Jasper Art Review: AI Generated Text To Images (Mind-Blowing 😱)

Digital Creator Avi
30 Aug 202208:56

TLDRThis video explores Jasper Art, a new feature from Jasper AI that converts text descriptions into visual art. The host demonstrates its capabilities by creating various images, like a dog with a magnifying glass and a man in an office. While praising the tool's potential, especially in generating abstract and fictional images, the review points out limitations in creating realistic human features. The video covers pricing, with Jasper Art available as an add-on or part of a package, and suggests it's a cost-effective alternative to professional graphic design. The host encourages experimentation with different settings to optimize output quality, concluding with Jasper Art's promising future in AI-driven content creation.


  • 💡 Jasper Art is a new feature by Jasper that converts descriptive text into artwork or images using AI.
  • 💸 The Jasper Art add-on costs $20 per month for existing Jasper account holders, and a combined Jasper Art and writing plan is available for $49 per month.
  • 📃 Jasper offers over 50 AI copywriting templates in addition to the art creation feature.
  • 🖌 The tool has both 'Basic' and 'Freeform' modes, with 'Basic' allowing for more detailed customization of the desired image.
  • 📚 Users should provide detailed descriptions to generate high-quality images, as the output quality is directly related to the input's detail.
  • 🤖 While Jasper Art performs well in creating abstract and fictional images, it struggles with realistic depictions, especially facial features.
  • 📷 The tool is beneficial for content creators needing images for blogs, websites, or social media, offering an alternative to hiring graphic designers or purchasing stock photos.
  • 💎 Jasper Art excels in creating illustrations, paintings, and cartoon-style images, showcasing its potential despite being a new feature.
  • 📌 A 'Random Image' generation feature is included, providing users with creative prompts and the resulting images, ideal for brainstorming or inspiration.
  • 📲 The 3D render option in the 'Basic' template produces impressive results, particularly useful for digital content across various platforms.

Q & A

  • What is Jasper Art and what can it do?

    -Jasper Art is a feature by Jasper that allows users to create art pieces or images from textual descriptions. Users can customize the style, medium, artist style, and mood of the image before generating art using AI.

  • How does one get started with creating images using Jasper Art?

    -To get started, users need to describe the image they want to create as descriptively as possible, choose customization options like style, medium, artist style, and mood, and then generate the art using the provided template.

  • What are the pricing options for Jasper Art?

    -For existing Jasper account holders, the Jasper Art add-on is available for $20 per month. New users can sign up for Jasper Art along with Jasper's AI copywriting templates for $49 per month.

  • Is there a free trial available for Jasper AI?

    -Yes, a 5-day free trial for Jasper AI is available, as mentioned in the video.

  • What are the two main ways to generate images in Jasper Art?

    -Users can generate images using either the 'Basic' or 'Freeform' templates. 'Basic' allows for more customization, while 'Freeform' requires only a description to create an image.

  • What types of images does Jasper Art excel at creating?

    -Jasper Art is particularly good at creating abstract images, fictional images, cartoons, and graphic designs.

  • What limitations does Jasper Art currently have?

    -Jasper Art struggles with creating highly realistic images, especially those depicting human faces, where distortions and unnatural features can occur.

  • What are some of the additional features of Jasper Art?

    -Jasper Art includes features like random image generation and the ability to produce images in different styles, including 3D renders.

  • How can users utilize the images created with Jasper Art?

    -Images created with Jasper Art can be copied, downloaded, or screenshotted for use in content such as blogs, social media posts, or ads.

  • What potential improvements were suggested for Jasper Art?

    -Improvements for Jasper Art include enhancing its ability to create more realistic images, particularly those with human faces, to better serve content creators' needs for blogs, social media, and advertising.



🎨 Exploring Jasper Art: A New Frontier in AI-Generated Imagery

Jasper Art, Jasper's latest feature, revolutionizes the creation of AI-generated images by transforming descriptive text into visual art. Users can customize their creation by selecting specific styles, mediums, and moods, then generate artwork through the 'generate art' function. The cost structure includes a $20 monthly add-on for existing Jasper users or a bundled $49 monthly plan for new users, which also grants access to 50+ AI copywriting templates. The process emphasizes detailed input for quality output, highlighting the importance of descriptiveness in achieving desired results. Initial tests with creating images of a dog and a man working in an office revealed some limitations, particularly with realistic human facial features, though the potential for abstract and fictional imagery is promising.


🔍 Fine-Tuning Jasper Art: A Closer Look at Its Capabilities and Challenges

Further experimentation with Jasper Art revealed persistent issues with generating realistic human faces, though the system excels at producing abstract and fictional images, like the Batmobile with fiery wheels. Jasper Art offers two modes: 'Basic' for detailed customization and 'Freeform' for less specific inputs. While the AI struggles with nuanced details, especially in facial features, it shines in creating unique, abstract images suitable for diverse creative projects. The 3D render option, in particular, showed promise in producing high-quality images for various content needs. Despite some challenges with realism, Jasper Art's potential as a tool for generating unique visuals for blogs, social media, and advertising is undeniable, though it still requires refinements to achieve more accurate and realistic human portrayals.



💡Jasper Art

Jasper Art is a feature recently released by Jasper, which is an AI-powered tool that allows users to convert text descriptions into visual art pieces or images. This innovative technology is based on the user's detailed descriptions and style preferences, generating a wide range of outputs from abstract to realistic images. In the video, Jasper Art is showcased as a powerful addition to the platform, capable of producing unique content for various purposes, such as blog posts or social media posts.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is the driving force behind Jasper Art, enabling the tool to interpret text descriptions and create corresponding images. The AI technology used in Jasper Art is designed to learn from the input data and improve the quality of its output over time.

💡Art Add-on

The Art Add-on refers to the additional feature provided by Jasper that allows users to create images using AI. This add-on is available for existing Jasper customers for a monthly fee and is also included in the Jasper Art and Write plan. It enhances the capabilities of the platform by integrating visual content creation with its existing copywriting services.

💡Image Generation

Image Generation is the process of creating visual content using computational methods, such as AI. In Jasper Art, image generation involves the user providing a textual description, selecting a style, and the AI tool then producing a visual representation of that description. This process is central to the video's demonstration, as it showcases the capabilities and potential of Jasper Art in producing various types of images.

💡Style Customization

Style Customization in the context of Jasper Art refers to the user's ability to define the visual style of the generated image, such as choosing between cartoon, realistic, or 3D render styles. This feature allows users to tailor the output to fit their specific needs or preferences, ensuring that the generated art aligns with their creative vision.

💡Content Creation

Content Creation is the process of producing and sharing various forms of content, such as text, images, or videos, typically for online platforms like blogs, websites, or social media. In the video, content creation is facilitated by Jasper Art, which allows users to generate images for their content, enhancing the visual appeal and engagement of their posts.

💡Facial Features

Facial Features in the context of the video refer to the details and accuracy of the human faces generated by Jasper Art. The video highlights that while the AI can produce a wide range of images, there are some inconsistencies, particularly with facial features, which may appear distorted or unnatural when viewed closely.

💡Abstract Images

Abstract Images are non-representational visual art forms that do not depict a recognizable subject but instead focus on the use of color, shape, and form to create a composition. In the video, Jasper Art is noted to excel in creating abstract images, which are suitable for various creative purposes and can be effectively used in different types of content.

💡Freeform Template

The Freeform Template in Jasper Art is an option that allows users to generate images with less customization and more creative freedom. Unlike the Basic template, which requires detailed descriptions and style choices, the Freeform template accepts a simple text description and lets the AI tool create an image based on that input, making it a more spontaneous and flexible approach to content creation.

💡3D Render

3D Render refers to the process of generating a two-dimensional image from a three-dimensional model. In Jasper Art, the 3D Render style allows users to create images with a three-dimensional appearance, adding depth and realism to the visual content. The video highlights that the 3D Render style is particularly effective in producing high-quality images that can be used in various content formats.


Photorealistic refers to images that are created or manipulated to resemble photographs taken by a camera. In the context of Jasper Art, the term is used to describe the style of images that are generated with a high level of detail and realism, aiming to imitate the look of actual photographs. The video discusses the challenges in achieving photorealistic perfection, particularly with facial features.


Jasper has launched a new feature called Jasper Art, which allows users to turn text into art pieces or images.

Users describe the image they want to create and customize the style based on the desired image type.

The Jasper Art feature uses AI to generate the image based on the user's description.

The art add-on costs $20 per month for existing Jasper users, while a new plan including Jasper Art and other features is $49 per month.

Jasper Art offers over 50 AI copywriting templates in addition to the image generation capabilities.

Users can sign up for a five-day free trial of Jasper AI through the provided link in the transcript.

The basic template allows for more customization when generating images, whereas the freeform template requires less specific input.

The quality of the AI-generated images depends on the descriptiveness and quality of the user's input.

Jasper Art can produce a variety of image styles, including cartoons and realistic photos.

The AI tends to struggle with detailed facial features in the generated images.

Non-human and abstract images, such as graphic designs or illustrations, are generated with better quality.

Freeform template includes the ability to generate a random image based on user's description.

Jasper Art is a powerful tool for content creators who need images for their blog posts or websites.

The feature has potential, but as it is new, there are some bugs and kinks that need to be worked out.

Users can use the images generated by Jasper Art on their blogs, social media, or ads as they are their own creations.

The 3D render style seems to produce particularly good results for certain types of descriptions.

Jasper Art is good for creating abstract images, paintings, and cartoons, but needs improvement for more realistic images.