Leah Remini on Finding Out About Xenu (from Joe Rogan Experience #908)

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15 Feb 201712:32

TLDRIn this transcript from Joe Rogan Experience #908, Leah Remini shares her experience of discovering the secrets of Scientology, particularly at the advanced level OT3. She describes the elaborate process of being invited, the strict confidentiality agreements, and the surreal revelation about the nature of beings composing one's body. Remini's skepticism and eventual disillusionment with the church's teachings are palpable as she recounts her interactions with church officials and her mother, a high-ranking Scientologist.


  • 🚀 Leah Remini discusses her experience with Scientology on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.
  • 🛳️ She talks about the Sea Org members and the establishment of Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard while on a ship to evade taxes.
  • 📚 The process of reaching the higher levels of Scientology, specifically OT (Operating Thetan) levels, is detailed, including the requirement of wealth and invitation.
  • 🔒 The secrecy surrounding the advanced levels is emphasized, with members having to sign documents and go through security to access the materials.
  • 🤔 Remini expresses skepticism and dissatisfaction with the information she received at the OT levels, specifically the concept of her body being composed of other beings.
  • 🎨 She describes being asked to draw these beings on a stick figure, which she did, but still felt unhappy and unconvinced by the teachings.
  • 🔄 The expectation for members at this level is to audit themselves and communicate with the beings on an E-Meter, a device used in Scientology.
  • 🚫 Leah shares the strict rules about not discussing the teachings outside of secured rooms and the consequences of doing so.
  • 🤐 The importance of maintaining secrecy is highlighted by her experience of being reported and warned against discussing certain aspects of Scientology publicly.
  • 🧐 Remini's personal struggle with the desire for answers about life and the pressure to believe in the teachings of Scientology is discussed.

Q & A

  • What is the Sea Org in Scientology, as described by Leah Remini?

    -The Sea Org, as described by Leah Remini, is a dedicated group within Scientology, established by L. Ron Hubbard. It originated when Hubbard was on a ship to evade taxes, according to Remini. The group operates on a ship called the Freewinds, where they deliver the highest levels of Scientology training.

  • What did Leah Remini reveal about the process of accessing higher levels of Scientology?

    -Leah Remini described a rigorous and expensive process to access higher levels of Scientology. A Scientologist must be invited, have spent considerable amounts of money, and undergo a thorough review of their entire history with the organization. This includes checking for any past transgressions and ensuring that the member is not connected to any critics of Scientology.

  • What are the conditions like when accessing the confidential materials at advanced levels in Scientology?

    -Accessing confidential materials in Scientology involves a highly secure and controlled environment. Leah Remini mentioned that one must go through multiple security checks, sign legal documents without reading them, and attach the confidential materials to their body, ensuring that the documents remain secure at all times.

  • What was Leah Remini's reaction to the secretive documents she accessed on OT3 level?

    -Leah Remini was skeptical and disappointed upon reading the secretive OT3 documents, which claimed that human bodies are composed of numerous other beings. She found the content difficult to accept and was not happy with the explanations or the requirement to simply 'do it' without needing to believe it.

  • How did Leah Remini describe the e-meter used in Scientology auditing?

    -Leah Remini described the e-meter as a device used in Scientology auditing that resembles soup cans with wires attached. This device is used to measure one's thoughts during auditing sessions where individuals address the supposed other beings within them.

  • What is the significance of OT8 in Scientology, according to Leah Remini?

    -OT8 is described as the highest level of Scientology training available on the Freewinds ship. It is a prestigious level that supposedly provides profound insights and answers about life, reserved for those who have advanced through many costly levels of the organization.

  • How are members conditioned to handle inquiries about sensitive Scientology doctrines?

    -Members are conditioned to handle inquiries about sensitive Scientology doctrines by either denying knowledge or lying to protect the information. As Remini explained, she was told to never discuss certain topics outside of secure rooms and to dismiss any external information as incorrect or misinformed.

  • What was the reaction of Leah Remini's mother to the OT3 documents?

    -Leah Remini's mother, who was present when Leah accessed the OT3 documents, appeared excited and proud, as she believed that Leah was receiving profound knowledge that would benefit her in future lifetimes. However, Leah herself did not share her mother's enthusiasm.

  • How does Scientology justify the need for redoing levels at a member's expense?

    -Scientology justifies the need for redoing levels at a member's expense by claiming that previous levels were incorrectly administered or that new revelations have been discovered. This practice forces members to pay again to repeat certain levels of training.

  • What are the consequences of revealing Scientology's secretive doctrines?

    -Revealing Scientology's secretive doctrines can lead to severe repercussions within the organization, including ethical reprimands and isolation. Members are warned that disclosing this information could result in extreme penalties, both legally and within their community.



🚢 Scientology's Sea Org and Advanced Levels

This paragraph discusses the Sea Org, an elite branch of Scientology, and the advanced levels of the religion, particularly OT8. It mentions the origin of Sea Org when L. Ron Hubbard was on a ship called the Apollo, and the creation of the Freewinds, where the highest level of Scientology, OT8, is delivered. The speaker talks about the process of reaching these levels, including the need for wealth and the secretive nature of the teachings. The paragraph also touches on the concept of 'going clear' and the experience of receiving the advanced materials in a secure room, highlighting the strict confidentiality agreements and the intense anticipation of finally receiving answers to life's questions.


🧬 The Composition of the Human Body in Scientology

In this paragraph, the speaker describes a fundamental belief in Scientology regarding the composition of the human body. According to this belief, the body is made up of the remnants of other beings, and each part, such as the thumb or the skin, contains these beings. The speaker recounts their experience of being asked to visualize and draw this concept, only to express skepticism and dissatisfaction with the explanation provided. The paragraph also discusses the auditing process, where one communicates with these beings using an E-Meter, a device unique to Scientology. The pressure to accept and act on these teachings, despite personal doubts, is emphasized, as well as the strict rules around discussing this information outside of secure environments.


🎩 Embracing the Role of Auditor in Scientology

The speaker in this paragraph reflects on their role as an auditor within Scientology, a position of responsibility and authority. They describe the process of auditing the remnants of beings within their body, a practice that grants them a sense of control and leadership. The paragraph delves into the psychological aspects of this role, as it appeals to the desire for answers and the fulfillment of a purpose. Despite initial skepticism, the speaker contemplates the possibility that with further engagement, the teachings might eventually make sense. The paragraph also highlights the strict secrecy surrounding these practices and the consequences of discussing them outside of designated secure contexts.




Scientology is a set of religious beliefs and practices created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in the early 1950s. It is the subject of the video, where Leah Remini discusses her experiences and reveals the inner workings of the organization. In the transcript, Scientology is mentioned in various contexts, such as the process of reaching the 'advanced levels' and the concept of 'OT' (Operating Thetan) levels, which are part of the belief system.

💡Sea Org

Sea Org, short for Sea Organization, is a management group within the Church of Scientology. Members of Sea Org are expected to dedicate their lives to the church and its mission, often working long hours with little pay. In the transcript, Leah Remini refers to Sea Org members, indicating that they are distinct from average Scientologists and play a significant role in the organization's hierarchy.


Xenu is a term from Scientology's secret space opera mythology, which is part of the advanced levels of the religion. According to this belief, Xenu was the leader of the Galactic Confederacy who brought people to Earth, captured their souls, and blew them up using hydrogen bombs. In the transcript, Leah Remini mentions finding out about Xenu, which was a pivotal moment for her in questioning the validity of Scientology's teachings.


OT8, or Operating Thetan Level 8, is an advanced level in Scientology where members are said to receive significant spiritual insights. According to the transcript, reaching OT8 is a major milestone within the religion, and it is where Leah Remini first encounters the concept of her body being composed of other beings, which is a central theme of her skepticism towards Scientology.


The E-Meter is a device used in Scientology auditing sessions, which measures electrical resistance of the skin, supposedly to assist in locating areas of spiritual distress. In the transcript, Leah Remini describes using an E-Meter as part of the process of communicating with the beings she believed were within her body, illustrating the use of technology in Scientology practices.

💡Advanced Levels

Advanced Levels refer to the higher echelons of Scientology's spiritual hierarchy, where members undergo more complex and secretive processes. In the transcript, Leah Remini discusses her experience with the Advanced Levels, including the intense scrutiny of her past and the expectations placed on her as a result of her celebrity status within the organization.


In Scientology, the term 'Clear' refers to a person who has completed the purification process and is considered free from the negative influences of past traumas and experiences. The transcript mentions a writer who reached a high level in Scientology, which was mistakenly thought to be the highest level, highlighting the complexity and confusion surrounding the various levels within the belief system.

💡David Miscavige

David Miscavige is the current leader of the Church of Scientology, having taken over after the death of L. Ron Hubbard. In the transcript, Leah Remini mentions Miscavige as the one who rewrites and modifies Scientology's teachings, suggesting his significant influence and control over the organization's direction and doctrine.


Wealth is a recurring theme in the transcript, as it is often required for individuals to progress within Scientology. The church's practices, such as charging for courses and auditing sessions, make it clear that financial resources are necessary to advance in the religion. Leah Remini emphasizes that most Scientologists do not reach the advanced levels due to the high costs involved.


In the context of Scientology, Ethics refers to a system of moral and ethical guidelines that members are expected to follow. The transcript mentions Leah Remini being sent to 'Ethics' after discussing the concept of Xenu outside of a secure room, indicating that there are strict rules about what can be discussed publicly and the consequences for breaking these rules.

💡Celebrity Center

The Celebrity Center is a branch of Scientology that caters specifically to famous individuals, offering them a more exclusive and private space to engage with the religion. In the transcript, Leah Remini's experience at the Celebrity Center is highlighted when she is quickly ushered into a secure room after mentioning the word 'Xenu,' showcasing the secretive and protective nature of the organization when it comes to its teachings and high-profile members.


Leah Remini discusses her experience with Scientology and the revelation of the concept of Xenu.

Sea Org members are not average Scientologists and are involved in the higher levels of the organization.

The establishment of Sea Org was allegedly linked to L. Ron Hubbard's efforts to evade taxes.

The highest level of Scientology, OT8, is delivered on a ship called the Freewinds.

Before OT8, there was a level called OT3, which is where Leah Remini reached.

To reach the advanced levels of Scientology, one must be wealthy and invited.

Scientology involves going through extensive personal files, including past transgressions.

The process of reaching the advanced levels involves signing documents with severe penalties for revealing information.

Scientology materials are kept highly secure, with strict protocols for handling and reviewing.

The concept introduced at OT3 involves the idea that one's body is made up of other beings.

Leah Remini's skepticism and her mother's excitement during the revelation of OT3.

The requirement to audit and communicate with the supposed beings within one's body.

The emphasis on not believing but doing, as per Scientology's instructions.

The role of an auditor in Scientology and the leadership it implies.

The carrot-and-stick approach used by Scientology to keep members engaged and progressing.

The strict secrecy surrounding the advanced levels and the penalties for discussing them outside of secure environments.

Leah Remini's experience of being reprimanded for mentioning the word 'Xenu' outside of a secure room.

The psychological impact of Scientology's teachings and the struggle with belief and skepticism.

The allure of having all life's questions answered and the push to continue despite doubts.