Kari Lake Just Posted THIS VIDEO, Immediately HUMILIATED Over It!

Luke Beasley
13 Apr 202413:30

TLDRIn a recent video, Kari Lake addresses the controversy surrounding her stance on abortion after the Arizona Supreme Court upheld a near-total ban. Lake, a Republican running for Senate, clarifies her position amidst backlash, expressing support for life while advocating for more choices for women. She critiques the extreme ban, aligns with President Trump's view on the personal nature of the issue, and pledges to oppose federal funding for abortion and federal abortion bans if elected. Her statements reflect a response to the powerful pro-reproductive freedoms movement, indicating a shift even among staunch Republicans in the face of public pressure.


  • 📜 Kari Lake is facing backlash for her stance on abortion and the recent Arizona Supreme Court decision.
  • 🤨 Lake is a Republican running for Senate in Arizona and her position on reproductive rights is under scrutiny.
  • 🎥 A video of Lake's attempt to clarify her abortion stance is criticized for being vague and contradictory.
  • 🔄 The script highlights Lake's previous support for the reimplementation of an old abortion ban.
  • 🤔 Lake's current position seems to be against a total ban on abortion, but her exact stance remains unclear.
  • 👶 She emphasizes the importance of providing more choices for women facing pregnancy, but specifics are lacking.
  • 🧒 Lake discusses the challenges faced by young people considering parenthood due to economic and social issues.
  • 🏛️ Lake's political focus is criticized for not aligning with her previous advocacy for abortion restrictions.
  • 🚫 She explicitly states she would oppose federal funding for abortion and would not vote for a federal abortion ban.
  • 🌊 The narrative suggests a shift in political strategy among some Republicans in response to public sentiment.
  • 📊 The transcript points out the potential political consequences of Lake's and others' previous positions on reproductive rights.

Q & A

  • What was the Arizona Supreme Court's decision that Kari Lake was trying to address?

    -The Arizona Supreme Court upheld a 123-year-old law, a near total ban on abortion that was from the Civil War era, before Arizona was even a state.

  • How has Kari Lake's stance on abortion been perceived by the public and media?

    -Kari Lake's stance has been perceived as contradictory and unclear. She initially supported the reimplementation of the abortion ban but later tried to clarify her position by stating she was against federal funding for abortion and federal restrictions on abortion.

  • What does Kari Lake say about her personal views on abortion?

    -Kari Lake states that she is pro-life and chose life herself, but she acknowledges that not every woman may make the same choice and wants to ensure that women have more options.

  • How does Kari Lake propose to support women who find themselves pregnant?

    -She mentions wanting to provide more choices for women in pregnancy but does not specify what those options are or what policies she would support to achieve this.

  • What is Kari Lake's position on federal funding for abortion and federal abortion bans?

    -Kari Lake states that she will oppose federal funding for abortion and will not vote for federal abortion bans, advocating for states' rights on the issue.

  • How does the narrator of the transcript view Kari Lake's political strategy?

    -The narrator suggests that Kari Lake is panicking and trying to backtrack on her previous support for the abortion ban due to public backlash and the political climate.

  • What does the narrator imply about the impact of activism on politicians' stances?

    -The narrator implies that activism and the movement for reproductive freedoms have been influential, leading to politicians like Kari Lake and Donald Trump backtracking on their previously stated positions.

  • What is the significance of the 123-year-old law in Kari Lake's political campaign?

    -The 123-year-old law, which is a near total ban on abortion, was initially supported by Kari Lake but became a point of controversy and clarification in her campaign as she tried to adjust her stance in response to public opinion.

  • How does the narrator describe Kari Lake's initial reaction to the Arizona Supreme Court's decision?

    -The narrator suggests that Kari Lake was initially supportive of the Arizona Supreme Court's decision to uphold the abortion ban, expressing excitement about the potential for a total ban on abortion in Arizona.

  • What is the narrator's stance on Kari Lake's credibility?

    -The narrator questions Kari Lake's credibility, describing her and others in similar political positions as some of the most dishonest people, and advises skepticism towards their statements.



🗳️ Political Backtracking on Abortion Stance

The paragraph discusses the political situation of Cary Lake, a Republican running for Senate in Arizona, who is facing backlash due to her previous support for a reimplemented law banning abortion. The Arizona Supreme Court's decision to uphold this law has caused widespread outrage, especially considering Lake's earlier vocal support for such a measure. However, in a video, Lake attempts to clarify her position, arguing against the extreme ban and expressing her belief in providing more choices for women during pregnancy. Despite her claims, she is criticized for her inconsistent stance on the issue, reflecting the broader tension within the Republican Party and the influence of powerful movements advocating for reproductive rights.


📉 Contradictory Statements on Economic Policies

This paragraph delves into Cary Lake's contradictory statements regarding economic policies under the Biden administration. Lake initially criticizes the state of the economy under Biden, claiming it is faltering and crime is rising. However, the speaker counters these claims by pointing out that the economy has been recovering and crime rates are falling. The paragraph highlights Lake's political maneuvering as she tries to distance herself from previous positions that supported more conservative economic policies, which are now being scrutinized due to their impact on families and the overall economy.


🌊 The Shift in Republican Party's Abortion Policy

The final paragraph focuses on the shifting stance of the Republican Party, particularly that of Cary Lake and Donald Trump, on the issue of abortion. It emphasizes the political pressure these figures are under to modify their positions in response to the strong pro-reproductive freedoms movement. The speaker expresses hope that this shift in policy will lead to electoral consequences for politicians who have historically advocated for restrictive abortion laws. The paragraph also holds Trump accountable for the overturning of Roe v. Wade, arguing that his influence has been detrimental to reproductive rights in the United States.



💡Kari Lake

Kari Lake is a Republican candidate running for Senate in Arizona. In the video, she is depicted as trying to clarify her stance on abortion after previously voicing support for a near-total ban on the procedure. Her evolving position reflects the political and public pressure surrounding the issue of reproductive rights and freedoms.

💡Arizona Supreme Court

The Arizona Supreme Court is the highest court in the state of Arizona. In the context of the video, it upheld a 123-year-old law that would impose a near-total ban on abortion, which is a significant legal and political development that Kari Lake, as a political candidate, must address in her campaign platform.

💡Reproductive Freedoms

Reproductive freedoms refer to the rights and autonomy of individuals to make decisions about their own reproductive health, including whether to have children, adopt, or have an abortion. The video highlights the importance of these rights as a central issue in the political debate, particularly in the context of the Arizona Supreme Court's ruling and Kari Lake's campaign.


Flip-flopping is a political term used to describe a candidate or public figure who changes their stance on an issue without a clear or principled reason, often for political gain. In the video, Kari Lake is accused of flip-flopping on her position regarding abortion after facing public scrutiny for her initial support of the near-total ban.


Pro-life is a term used to describe individuals or groups that oppose abortion, typically advocating for the rights of the unborn child. In the video, Kari Lake identifies as pro-life but also expresses a desire to provide more choices for women facing pregnancy, indicating a complex position on the issue of abortion.

💡Federal Funding for Abortion

Federal funding for abortion refers to the use of taxpayer money to pay for abortion services. This is a contentious issue in American politics, with some politicians advocating for restrictions on such funding as part of their pro-life stance. In the video, Kari Lake states that she would oppose federal funding for abortion, which is a specific policy position related to her views on reproductive rights.

💡States' Rights

States' rights is a political principle that emphasizes the autonomy of individual states to make and enforce their own laws, rather than having the federal government dictate policy. In the video, Kari Lake argues against federal restrictions on abortion and advocates for states' rights to determine their own abortion policies, reflecting a common conservative position on this issue.

💡Economic Policies

Economic policies are the strategies and actions implemented by governments to influence the economy, such as fiscal and monetary policies. In the video, Kari Lake discusses the state of the economy under President Joe Biden's administration, suggesting that dishonest economic policies are contributing to its growth, which is a political statement reflecting her views on economic management.

💡Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is a tax benefit provided to families with children in the United States. It is designed to reduce the tax burden on parents and support families with the costs of raising children. In the video, Kari Lake references the expanded CTC under President Biden's administration, which was intended to cut child poverty but has faced opposition from Republicans, including herself.

💡Political Backtracking

Political backtracking refers to the act of a politician changing or reversing their previous statements or positions, often in response to public opinion or political pressure. In the video, Kari Lake is accused of backtracking on her support for the abortion ban, which reflects the dynamic nature of political discourse and the influence of public sentiment on political stances.


Kari Lake, a Republican running for Senate, is facing backlash over her stance on abortion.

The Arizona Supreme Court upheld a 123-year-old law banning abortion, which Kari Lake previously supported.

Lake is now trying to clarify her position on abortion, stating she does not support a total ban.

She claims to be pro-life but emphasizes the importance of personal choice for women.

Lake's video aims to address the confusion around her stance on reproductive rights.

She criticizes the extreme nature of the abortion ban and suggests focusing on 'saving babies'.

Lake's position is seen as a reaction to the political climate and the power of activists.

The video highlights the tension between personal beliefs and political pragmatism.

Lake's stance is contrasted with President Trump's, who also recently softened his position on abortion.

The narrative suggests that even staunch Republicans are feeling pressure to distance themselves from hardline abortion policies.

Lake's video is criticized for containing 'mumbo jumbo' and not clarifying her actual policy.

The discussion touches on the broader economic and social issues affecting young parents.

Lake's previous statements supporting the abortion ban are contrasted with her current clarification.

The video argues that the pro-choice movement's activism is causing political candidates to backtrack on their positions.

Despite her clarification, the video suggests that Lake's political history and actions cannot be ignored.

The video concludes with a call to hold politicians accountable for their actions and the impact of their policies.