Microsoft's Bing Image creator - beginners tutorial | New Bing AI image generator

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23 Mar 202312:07

TLDRIn this video, the creator explores Microsoft's new image Creator, integrated into Bing. After discussing the requirements to access the tool, such as a Microsoft account and the Microsoft Edge browser, the video delves into the features of the image Creator, including its use of the Dali model for AI image generation. The creator demonstrates the process of generating images with various prompts, styles, and emotions, highlighting the limitations and potential of the tool. The video concludes with a discussion on the potential for improvement and the current beta status of the image Creator.


  • 🌐 Microsoft has integrated an image creator into, utilizing AI technology.
  • 💻 Access to the image creator requires a Microsoft account and is recommended to use Microsoft Edge browser for an optimal experience.
  • 🎉 The image creator service is currently free, with no waitlist required to access its features.
  • 🚀 The backend model of the image creator is Dali, similar to how GPT-4 powers Bing Chat.
  • 🏃 Fast image generation is available using a 'boost' feature, which provides 10 free boosts per day.
  • 📸 The image quality without upscaling is limited, and there's no option for image editing or upskilling within the creator.
  • 🎨 Users can choose from different styles and emotions for their image creations, influencing the output.
  • 💡 The 'Surprise Me' feature offers a prompt to inspire new ideas for image generation.
  • 🗂 Generated images can be saved to a collection and downloaded, but their commercial use is uncertain.
  • 🔄 Boosts can be redeemed with Microsoft reward points, encouraging more usage of Bing for rewards.
  • 📝 Feedback can be provided for the product, as it is still in a beta stage and improvements are expected.

Q & A

  • What is Microsoft's new image creation tool called and where can it be accessed?

    -Microsoft's new image creation tool is called the 'image Creator' and it can be accessed by logging into with a Microsoft account.

  • Is there a need for a waitlist to access the Bing chat or Bing image Creator features?

    -No, Microsoft has removed the need for a waitlist to access any of the Bing chat or Bing image Creator features.

  • What AI model is the Microsoft image Creator based on?

    -The Microsoft image Creator is based on the Dali model, which runs in the backend.

  • What are the two versions of image generation available in the Microsoft image Creator?

    -The two versions of image generation available are the fast generation, which uses a boost feature, and the standard generation that might be slower after the daily allocated boosts are used up.

  • How many boosts are given daily for free in the Microsoft image Creator?

    -Users are given 10 boosts every day to use for fast image generation.

  • What is the 'Surprise Me' feature in the Microsoft image Creator?

    -The 'Surprise Me' feature generates a random prompt for users who are unsure of what they want to create, helping to inspire new ideas.

  • How does the problem structure work in the Microsoft image Creator?

    -The problem structure is written in natural language using a specific graphic style. It involves adding a noun (the main subject), an objective to its left, and a verb and style to its right.

  • Can the images generated by the Microsoft image Creator be upscaled or edited?

    -Currently, there is no option to upscale or edit the images generated by the Microsoft image Creator.

  • How can users acquire more boosts for the Microsoft image Creator?

    -Users can acquire more boosts by using Microsoft Rewards points. For example, 500 reward points can be redeemed for five additional boosts.

  • What is the expected waiting time for image generation without using boosts?

    -The expected waiting time for image generation without using boosts is around five to six minutes.

  • What feedback is given by the user about the quality and potential uses of the generated images?

    -The user found the quality of the generated images to be decent for the early stage of the tool but not suitable for commercial use without upscaling or editing options. They also mentioned that they might not wait for the slower generation without boosts.

  • How does the user feel about the overall experience with the Microsoft image Creator?

    -The user found the tool to be pretty impressive given its early stage and considered the strategy of using Microsoft Rewards points to incentivize Bing usage to be a good one. However, they also suggested that improvements can be made, especially in terms of image quality and editing capabilities.



🖼️ Introduction to Microsoft's Image Creator

The video begins with an introduction to Microsoft's new image creator tool, which is integrated into The creator requires a Microsoft account and is accessible without being on a waitlist. It utilizes the Dali model for AI image generation and offers a free service with two versions of image generation: a fast version using a daily limited 'boost' feature and a slower version after the boosts are used up. The video will demonstrate the use of the tool by going through all 10 daily boosts to assess the generation speed and image quality. The tool also includes an 'Explore' section showcasing previously generated images and a 'Surprise Me' feature for inspiration, with a focus on using natural language prompts and specific graphic styles for image generation.


🎨 Exploring Styles and Emotions with the Image Creator

The video continues with an exploration of different styles and emotions available in the image creator. The creator generates four images at a time per boost and allows users to specify styles such as photorealistic painting, pop art, and graphic design. The video demonstrates the generation of images with various emotions like sadness and ecstasy, as well as actions like dancing and doing a backflip. The creator also shows the ability to generate unique and creative images, although it lacks an image editor or upscaling feature. The video also discusses the option to earn and redeem 'reward points' for additional boosts, indicating a strategy to encourage Bing usage and tool engagement.


⏳ Evaluation of Image Generation Speed and Quality

The video concludes with an evaluation of the image generation speed and quality of the Microsoft image creator. After using all the boosts, the creator experiences a significant decrease in generation speed, taking about five to six minutes per image without boosts. The video highlights the need for attention to notifications as images do not auto-appear and require a page refresh to view. The creator acknowledges the early stage of the tool and its potential for improvement, suggesting that it is a decent free option but may not yet be ready for purchase or commercial use. The video encourages viewers to provide feedback for further development and improvement of the tool, emphasizing that the current version is still in beta.




Microsoft is a leading technology company known for its software, services, and products. In the context of the video, Microsoft has released an image creator integrated into Bing, which is a significant development in AI image generation. The term is used to highlight the company responsible for the new technology being discussed.

💡Image Creator

The Image Creator is a feature released by Microsoft that allows users to generate images using AI. It is similar to other AI image generators in the market and is accessible through Bing. The video provides an in-depth look at the features and capabilities of this tool, including its use of the Dali model and the different image generation options available to users.


Bing is a web search engine developed and operated by Microsoft. In the video, it is mentioned that the Microsoft Image Creator is built into Bing, making it accessible for users who have a Microsoft account. Bing serves as the platform where users can utilize the AI capabilities of the Image Creator.


AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to power the image generation capabilities of the Microsoft Image Creator, allowing it to produce unique images based on user inputs.

💡Dali Model

The Dali Model is an AI model used by Microsoft's Image Creator for generating images. It is named after the famous artist Salvador Dali, reflecting its capability to create visually compelling and artistic images. The video explains that the Dali Model runs in the backend of the Image Creator, enabling users to produce a variety of images without needing to understand the technical details of the model.

💡Boost Feature

The Boost Feature is a mechanism within the Microsoft Image Creator that allows users to expedite the image generation process. Users are given a certain number of boosts per day, which they can use to speed up the creation of images. The video demonstrates how using the Boost Feature affects the speed and quality of the generated images.


Collections in the context of the video refer to a feature that allows users to save and organize the images they have generated using the Microsoft Image Creator. Users can add images to a collection for easy access and management, which is particularly useful when working with multiple images or when comparing different outputs.


Styles in the video pertain to the various artistic and visual themes that users can apply to their image generation requests. The Microsoft Image Creator offers different styles, such as photorealistic painting, pop art, and graphic design, which users can select to influence the final appearance of their generated images. The video provides examples of how different styles can alter the look and feel of the images produced.


Emotions in the context of the video refer to the feelings or moods that users can assign to their image generation requests. The Microsoft Image Creator allows users to specify an emotion, such as 'sad' or 'ecstatic,' which then influences the facial expressions and overall mood of the generated characters. The video demonstrates how the Image Creator interprets and visualizes different emotions in the generated images.


Actions in the video relate to the specific activities or poses that users can assign to the subjects in their image generation requests. The Microsoft Image Creator enables users to input actions like 'dancing' or 'doing a backflip,' which the AI then uses to create dynamic and interactive images. The video showcases how the Image Creator can capture and visualize complex actions in the generated images.

💡Reward Points

Reward Points are a form of virtual currency within the Microsoft ecosystem that users can earn and use for various purposes, such as obtaining additional boosts for the Image Creator. The video explains that users can accumulate reward points by using Bing and then redeem these points for more image generation credits, incentivizing users to engage more with Bing services.


Microsoft has released its own image Creator integrated into

Accessing the image Creator requires a Microsoft account, preferably with an or email address.

Using Microsoft Edge as the browser is recommended for optimal experience with the image Creator.

There is no longer a need to be on a waitlist to access Bing chat or Bing image Creator features.

The Microsoft image Creator utilizes the Dali model for AI image generation.

The service is free, but there are two versions of image generation: fast generation using a boost feature and a slower version after the daily limit of 10 boosts is reached.

The 'Surprise Me' feature generates a single prompt to help users overcome creative blocks.

The image generation prompt structure is in natural language, with a specific graphic style.

An example prompt was used: 'Superman sitting at a cubicle in the 1930s comic style'.

Images generated can be saved to a collection and downloaded, but there is currently no option to upscale or edit the images.

The 'Explore' section showcases pre-generated images and offers inspiration for users.

Different styles like photorealistic painting, pop art, and graphic design can be applied to the generated images.

The user tested various prompts, styles, and emotions to see the diversity of the images produced.

The user redeemed five boosts using 500 Bing reward points to test the speed of generation with boosts.

The AI image creator is still in its beta phase, with improvements expected in the future.

Users can provide feedback on the product to help with its development.

The video aims to give viewers an idea of what to expect from the Microsoft image Creator and its current capabilities.