Bing Image Creator Is TERRIBLE

Two Scuffed
2 Sept 202314:53

TLDRThe video script is a chaotic and humorous journey through various scenarios and character creations, all seemingly generated by an AI named Bing. The narrative is filled with playful banter and commentary on the bizarre and often absurd results produced by Bing. It includes references to pop culture, such as the chupacabra, gaming, and even a mention of a 'Scooby-Doo' type character. The dialogue is interspersed with sound effects like 'Bang' and 'Bing,' adding to the comedic effect. The script also features a quiz segment with questions about dog breeds and metals, leading to the acquisition of 'Bing bucks.' The viewer is taken through a whimsical ghost family reunion, a gaming session in the fifth dimension, and finally, a scene with an evil scientist. The summary of this script is a testament to the unpredictable and entertaining nature of AI-generated content.


  • 🎨 The user expresses dissatisfaction with Bing Image Creator's output.
  • 🎭 The script is a humorous and chaotic narration of generating various images.
  • 👹 The attempt to generate a Chupacabra leads to a bizarre and non-requested image.
  • 🌌 The term 'Watcher of the universe' is humorously used to describe an image.
  • 🎮 An image of a person gaming is requested, leading to a series of absurd visual gags.
  • 👻 A 'ghost family reunion' theme generates comical and unexpected results.
  • 🎤 The concept of a ghost podcast and a talk show for ghosts is introduced.
  • 🔬 A request for an 'evil scientist' image results in a series of amusing and violent scenarios.
  • 🕷️ The mention of a hacker and the creation of a 'Green Goblin' adds to the absurdity.
  • 💣 The script includes references to pop culture, such as 'Joker' and 'Thanos'.
  • 🧀 The recurring theme of cheese and a 'cheese wheel' adds a quirky element to the narrative.

Q & A

  • What is the general sentiment expressed in the title of the transcript?

    -The title expresses a negative sentiment towards Bing Image Creator, suggesting that the author finds it terrible.

  • What does the speaker seem to be doing with Bing Image Creator?

    -The speaker is using Bing Image Creator to generate various images, often with humorous or fantastical themes, and is commenting on the results.

  • What is the content warning mentioned in the transcript?

    -The content warning is not explicitly defined, but it suggests that the following content may be inappropriate or disturbing for some audiences.

  • What is the 'Cryptid chupacabra' that the speaker asks Bing to generate?

    -The 'Cryptid chupacabra' is a creature from folklore, often described as a goat-sucker that is said to drain the blood of livestock. The speaker is asking Bing Image Creator to generate an image of this creature.

  • What does the speaker refer to as 'The Watcher of the universe'?

    -The speaker is referring to a generated image of a character that appears to be observing or controlling the universe, possibly a metaphor for a powerful or god-like figure.

  • Why does the speaker mention 'Gollum' from 'The Lord of the Rings'?

    -The speaker compares the generated image of a character to Gollum because of its appearance, possibly indicating that the character has a similar look or demeanor.

  • What is the 'Scooby-Doo' reference about?

    -The speaker is playing a quiz game and jokingly refers to 'Scooby-Doo' as a dog breed named after a region in Croatia, which is a humorous take on the famous cartoon character.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'Bing bucks'?

    -The term 'Bing bucks' is likely a playful way the speaker refers to points or rewards earned within the Bing Image Creator platform or the quiz game being played.

  • What is the 'evil scientist' theme that the speaker is trying to generate?

    -The 'evil scientist' theme is a request for Bing Image Creator to generate an image of a stereotypical mad scientist, possibly complete with a lab and various scientific or dangerous apparatus.

  • Why does the speaker mention 'Casper the Friendly Ghost'?

    -The speaker wants Bing to generate an image of a ghost that resembles Casper, a popular cartoon character known for being a friendly ghost, as part of their creative process with the image creator.

  • What is the significance of the 'Google on the cage' reference?

    -This is likely a humorous or sarcastic remark, possibly indicating that the speaker is surprised to see a reference to Google, Bing's rival search engine, in the context of a Bing Image Creator session.



😀 Chaotic Creativity: Bing's Imaginary Universe

The first paragraph introduces a chaotic and humorous journey through a series of nonsensical and imaginative scenarios. It starts with a mention of music and a playful exchange, possibly indicating a video or audio editing process. The narrative then delves into a bizarre world where characters like a sassy entity, a Cryptid chupacabra, and a character referred to as 'The Watcher' are discussed. The Watcher is depicted as a cosmic gamer controlling the universe. The paragraph is filled with absurd and fantastical elements, including a monkey in cargo shorts from the Fifth Dimension and various quirky characters, suggesting a playful and surreal tone. It concludes with a quiz about dog breeds, hinting at a game show or trivia aspect within the video script.


😜 Malware Mayhem and Ghostly Gatherings

The second paragraph presents a scenario where the speaker expresses concern about potentially downloading malware while seeking entertainment. It then transitions into a quiz format, asking questions about the longest wavelength of invisible light and the metal used to create white gold. The narrative takes a turn towards the supernatural with a 'Ghost Family Reunion,' which is likened to a roast and features a character named John discussing his ghostly experiences. The paragraph continues with a playful and irreverent tone, imagining various ghostly scenarios, including a ghostly talk show and a scene with a character named Jasper. It ends with a hacker character and a chaotic scene, suggesting a blend of technology and the supernatural.


😂 Henchmen, Jokesters, and the Bing Bucks Bonanza

The third paragraph opens with a request to fix a character's face, followed by a series of commands to generate images, possibly within a video game or creative software. The narrative includes references to popular culture, such as the Joker and Thanos, and humorously describes a character offering a cigarette. The paragraph takes a whimsical turn with the introduction of a character referred to as 'Mike and Ike ghoul' and a discussion about Quicksilver and time manipulation. It continues with a variety of eccentric characters and scenarios, including a pet rock, a cheese whisperer, and a character building a bomb. The paragraph concludes with a reflection on the use of Bing's services and a playful acknowledgment of Bing's role in the creative process.



💡Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is a tool that allows users to generate images based on textual descriptions. In the context of the video, it seems to be used humorously, with the creator expressing dissatisfaction with the results, suggesting they are 'terrible'. This sets the tone for the video, which appears to be a comedic commentary on the tool's output.


A cryptid is a creature whose existence is disputed or unsubstantiated, often part of folklore or urban legends. In the video, the request for a 'chupacabra', a mythical creature, indicates the video's playful and fantastical nature, as well as the tool's ability to generate images of such creatures.

💡The Watcher

The term 'The Watcher' typically refers to a supernatural entity that observes humans from a distance. In the script, it's used to humorously describe a character that appears to be controlling or observing the universe, adding a layer of absurdity and satire to the video's content.


Gamers are individuals who play video games, often passionately. The video script mentions a character described as a 'little greasy gamer guy', indicating a stereotype that is played with for comedic effect. It also ties into the theme of technology and digital entertainment.


Ethereal refers to something that is extremely delicate and light, often associated with the supernatural or heavenly realms. In the context of the video, it's used to describe a character that is 'gaming' in a fantastical, otherworldly setting, enhancing the video's whimsical and surreal tone.

💡Bing Bucks

Bing Bucks is a term used in the video to represent a form of virtual currency or points within the Bing Image Creator tool. It's mentioned in a humorous context, suggesting that the speaker is earning points for their interactions with the tool.


Scooby-Doo is a popular cartoon character from a franchise of the same name. The mention of 'Scooby-Doo' in the script is part of a quiz segment, indicating a playful and lighthearted approach to the content, and possibly referencing the character's detective and mystery-solving nature.

💡White Gold

White gold is a term used to describe gold that has been alloyed with other metals, such as palladium or nickel, to give it a white appearance. In the video, it's used in a humorous context, suggesting a misunderstanding or fictional representation of the metal, adding to the video's comedic and absurdist elements.


The Basenji is a dog breed known for its unique characteristic of being nearly barkless. The mention of this breed in the script is part of a quiz, showcasing the speaker's knowledge of dogs and adding an educational element to the video's content.


A ghoul is a mythical creature that is often associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh. In the video, the term is used to describe a character that is part of a 'Ghost Family Reunion', contributing to the video's theme of the supernatural and the macabre.

💡Evil Scientist

An evil scientist is a common trope in fiction, often portrayed as a mad or unethical individual conducting experiments or creating inventions with dangerous consequences. The video script's reference to generating an 'evil scientist' character plays into this trope, suggesting a satirical take on the character type and its associated imagery.


Bing Image Creator generates a chupacabra, a mythical creature, which hasn't been created yet.

The character is referred to as 'The Watcher of the universe', suggesting a powerful and omniscient being.

A humorous take on the character wearing cargo shorts in the 'Fifth Dimension'.

The character is described as having a massive presence, with a focus on his attire, including jeans and a wristwatch.

A gaming scenario is created where the character is seen as a gamer controlling the universe.

The mention of 'Bing points' and 'Bing bucks' introduces a reward system within the Bing Image Creator platform.

A quiz element is introduced, asking about dog breeds and metals, adding an interactive component.

The transcript humorously personifies a ghost, providing a unique take on the character's experience.

A 'Ghost Family Reunion' is depicted, adding a creative and whimsical scenario to the narrative.

The character is given a humorous description, being compared to a 'greasy gamer guy' with a distinctive smell.

A chaotic scene is described with various characters and objects, including a 'pet rock' and a 'cheese wheel in a cage'.

The character is portrayed as an evil scientist with a lair, adding a dark and intriguing twist to the narrative.

A 'Joker' character is introduced, crouching in a pose that suggests a dance move, adding a dynamic element.

The transcript humorously describes a character as a 'ghoul' with headphones, personifying the character with human-like traits.

A 'bomb' is mentioned, adding a dramatic and potentially explosive element to the narrative.

The character is described as having a 'pumpkin bomb', tying into the Halloween theme and adding a seasonal twist.

The transcript ends with a playful and humorous tone, personifying Bing as a character with its own quirks and personality.