Kaiber AI: Ultimate Guide (text to video)

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21 Jun 202309:40

TLDRThis tutorial showcases how to convert text prompts into AI-generated videos using kyber.ai, an AI text-to-video generator. It introduces the platform's plans and free trial, demonstrates video creation from uploaded images with customizable styles and durations, and explains how to transform existing videos and generate music videos synced to audio. The guide highlights the creative potential of AI in video production, offering a cost-effective solution for producing dynamic content.


  • 🚀 Kyber.ai is an AI text to video generator that can transform simple text prompts into impressive videos.
  • 💡 The platform offers a free trial, with different subscription plans available based on usage needs.
  • 📦 Kyber's plans include the基础 plan with 300 credits per month for $5, the Pro Plan with 1000 credits for $15, and the Artist Plan with 2500 credits for $30.
  • 🎥 Users can create videos by uploading an initial image or transforming the style of an existing video.
  • 🖼️ The AI generates videos based on two text prompts: one for the subject and another for the style.
  • 🎵 Users can also upload a song to create a music video where the video reacts to the audio.
  • 📸 Video duration and camera movement can be adjusted within the platform's settings.
  • 🔄 The 'Evolve' setting controls the degree of transformation within the video, with higher settings leading to more changes.
  • 🎞️ Kyber offers a video transformation tool to add style to pre-existing videos.
  • 🔗 The AI has pre-loaded styles to choose from, such as steampunk and photorealistic.
  • ⏱️ Video generation time can vary depending on the platform's traffic and the complexity of the video.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the tutorial?

    -The main topic of the tutorial is how to use the AI tool kyber.ai to create AI-generated videos from simple text prompts.

  • What types of plans does kyber.ai offer?

    -kyber.ai offers three different plans: the floor plan at $5 per month with a 7-day free trial, the Pro Plan at $15 per month, and the Artist Plan at $30 per month.

  • What features are available with the free trial of kyber.ai?

    -The free trial credits you with 60 credits and allows you to access all the functionality within kyber, but you can only make one-minute videos.

  • How can you start creating a video with kyber.ai?

    -To start creating a video, log in to kyber.ai and click on 'create video' in the upper right-hand corner.

  • What are the two text boxes for when creating a video in kyber.ai?

    -The two text boxes are for the subject of the video and the style of the video. They help to generate a video based on the provided text prompts.

  • How much do video settings cost in terms of credits on kyber.ai?

    -Every second of the video will cost one credit.

  • What is the 'Evolve' setting used for in the video generation process?

    -The 'Evolve' setting adjusts the level of transformation within the video. A lower setting results in less transformation, while a higher setting leads to more significant changes.

  • How can you sync a video to music using kyber.ai?

    -You can sync a video to music by uploading an audio clip and adjusting the video settings to react to the audio, choosing the level of reaction based on your preference.

  • What is the process for transforming an existing video with kyber.ai?

    -To transform an existing video, upload the video clip, type in a new subject prompt, select a style, adjust transformation settings, and then generate the video.

  • How long does it typically take for kyber.ai to generate a video?

    -The time it takes to generate a video can vary from a few minutes to 20-30 minutes, depending on the traffic on the platform and the complexity of the video.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Boomerang' feature in kyber.ai?

    -The 'Boomerang' feature allows the video to reverse and play back once it has played forward, creating a looping effect.



🎥 Introduction to AI Text-to-Video with Kyber.ai

This paragraph introduces the viewer to a tutorial on converting simple text prompts into AI-generated videos using Kyber.ai, an AI text-to-video generator. The speaker briefly discusses the available plans and the free trial, the process of turning text prompts into videos, the video transformation tool, and the creation of a music video reactive to uploaded audio. The speaker also encourages viewers to subscribe and like the video for more content on AI and its creative applications.


🚗 Transforming Images and Videos with Kyber.ai

In this paragraph, the speaker demonstrates how to use Kyber.ai to transform an image of a BMW driving through the Swiss Alps, adjusting the Evolve setting to create a dynamic transformation. The speaker also explains how to transform an existing video by adding a new style and subject prompt, showcasing the versatility of Kyber.ai in altering the appearance and feel of videos. The paragraph concludes with a discussion on upscaling videos to higher resolutions and the potential creative possibilities this offers for personal video projects.



💡AI text to video generator

An AI text to video generator is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to transform written text prompts into visual video content. In the context of this video, the tool kyber.ai is highlighted as a favorite for creating AI-generated videos. The user inputs text prompts that describe the desired subject and style of the video, and the AI generates a video that matches these specifications.

💡Free trial

A free trial is a period during which users can access and test a product or service without cost. In the video, it's mentioned that kyber.ai offers a seven-day free trial, providing users with a certain number of credits to explore the platform's features and generate videos before deciding whether to subscribe to a paid plan.

💡Plans and pricing

Plans and pricing refer to the different levels of service and corresponding costs that a software or platform offers to its users. In the video, kyber.ai is presented as having three distinct plans: the floor plan, the Pro Plan, and the Artist Plan, each with varying features, video length capabilities, and monthly credits.

💡Video transformation tool

A video transformation tool is a feature within a platform that allows users to alter the style or appearance of an existing video using a text prompt. In the video, the transformation tool is used to change the style of a video clip, such as turning a regular video of a jellyfish into a steampunk-themed video.

💡Text prompt

A text prompt is a written input or instruction given to an AI system to guide the output or response. In the context of the video, text prompts are used to describe the subject and style of the AI-generated videos. The AI uses these prompts to create content that matches the user's request.

💡Video duration and credits

Video duration refers to the length of the video, while credits are a form of virtual currency within the platform that determines how many videos a user can generate. In the video, it's explained that the cost for generating a video is based on its duration, with each second consuming one credit.

💡Camera movement

Camera movement refers to the simulated motion of the virtual camera within the AI-generated video. Users can choose from different types of movements, such as zooming in or out, to create a dynamic visual effect. In the video, the creator selects 'zoom out' to follow the car as it drives along the Alpine Road.

💡Evolve setting

The Evolve setting is a feature that controls the degree of transformation or change within the generated video. A higher setting results in more significant and frequent changes to the video's elements, while a lower setting keeps the video more static. This setting is used to customize the level of AI-generated variation in the video content.


A storyboard is a sequence of images or scenes that represent the visual layout of a video before it is created. It serves as a visual guide for the narrative and helps in planning the sequence of events in the video. In the context of the video, the storyboard option allows users to tie together several different scenes to create a cohesive video narrative.

💡Music video generation

Music video generation is the process of creating a video that visually complements and is synchronized with a piece of music. In the video, this is achieved by uploading an audio clip and generating a video where the visuals react and sync with the music, creating a dynamic and engaging music video experience.

💡Upscaling videos

Upscaling videos refers to the process of enhancing the resolution of a video, making it more detailed and high-quality. In the video, the platform offers the option to upscale videos to 1080p or 4K resolutions, with a cost associated with the increased quality.


Introduction to AI text to video generator, kyber.ai

Overview of the plans available, including a free trial

Process of turning text prompts into AI generated videos

Explanation of the video transformation tool for styling existing videos

Uploading audio to generate a reactive music video

Demonstration of creating a video based on an image of a BMW driving through the Swiss Alps

Selection of pre-loaded styles like steampunk and photorealistic for video generation

Adjusting video duration, camera movement, and the level of transformation with the Evolve setting

Creating a video with a storyboard option for multiple scenes

Transforming an existing video with a new style, such as steampunk

Adjusting the transformation level for a more static or dynamic video

Upscaling videos to 1080P or 4K for higher quality

Generating a music video by syncing generated video with an AI generated audio clip

Customizing the reaction of the video to the audio with settings like zoom and Evolve

Potential applications of AI generated videos for personal and creative projects

Guide on creating an AI generated music video with kyber.ai