Master Krea AI with Ease: Beginner's Tutorial Made Simple

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11 Dec 202313:34

TLDRKREA is an innovative AI tool for endless creativity, currently in open beta and free to use. It features real-time image generation, upscaling, and enhancement, along with AI patterns and logo maker capabilities. Users can manipulate images, add shapes, adjust AI strength, and even connect with Photoshop. The platform offers a limited free tier and a full-featured premium subscription. KREA caters to both professionals and novices, potentially streamlining workflows and fostering creative exploration.


  • 🌟 KREA is a creative and robust AI tool designed for imagining infinite possibilities in image generation and enhancement.
  • 🎨 The platform is currently in open beta and offers free sign-up, with a main dashboard that provides access to various features like real-time generation and upscaling.
  • 🖌️ Real-time generation allows users to create and modify images on-the-fly with the ability to adjust AI strength for more precise or abstract results.
  • 🔄 Upscaling and enhancement features enable users to improve the quality and detail of existing images, with options to adjust resolution and add prompts for customization.
  • 🎭 KREA supports integration with services like Photoshop and can utilize personal AI training data, although the latter is not yet available.
  • 📸 The platform offers a camera feature for real-time motion capture and image generation, allowing users to incorporate their own movements and expressions into the creative process.
  • 🎨 AI patterns feature lets users apply different styles to images using presets or custom patterns, and refine them with text overlays and other settings.
  • 🏢 Logo maker functionality integrates logos into images or scenes in creative ways, with adjustable logo strength and the ability to use presets or custom prompts.
  • 💡 KREA provides a balance of automation and user control, catering to both experienced designers looking to expedite their workflow and beginners seeking to develop their creative skills.
  • 💰 The basic KREA service is free, with a limit on image generations per day; a premium subscription is available for full feature access at a monthly cost.
  • 📺 The video tutorial showcases various KREA features through examples and encourages users to explore and experiment to achieve desired results.

Q & A

  • What is KREA?

    -KREA is a creative and robust tool that allows users to imagine infinite possibilities and generate various types of images and designs.

  • What features does KREA offer?

    -KREA offers real-time image generation, upscaling and enhancement features, AI patterns for artistic images, a logo maker, and the ability to connect with services like Photoshop.

  • Is KREA available for free?

    -Yes, KREA is currently in open beta and free to sign up, with a limit of 50 image generations per day.

  • How does the real-time generation feature work in KREA?

    -The real-time generation feature starts with a canvas where users can manipulate shapes on one side, and the picture on the other side auto-updates based on those shapes. Users can also input prompts and adjust AI strength for more specific results.

  • What can users do with the upscaling and enhancement feature in KREA?

    -The upscaling and enhancement feature allows users to increase the level of detail and resolution of images, adjust AI strength, and even add negative prompts to exclude certain elements for a more realistic result.

  • How can KREA be used for logo design?

    -KREA's logo maker lets users morph existing logos into new pictures or integrate them into various scenes, such as a cityscape or a skyscraper, to create a unique visual effect.

  • What is the AI patterns feature in KREA?

    -The AI patterns feature enables users to apply different patterns to an image, use prompts, and adjust settings like pattern strength and guidance for a customized artistic outcome.

  • How does KREA's animation feature work?

    -KREA's animation feature allows users to animate still images, creating short, 3D-like animated clips that can be shared or further refined.

  • What are the pricing options for KREA?

    -KREA is free to use with limitations, and a full feature set is available for $24 per month, which includes faster generation and the ability to make images private.

  • Who is the target audience for KREA?

    -KREA is suitable for both professionals with design experience and newcomers to the design and art world, offering tools to speed up the creative process and develop creative skills.



🎨 Introduction to KREA and Real-Time Generation

This paragraph introduces KREA, a creative and robust tool for users to explore infinite possibilities in image generation. It is currently in open beta and free to sign up. The main dashboard offers key areas such as real-time generation, upscaling, and enhancement features. Real-time generation allows users to create and generate images using shapes and prompts, with the ability to adjust AI strength for more precise or creative results. The platform also includes features like AI patterns for artistic image creation, a logo maker for unique designs, and the capability to connect with services like Photoshop. However, some features, like using personal AI training data, are not yet available.


🔍 Demonstration of Upscaling and Enhancing Features

The speaker demonstrates KREA's upscaling and enhancing capabilities, showcasing how it can improve the quality and detail of images. The feature includes a sliding scale to adjust the level of detail and resolution, with options to add negative prompts to exclude unwanted elements from the final image. Examples are provided, including an enhanced stock image and a comparison of a low-resolution game still from Gran Turismo with its upscaled version. The speaker also highlights the real-time motion tracking and generation capabilities, allowing users to turn themselves into animated characters or styles by inputting prompts and using their webcam.


🌟 Refinement, Animation, and Logo Illusions

In this paragraph, the speaker discusses refining image results for better outcomes, such as using a more specific prompt to achieve a desired image. The animation feature is explored, where short, 3D-like animations can be created from still images. The Logo Illusions feature is introduced, allowing users to integrate logos into their designs with adjustable prominence and various themes. The pricing model is briefly explained, with KREA being free to use but limited in certain features; a full feature set is available for a monthly subscription. The speaker emphasizes KREA's suitability for both experienced professionals and newcomers to the design world, offering a platform for creativity and skill development.




KREA is a creative and robust tool introduced in the video, designed to help users imagine and generate infinite possibilities through various features such as real-time generation, upscaling, and enhancement. It is currently in open beta and offers a free sign-up, making it accessible for users to explore its capabilities, which include creating artistic images, designing logos, and producing animations. The tool's main aim is to cater to both professionals and newcomers in the field of design and art, providing them with a platform to enhance their creative skills and speed up their workflow.

💡Real-time generation

Real-time generation is a core feature of KREA that allows users to create and generate images instantly based on the shapes and prompts they choose. This interactive process enables the user to see the image evolve on the canvas as they manipulate shapes or adjust prompts, providing a dynamic and engaging experience. It is particularly useful for users who want to experiment with different visual elements and concepts to achieve the desired outcome.

💡Upscaling and enhancement

Upscaling and enhancement is a feature in KREA that improves the quality and detail of existing images. By using a sliding scale, users can adjust the level of detail and resolution, making the images appear more refined and realistic. This is particularly beneficial for enhancing stock images or improving the visual quality of older, low-resolution images, as shown in the video with the Gran Turismo example.

💡AI patterns

AI patterns in KREA refer to the use of specific visual patterns in combination with prompts to create artistic images. Users can select from a range of presets or upload their own patterns to generate images that align with their creative vision. This feature allows for the incorporation of unique design elements and themes, such as turning an image into a representation of cliff dwellings in Colorado or creating an Art Deco Skyscraper, thus adding depth and variety to the generated content.

💡Logo maker

The Logo maker feature in KREA is a tool that enables users to create and manipulate logos within various scenes or images. Users can either use preset logos or upload their own, and then adjust the logo's prominence and integrate it into different visual contexts. This feature is particularly useful for branding purposes, allowing businesses and individuals to visualize how their logo might appear in different environments or to create distinctive marketing materials.

💡Animated section

The Animated section in KREA is a feature that allows users to bring motion to their generated images, adding a dynamic element to their creations. Although the video mentions that this feature is coming back soon, it suggests that users will be able to create short animations that give the illusion of 3D or other movement, enhancing the visual appeal and engagement of their work.

💡AI strength

AI strength is a term used in the context of KREA to describe the level of influence the artificial intelligence has over the generated image. By adjusting the AI strength slider, users can control the degree to which the AI interprets and transforms the input shapes and prompts into a final image. Lowering the AI strength results in a more literal representation of the input, while increasing it allows the AI to morph and create a more abstract or imaginative interpretation.

💡Canvas background

The Canvas background refers to the virtual space where users can generate and manipulate images within KREA. It serves as the foundation upon which users build their creations, and it can be customized with different colors, textures, and even pre-selected themes. The ability to modify the canvas background allows users to create a more cohesive and visually striking final product.


Transparency in KREA is a property that users can adjust for the shapes they add to the canvas. By changing the transparency, users can control the visibility and layering of the shapes, which in turn affects how the final image is rendered. This feature provides users with greater control over the composition and depth of their images, enabling them to create more complex and nuanced visual effects.

💡Negative prompt

A Negative prompt is a feature in KREA that allows users to specify elements they want to exclude from the generated image. By using negative prompts, users can guide the AI to avoid including certain characteristics or objects, thereby refining the image to better match their desired outcome. This tool is particularly useful for achieving a more realistic or specific visual representation, as it gives users the ability to eliminate unwanted elements from the AI's interpretation.

💡Logo illusions

Logo illusions is a feature in KREA that allows users to integrate logos into images in a way that makes them appear as part of the scene or design. This can create visually striking and memorable graphics that combine branding with artistic elements. The logo strength slider determines how prominently the logo is featured in the image, and users can choose from presets or create their own scenarios to showcase the logo in a creative context.


KREA is a robust and creative tool for imagining infinite possibilities.

Currently in open beta, KREA is free to sign up and use.

The main dashboard offers key areas such as real-time generation and upscaling features.

Real-time generation allows creating and generating images instantly.

The upcaler enhances images by increasing details and resolution.

KREA supports integration with services like Photoshop for project import.

Users can bring their own AI training data to enhance their creations.

The AI strength slider allows for control over the level of image transformation.

KREA offers a variety of apps, including AI patterns for artistic image creation.

The logo maker feature can morph logos into standout scenes for marketing or social media.

Animated section is upcoming, promising dynamic content creation.

Real-time camera feature enables motion tracking for live image updates.

Negative prompts help refine images by excluding unwanted elements.

Upscale and enhance feature improves image quality and detail.

KREA's pattern feature integrates with prompts for unique artistic outcomes.

Logo illusions blend logos seamlessly into generated scenes or patterns.

KREA is accessible for both professionals and beginners in the creative field.

The service offers a free option with limitations and a premium plan at $24 per month.