feature within Winxvideo AI that is designed to enhance video quality. The script mentions 'video AI' as a capability that can upscale video resolution, remove noise, smoothen frames, stabilize motion, and trim video duration, indicating a comprehensive set of features for video enhancement.

💡Converter and compressor

A converter and compressor in the context of video software refers to tools that can change the format of video and music files and reduce their size, respectively. The script mentions that Winxvideo AI includes a 'video converter and compressor', highlighting its versatility in handling different types of media files.

💡Screen record

Screen recording is the process of capturing what is displayed on a computer screen. The script mentions that Winxvideo AI comes with a 'screen record' feature, which can be used to record the computer screen, webcam, or both simultaneously, providing additional functionality beyond image and video enhancement.

💡Live preview

A live preview is a real-time display of the output or result before the final processing or saving. In the script, 'live preview' is used to describe how Winxvideo AI shows the comparison between the original and the enhanced image, allowing users to see the effects of the enhancements before they decide to process the image.

💡Export settings

Export settings refer to the options available for saving or outputting the final product after editing or enhancing. The script mentions 'export settings' in the context of choosing the image format (PNG or JPEG) and the export folder, indicating that Winxvideo AI provides customization options for how the enhanced images are saved.


Introduction to Winxvideo AI, an image and video enhancer tool.

The video demonstrates an easy way to improve image quality with one click.

Wink's Video AI is a tool that uses AI technology to enhance image quality.

Features of Winxvideo AI include video quality enhancement and resolution upscaling.

The tool can remove noise and smoothen frames, as well as stabilize shaky footage.

Winxvideo AI also includes a video converter and compressor.

The tool has a screen recording feature for capturing computer screen and webcam.

A step-by-step guide on how to use Image AI to improve image quality.

Importing an image into Image AI and viewing a live preview and comparison.

Adjusting preview mode to see detailed enhancements before processing.

Two main settings in Image AI: 'Anime' for a cartoonish style and 'Reality' for a more natural look.

Options to upscale image dimensions by two, three, or four times or just double the resolution.

Export settings allow choosing between PNG and JPEG formats and selecting an export folder.

Demonstration of Winxvideo AI's ability to automatically remove and deblur images.

Finalizing the enhancement process by clicking 'Run' to process and export the image.

Special offer for Winxvideo AI software available on

Encouragement to subscribe for more content and take advantage of the price reduction.