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Install Stable Diffusion XL on Your PC for Free AI Art Generation

Author: AitrepreneurTime: 2024-03-23 06:50:00

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One-Click Install for Patreon Supporters

If you are one of my Patreon supporters, you can access the SD Auto Install or SD Auto Install Plus files. These will automatically download and install Stable Diffusion, additional models, and set everything up for you with no effort on your part.

All you need to do is double click on the file, accept the Python and git installations, and let the models download. This may take some time since the models are large, but be patient. Once finished, you'll have a local URL to open Stable Diffusion in your browser and start generating images!

SD Auto Install vs SD Auto Install Plus

The SD Auto Install option only installs Stable Diffusion Automatic 1111. The SD Auto Install Plus option installs Stable Diffusion plus additional models like the Stable Diffusion XL models. So if you want access to more models out of the box, choose the Plus option.

Double Click the File to Automatically Install

Downloading the SD Auto Install or SD Auto Install Plus file and double clicking is truly the easiest way to get Stable Diffusion running on your computer. Thanks to these files, there's no need to manually install Python, git, clone repositories, move models around, etc. It handles all of that for you automatically.

Manual Installation Steps for Non-Patrons

If you don't want to support me on Patreon, you can still manually install Stable Diffusion by following these steps:

First, install Python and git using the links in the video description. Next, clone the Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion repository using the provided command. Double click on the web UI batch file to launch the web interface. This will take some time to download requirements and models.

Once running, you'll want to download additional Stable Diffusion models like the XL 1.0 model. Place these model files in the proper folders. Edit the web UI batch file to optimize performance and automatically launch on start up. Finally, consider installing extensions like ControlNet.

Download the Stable Diffusion XL Model

While Stable Diffusion 1.5 is good, I highly recommend downloading the newer XL 1.0 model for superior image generation quality. You can manually download this model and the XL 1.0 refiner model. Place these files in your Stable Diffusion/models folder and refresh the model list.

There are also many community created models you can download from sites like Lexica. The process is the same - just put new models in the proper folder to access them.

Configure the Web UI for Optimal Performance

Edit the web UI launch batch file to optimize performance. Use the --xformers argument for faster generation speed. Consider --medvram or --lowvram if working with limited VRAM. Also add --theme dark for a darker theme and --auto_launch so the web UI opens automatically.

To update the UI, use git pull in the command prompt window. You can also configure auto updating each launch, but this may break things so manual updating is recommended initially.

Install Useful Extensions Like ControlNet

One advantage of Automatic1111's web UI is easy extension installation. Navigate to the Extensions section and search the catalog for useful add-ons. I highly recommend ControlNet for enhanced image manipulation and generation capabilities. Also install something like Aspect Ratio Selector.

Apply your selected extensions, restart the interface, and you're ready to leverage these powerful new tools for creating AI art!

Generate AI Art with 100 Free Styles

As a Patreon perk, I created a style CSV file with 100 different art styles to use for free. Styles range from retro pixel art to fantasy art and more. Simply download the file, place it in your Stable Diffusion folder, and access all these styles under the Styles section.

Pick a style, click apply, add your prompt, generate the image - and you instantly have AI art in that desired aesthetic. Check the video description for the Patreon link if you want instant access to all these awesome styles!

Conclusion and Next Steps

And there you have it - Stable Diffusion installed and ready to generate unlimited AI art on your PC! Explore all that this open source tool has to offer. Refer to my channel for more tips, tricks, and guides. Most importantly, have fun with it! Make weird, creative, beautiful things thanks to the power of AI art generation now available to everyone.


Q: What is stable diffusion XL?
A: Stable diffusion XL is an upgraded AI art generator released in late 2022 by Stability AI. It creates higher quality images than previous models.

Q: Is stable diffusion free?
A: Yes, stable diffusion is open source and free to install and use for AI art generation locally on your PC.

Q: What GPU do I need for stable diffusion?
A: Stable diffusion can run on most modern GPUs with at least 4GB of VRAM. For XL models, 8GB+ VRAM is recommended for best performance.

Q: Why use controlnet extension?
A: The controlnet extension gives advanced image manipulation powers to stable diffusion allowing easier composition and style editing.

Q: How long does installation take?
A: The full stable diffusion XL installation with extensions takes 10-30 minutes or less depending on internet speed.

Q: Can I generate anime/manga art?
A: Yes, stable diffusion is very capable at mimicking art styles like anime and manga. Specific styles are available.

Q: What PC hardware do I need?
A: You'll need a PC running Windows 10/11, at least 8GB RAM, a quad core CPU, GPU with 4+GB VRAM, and 5GB disk space.

Q: Is there an auto-updater for the UI?
A: Yes, you can configure auto-updating each launch. But updates may sometimes break functionality.

Q: Can I use my own custom AI models?
A: Absolutely, you can download additional models from sites like Hugging Face and use them in stable diffusion.

Q: Is there a mobile version?
A: Currently stable diffusion only runs locally on Windows and Linux PCs. Mobile apps using cloud generation exist.