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30 Jan 202403:12

TLDRIn this video, the host introduces an AI app called '45' that allows users to edit photos in various creative ways. The app enables users to upload a photo, select features such as skin tone and hair style, and then apply different editing styles and templates to enhance their images. The host emphasizes the importance of a good internet connection for optimal app performance and encourages viewers to try the app, like the video, and subscribe to the channel for more content.


  • 📱 The video discusses using an AI app for photo editing.
  • 🖼️ Users can enhance their photos and create high-quality selfies with the app.
  • 🎨 The app offers various editing features and options to improve the appearance of photos.
  • 📸 To get started, users need to open the app and select the 'perfection' option.
  • 👤 After selecting features, users are prompted to upload a selfie from their gallery.
  • 🔄 The app provides a range of editing options such as skin tone adjustment and hair style.
  • 🗂️ Photos can be categorized into different styles like romantic, fashion, school, random, and travel.
  • 💇 Users can select a hair style and the app will suggest photo edits and templates related to the chosen style.
  • 🔗 A good internet connection is necessary for the app to function properly and download required elements.
  • 📌 The video encourages viewers to like, share, and subscribe for more content.
  • 💬 The presenter offers to clear any doubts by asking viewers to comment below the video.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about an AI app called '45' that allows users to edit photos in various ways.

  • How does the AI app enhance the photo editing experience?

    -The AI app enhances the photo editing experience by offering different editing techniques, allowing users to improve their selfies, and providing a variety of features to make the photos look more attractive.

  • What is the first step to use the AI app for photo editing?

    -The first step to use the AI app is to open the app, select the 'perfection' option, and then click on 'Continue' to proceed with the photo editing process.

  • How does the app guide the user through the editing process?

    -The app guides the user through the editing process by providing features to select, such as skin tone adjustments, and confirming the changes before proceeding to the next step.

  • What happens after the user uploads a photo?

    -After uploading a photo, the app generates it in various ways, allowing the user to swipe up and choose from different categories and styles for the final edited photo.

  • What categories are available for the user to choose from for editing their photos?

    -The categories available for photo editing include romantic, fashion, school, random, and travel, among others.

  • Can the user select a specific style for their photo editing?

    -Yes, the user can select a specific style for their photo editing, such as hair style, and the app will provide related photo editing options and templates.

  • How important is internet connectivity when using the AI app?

    -Internet connectivity is crucial when using the AI app, as it allows the app to function properly and provide the necessary editing options and templates.

  • What should the user do if they encounter any issues while using the app?

    -If the user encounters any issues, they are encouraged to leave a comment, and the video creator promises to help clear any doubts or problems.

  • What is the source for more information about the AI app?

    -For more information about the AI app, users are directed to visit the website



📱 Introduction to the 45 AI App for Photo Editing

The video introduces the 45 AI app, explaining how users can edit their photos using various features. It emphasizes the app's ability to enhance selfies and create stunning images. The video encourages viewers to watch till the end, like the video, and subscribe to the channel if they are new. It also prompts users to try different editing techniques available in the app.



💡AI app

The AI app referred to in the script is an artificial intelligence-based application designed for photo editing. It uses machine learning algorithms to enhance and modify photos in various ways, such as adjusting skin tones, applying filters, and suggesting edits based on user preferences. In the context of the video, the AI app is presented as a tool that simplifies the photo editing process, making it accessible to users without requiring advanced technical skills.

💡Photo editing

Photo editing is the process of altering or enhancing digital images using various techniques and tools. It can range from simple adjustments like cropping and color correction to more complex modifications like adding filters, retouching, and compositing. In the video, photo editing is a central theme, with the AI app facilitating easy and efficient editing of user-uploaded photos to achieve desired aesthetic outcomes.


A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a smartphone or a digital camera, and often shared on social media platforms. In the context of the video, the AI app is particularly useful for editing selfies, allowing users to improve the quality and appearance of their self-portraits with various editing options.


In the context of the AI app, features refer to the specific editing options or tools that the app provides to users. These can include adjustments to skin tone, hair style, and other aspects of the image. The app uses these features to suggest and apply edits to the photos, enhancing their visual appeal based on user preferences.


Categories in the video script refer to the different types of editing styles or themes that the AI app offers for users to apply to their photos. These categories might include romantic, fashion, travel, and more, allowing users to choose a style that fits the mood or theme of their image.

💡Internet connectivity

Internet connectivity is the ability of a device to access the internet, which is essential for the proper functioning of online services and applications. In the context of the AI app, having a good internet connection is crucial for users to access the app's features and for the app to process and deliver the edited photos.


Uploading refers to the process of transferring a file or data from a local device to a remote server or another device over a network. In the video, users are instructed to upload their photos to the AI app so that the app can perform the editing process.


In the context of the AI app, 'Continue' is likely a button or option within the app's interface that users select to proceed with the editing process after making initial selections or adjustments. It signifies the user's consent to move forward with the app's suggested edits or to start the editing process.


Confirmation in the video script refers to the user's final approval or agreement to proceed with a certain action within the AI app. This could be confirming the selection of features or the application of specific edits to the photo. It is a standard step in many applications to ensure that the user's choices are accurately captured before making irreversible changes.

💡Swipe up

Swipe up is a gesture used on touch screen devices where the user moves their finger or a stylus upwards on the screen. In the context of the AI app, swiping up likely navigates the user through the editing process or allows them to review and select additional editing options after the initial edits have been applied.


Templates in the context of the AI app are pre-designed editing layouts or formats that users can apply to their photos. These templates may include specific color schemes, filters, or stylistic elements that give the photo a particular look or theme. They serve as a starting point for users to customize their images quickly and easily.


Introduction to the 45 AI app for photo editing.

How to enhance your selfies using the app.

The importance of giving the app the necessary permissions.

Steps to upload a photo for editing.

Selection of features like genre and skin tone for customization.

Confirmation process to proceed with the editing.

The interface's appearance post-confirmation.

The significance of a good internet connection for app functionality.

Various categories for photo editing like Romantic, Hair, Fashion, Beach, School, and Travel.

How to select and apply different hair styles.

Availability of templates related to the selected features.

Reminder of the importance of internet connectivity.

Overall ease of use of the app.

Mention of, possibly in error.

Encouragement to subscribe and like the video if found helpful.